Cobra DarkSpeed Drivers (My Honest Review)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated March 6, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

No one makes a driver like Cobra, and their new DarkSpeed series checks all the boxes for amateurs looking to upgrade their game off the tee box.

Among the Cobra Darkspeed Drivers, I’ll focus on the Darkspeed X.

The new DarkSpeed X Driver looks like a sleek fighter jet, delivers high launch and extended carry for maximum distance, and provides the dispersion you need to keep the ball in the fairway.

So, who should play the DarkSpeed X driver, and what are the benefits of carrying this club in your golf bag?

In this review of the Cobra DarkSpeed X Driver, I’ll give you honest answers to all those questions, plus some insight into the feel, looks, and performance of this modern, first-rate golf club.

Cobra DarkSpeed X Driver

Best Cobra Driver for Mid Handicappers

Cobra Golf DarkSpeed X Driver
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  • Loft: 9°, 10.5°, 12°
  • Lie: 56.2°-57.2°
  • Shaft Length: 45.5”
  • Flex: Regular, A, Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff
  • Swing Weight: D1-D4
  • Grip Type: Lamkin Crossline
  • Price: $549.99

Shaft Type

  • UST LIN-Q M40X Blue 6 (Stiff, Reg)
  • UST LIN-Q M40X White 6 (Stiff, X-Stiff)
  • UST LIN-Q M40X Red 6 (A)
  • MCA Kai’li Blue 60 (Stiff, Reg)
  • Project X HZRDUS Black Gen 4 Matte Finish (Stiff)
  • Project X HZRDUS Red CB (A)


  • Sleek aerodynamic design
  • Forgiving with exceptional control
  • Low, deep CG increases shot height
  • Well balanced with evenly positioned weighting
  • Lower price point than top-tier drivers


  • Launch may be too high for low handicappers
  • Not as workable as the LS model
  • Takes time to get the settings right on the driver

Cobra DarkSpeed X Driver Review

cobra darkspeed driver toe and face and

How does the Cobra DarkSpeed X Driver look?

If you are familiar with last year’s Aerojet Driver from Cobra, then you’ll quickly recognize that traditional Cobra head shape with the DarkSpeed X.

But what the new driver does is remove all the white and color from last year’s model to reveal a dark and very sleek underbody that’s ready to dazzle.

What I enjoyed most about this driver was taking it from the headcover and just admiring the craftsmanship.

Even at address, the driver looks intimidating and inspires tremendous confidence, especially once you watch that first drive leave the face.

When it comes to appearances, the DarkSpeed series definitely earns its accolades.

How does the Cobra DarkSpeed X Driver feel?

The golf driver feels light and fast on its toes. Even if the sleek black look plays tricks on your eyes, the driver builds confidence within you that you can reach areas of the course that you’ve never reached with your old driver.

The more you hit the driver, the more responsive the club feels.

Receiving the feel and sight of watching balls fly high and far never gets old for amateurs, and it’s something the DarkSpeed X certainly produces more often than not, making it a weapon off the tee box. 

What handicap is best for the Cobra DarkSpeed X Driver?

After spending time with the DarkSpeed X Driver, I firmly believe that mid handicappers can benefit most from playing this driver.

That said, I also feel that single-digit handicappers will enjoy how forgiving and fast this driver is on the course.

When you see pro golfers such as Rory McIlroy play a more forgiving driver and not the “tour” model, you can see how low handicappers could benefit from playing a club like the DarkSpeed X off the tee.

So, while the DarkSpeed X Driver works best for mid handicappers, advanced and frequent golfers who want more forgiveness should consider giving the DarkSpeed X their attention.

cobra darkspeed driver and golf ball on grass

How does the Cobra DarkSpeed X Driver perform?

Once I got the DarkSpeed X to the range, I immediately started hitting drives with the neutral settings. The ball was springy off the hitting area with a nice, majestic launch.

After toying with the loft sleeve and taking some height off, the golf driver produced the lower, penetrating launch I wanted for my game.

Overall, the driver offers remarkably good forgiveness on impact closer to the toe with the same spin rate and ball speed you’d find from hitting center mass.

If you are looking for a top-tier driver that’s great straight from the box, the DarkSpeed certainly won’t disappoint.

When it comes to dispersion, the DarkSpeed X kept the ball in the fairway, repeatedly delivering high, straight drives that held along my intended target line with high frequency.

It does take some time to find the right combination of weight position and loft sleeve settings, but once you lock those preferences into the club head, you’ll spend the rest of your time watching drives soar into the air with high velocity.

And take it from me: the DarkSpeed X delivers a very enjoyable day at the golf course, whether you are on the links or killing an afternoon at the range.

Cobra DarkSpeed Drivers: Other Models

Cobra DarkSpeed LS Driver

Cobra Golf DarkSpeed LS Driver
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Made for tour pros and low handicappers, the DarkSpeed LS driver utilizes a smaller club head to promote more workability and better control.

The golf driver is available in one of three loft settings, including an 8° model that produces a very low, penetrating flight for fast swing speeds. 

Available in regular, stiff, and x-stiff shaft flex, Cobra offers stock shafts from UST (Lin-Q M40X Blue & White 6) plus the Project X Hzrdus Black Gen 4 Matte in stiff flex only.

The driver has three stationary weights that golfers can adjust to produce a fade, draw, or neutral bias. The DarkSpeed LS was awarded a Gold Medal by Golf Digest’s 2024 Hot List.

Cobra DarkSpeed Max Driver

Cobra Golf DarkSpeed MAX Driver
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Ideal for high handicappers and beginning golfers, the DarkSpeed Max offers a draw bias setting that reduces the penalty of a steep, slice-inducing swing.

Shaped for maximum forgiveness and ball speed, the DarkSpeed Max provides high launch with extended carry so golfers with slower swing speeds can get the most out of their tee box game.

The DarkSpeed Max has three loft options (9°, 10.5°, and 12°). Stock shafts include the UST LIN-Q M40X Red 6 in either stiff or regular flex and the Project X Hzrdus Red CB 50 in regular and A flex.

Cobra DarkSpeed Max Women’s Driver

Cobra Golf DarkSpeed MAX Ladies Driver
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The DarkSpeed Max Women’s Driver carries a draw bias that helps reduce side spin and provides exceptional slice correction. Adjustable weighting provides more customization over slice correction for female golfers.

The revamped aerodynamic design of the Max Women’s Driver maximizes speed while enhancing forgiveness and boosting launch.

The golf driver comes in either 10.5° or 12° loft with a 44-inch shaft. The UST Helium Nanocore 4F1 shaft in ladies flex is the stock shaft for the driver.

The Lamkin Crossline Black Undersize 60R grip also provides nice tackiness for a steady hold on the golf club.

My Honest Verdict

After hitting roughly ten drives with the Cobra DarkSpeed X, I was blown away by how incredibly fast this driver performed.

When looking at the data from the TrackMan, my ball speed crossed that magical 160 MPH threshold with regularity, and my total distance crossed 280 yards on average in roughly 8 out of every ten drives, something I strive to accomplish with a top-tier driver.

I also liked how the DarkSpeed X model offers the most accessibility to the widest range of golfers.

I sometimes have trouble hitting low-spin drivers, so it was a breath of fresh air to see the DarkSpeed X get the ball into the air so easily. 

And while the price point is high, it’s roughly $50 cheaper than other comparable models, so I enjoyed the savings there to use on other equipment needs.

Great for mid handicappers, the Cobra DarkSpeed X earned my highest marks when it came to distance, accuracy, and launch angle.