How Much is a Golf Simulator?

If you’re a golf fan, chances are you’ve seen videos of players building their home golf simulators on social media.

Featuring a hitting mat, launch monitor, software, and a projector, today’s golf simulators for the house provide a reasonably cost-effective way to play rain-or-shine golf from the comfort of your own home.

how much is a golf simulator

Of course, when anyone begins their home golf simulator journey, the first question they want answered is how much does a golf simulator cost?

In this article, I’ll provide answers to the question of how much a golf simulator costs. I’ll also look at the price of components of an indoor golf simulator and give you a better idea of how much money you’ll need to spend to make your indoor golfing dreams come true.

What do I need to build a golf simulator?

Large Room

If you are looking for the ideal dimensions for a golf simulator room, you should look for an area that measures at least 12 feet by 12 feet with ceilings that start at 10 feet tall.

While some DIYers claim you can get away with 9 feet ceilings, you’ll want to ensure you can freely swing a golf club in the area you choose for your golf simulator.

If you can convert a game room or even a garage into a golf simulator, you’ll save far more money if you need to construct an exterior building for your simulator. Creating a new separate building could add $40,000-$50,000 to your bottom line.


Golf simulators need a durable, well-built projector to power the imagery the software creates. Most golf simulators come equipped with a 4k projector that can produce a bright, clear image with plenty of detail to help replicate the experience of playing a famous course.

Projectors run anywhere from $650-to-$5500. The more expensive projectors offer better image quality if you want to watch live sports and movies with your projection setup.

Hitting Mat

When it comes to golf mats for golf simulators, you must decide how much area you want the golf mat to cover.

While some people cover the entire floor with mat material, others try to save money from their total golf simulator cost by only covering enough area for the feet and the golf ball.

Golf mats for a golf simulator costs run from $500-to-$3000 based on the dimensions of the surface area that you need to cover. The best golf simulators utilize high-quality mats because they wear well and provide a realistic experience.

Launch Monitor

Golf launch monitors can deliver a wallop to your wallet if you want to assemble an affordable golf simulator. A top-tier launch monitor can run anywhere from $1500-$15,000.

If you want to save money on a launch monitor, the Garmin Approach R10 offers the best value for golf simulators at $500 MSRP.

The Skytrak, Uneekor Eye XO, and GC3 launch monitors are routinely found in the best golf simulators.

Projection/Hitting Screen

If you are looking for a high-end golf simulator hitting screen, you can expect to spend anywhere from around $300 to well over $1000. A large screen covers more territory and projects a broader image to help create a secure launch angle when hitting shots.

It would help if you took the time to find the right screen for your golf simulator setup because it needs the strength to withstand shots from your driver and display a nice image that looks pleasing while playing. The screen must also hang with a tautness you won’t find with a golf net.

There are screens available that most experts would consider “value” options that run around $100. But these screens will experience durability issues quickly, primarily if you use the golf simulator often.

Simulator Software

Golf simulator software costs several hundred dollars at purchase and year after year due to subscription fees. At stores like Indoor Golf Shop, golfers can purchase golf simulator packages that include software that offers courses, driving range, and other simulations.

At these stores, you can make an initial purchase of software with a price range of $550-$750. You must also subscribe to the software after your initial year; those fees run $250 per 365-day period.

Software for the golf simulator is essential because it can provide different courses, fun games, and the ability to hit golf balls and provide details such as your distance and ball speed to help you improve.

The best software available to weekend warriors can place them on the 18th hole at Pebble Beach with just the click of a mouse, which wasn’t readily available for home use just a few years ago.

The best software provides golf simulation at some of the top golf course facilities in the country.

You can expect to play courses such as Pinehurst No. 2, The Old Course at St. Andrews, and Torrey Pines’ beloved South Course. The software delivers 4k graphics that take full advantage of your golf simulator projector.


Most golf simulator software options demand the use of a PC. Software that works on an iPad is available, but a laptop or desktop provides more computing power to handle the 4k images of the courses you are playing.

You can also use a gaming laptop to power your golf simulator. The laptop offers versatility by allowing you to use it wherever you want, plus it provides a smaller physical option than a bulky desktop computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much would it cost to build your own golf simulator?

When building a mid-range golf simulator, you can expect a price range of $2500-$5000.

If you are looking at putting together the best golf simulator package possible, you can expect to spend roughly $10,000 or more. A best-value golf simulator costs approximately $1500.

Still, at that price range, you can expect a lot of warts, such as a poor golf mat, a substandard golf launch monitor, and a low-budget screen that wrinkles and provides limited durability.

How profitable is an indoor golf simulator?

If you use your house as a part-time rental, a golf simulator can provide some definite curb appeal to visitors looking for a unique experience.

Houses with golf simulators can charge higher rental prices than similar homes without this sophisticated simulator package.

Can you learn to play golf on a simulator?

Yes, an excellent golf simulator package can help with your game improvement.

Even an entry-level golf simulator lets you get data on your swing while providing enjoyment from the comfort of your home. With launch monitors, you can read your average distance, ball speed, and spin rates, helping you improve without going to golf courses.

How big does a golf simulator room need to be?

One of the most significant specifications that must be met when building a home golf simulator is the height of the ceiling.

Since people will swing golf clubs inside the simulator area, you need more size than a regular home ceiling. Having 10-to-12-foot ceilings in your home simulator setup is a must, although the higher, the better to assure safety and playability.