How to Measure Putter Length Correctly

Every golfer to play the game has struggled with their putting game at some point in their career. For some PGA Tour golfers, the problem is mental, but for most amateurs the issue lies with the length of their flatstick.

Most amateurs fail to take the time to find the right putter for their game, insisting that they alone can fix their issues, or possibly, badly diagnose their problems causing further damage to their game.

In this article, we’ll take you through the steps on how to find the proper putter length for your game.

how to measure putter length

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How to Measure a Putter Length

For golfers, the question of how to measure a putter does require a difficult answer. All the golfer needs is a device to measure the distance from the golfer’s hands to the ground at the proper lie angle.

While a stock putter will take care of most of the grunt work for measuring, you still need to know the right height to find the perfect putter for your game.


Golfers need a measuring device to find the right distance from their hands to the ground. These measuring devices are commonly found in any home or can be found in hardware stores for a small cost.

Three types of measuring devices such as a measuring tape, straight ruler, and yardstick can quickly determine the length of the shaft you need.

Measuring Tape

The great thing about a soft measuring tape is that you can make it fit the shaft without having to adjust the tape. Unlike a harder measurement stick, such as a yardstick or straight edge ruler, a pliable measuring tape allows you to measure putter length correctly in minimal time.

A regular tape measure, made from aluminum, can be a little dangerous if it slides against the skin, so while that type of tape is acceptable, we encourage you to use the softer tape used for measuring clothes.

Straight Edge Ruler

Available in a variety of sizes and created from different materials, the ruler offers precise measurement but can be hard to use if longer than the measured distance between hand and ground.

Finding a smaller one, say two feet in length, makes the ruler a viable option, although you will have to measure more than once to get the final length.

Straight edge rulers usually come from hard, concentrated compounds or metals, such as aluminum or harder steel. While the rigidity of the ruler makes it easy to fit against the shaft angle, if it is too long, it can make it difficult for the golfer to stand with the proper stance when measuring.


Perhaps the hardest measurement device for finding the correct golf putter length is the yardstick. Made from wood, the yardstick measures 36 inches in length, making it hard to use for junior golfers and players that hold a height of 60 inches or less.

If the yardstick is all you have on short notice, it will certainly work, providing you the correct length for your golf putter, although if using these to measure a putter, you may find some inconsistencies, so make sure you measure more than once to find the accurate reading.

Before you measure your putter, if you are interested, take your other golf clubs and use the yardstick to discover their length.


1. You will need the help of a friend or another person to measure correctly, so first thing you need to do is secure the assistance of someone who can measure.

2. Then, take the correct position of your putting stance letting your arms hang naturally, next bending slightly from your waist forward as your eyes fix directly over the golf ball and its intended target line.

3.) Next, have the person place a putter in your hands with the putter head resting directly behind the golf ball. The center of the head should lay flat against the ground with the shaft angled at a natural position. If you are uncomfortable, then rearrange the putter’s grip in your hands and adjust your feet and body until you feel relaxed.

4.) Once the putter is comfortable in your hands, have the helper measure the length of the shaft to the end of the top hand. To measure from the center shaft of the head with the putter flat against the ground, or putting surface, taking the measuring stick or tape up to the top hand.

Even if the shaft is too short or too long, continue to measure the length of your putter to the top edge of your hands to find the correct equipment length for your future putter.

For example, if you have a 35-inch putter in your hand with two inches of overhang beyond the top of your hand, the measurement should indicate that you need a 33-inch putter.

After you measure, then take your height into account as you calculate the correct length of a putter for your putting stroke.

5.) Once you have found the right length, locate a putter with that shaft measurement. Then take the putter out to a practice green and take a few dozen strokes. Listen to your body as you make each putt with the putter’s response at impact being your guide.

6.) If you need to make adjustments to the putter’s shaft, say adding an extension or cutting down the shaft, then you can find a professional to help you achieve that task.


What’s the Common Length for Putters?

33 Inch Putter

Golfers with a height of around 60-64 inches will find that the 33-inch putter is the correct putter length for their game.

While most putters ranging from 33-inches to 35-inches can be found in stores, it is vital that golfers find the right model for their putting style. In matching their height with a 33-inch putter, golfers can gain an understanding of why does the putter length matter for their game.

Some players outside this height range like the shorter putter length so they can get closer to the ball, although that creates a hunched over stance, much like Jack Nicklaus used when he was on tour.

34 Inch Putter

Frequently considered the standard putter length, 34-inch putters are the proper length for male golfers. The majority of putters you will find at a local golf store will have the average putter length of 34 inches.

On most standard putting charts for proper length of the putter, golfers measuring 66-69 inches will find that the 34-inch model is the correct putter length.

35 Inch Putter

For the tallest golfers, a 35-inch putter works extremely well for distance control. Even from a golf store, an off-the-shelf putter with a 35-inch shaft can produce amazing results if you have been struggling with a shorter putter, early in your golfing journey.

Golfers looking to obtain a new putter need to factor in things like the putter head weight and size, the thickness of the putter shafts available, and the lie angle before settling on the shaft length.

With a longer new putter, golfers need to understand that there will be an adjustment period, but in the end the switch will help them find more control and consistency on each putt.


How Long Should My Putter Be?

Short Putter

Shorter putters, primarily built for junior golfers, will run from 17-33 inches in average putter length.

While some companies produce putters directly for this market, other golfers will need the assistance of a club maker to find a custom shorter putter that produces a smooth putting stroke.

With a smaller blade head design, a smaller junior putter or even well-made women’s putters can provide a more compact putting style that sees the golfer draining more putts.

Belly Putters

With long putters being all the rage on professional tours, it was inevitable that amateurs would soon toy with their own version of this longer putter, hoping for more consistency.

The benefit of the belly putter is that it offers better speed control, distance control, and a shorter stroke to generate the power for lag putts.

The length of a belly putter’s shaft can vary from roughly 39 inches all the way to 47 inches depending upon the height of the golfer.

Custom Putters

A club fitter can help golfers find the right shaft length if they are looking to build their own putter. A great putter is one that performs well, but also fits appropriately.

So looking to find the right measurement, even if that means you need the putter cut down, for custom lengths is an endeavor worth undertaking, although you may not find it easily in big-box golf stores.

Having the correct equipment at the address position is an incredibly important start for all golfers, making the search for the exact length for the putter matter.

With that rule in mind, most putters that utilize custom club heads and shafts, also should realize how the head weights anchor the putter and affect the aim of the putt.

By keeping the putter low to the putting surface, through the help of the weights, golfers will need a custom shaft that maintains the correct distance between hands and ground throughout the stroke, even if the golfer is using toe-balanced putters.


Putter Length vs Height

All golfers should take their height into account when looking for the ideal putter length for their game.

When setting up over a putt, the distance from the shoes to the ball, the distance from the ground to the hands, and the length of the putter shaft create a triangle that when measured, helps determine the length of your putter.

For tall golfers, the distance from hands to the ground will be longer, therefore requiring that these players find a lengthier flatstick for their putting game.

The last thing that a golf needs is a putter that makes them hunch over the golf ball, so although a person at this height might be on the higher side of the height spectrum, it remains imperative that the shaft does not interfere with a comfortable stance that keeps the sole of the putter even against the green’s surface.


Finding the right length for your putter may seem like an overwhelming task, but as we’ve outlined in this how-to article, all you need is a putter and a couple of accessories to do the trick.

Once you find the correct length, then you’ll need to take the time to find the right putter to match your stroke style.

Whether it be a blade or mallet putter, you’ll never again have to wonder about the right length when choosing a new flatstick.

By measuring the correct way, you’ll unlock the key to finding the perfect putter for your golf game.