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Cobra LTDx Driver Review

Hands-on Cobra LTDx Driver Review

Available in several versions, such as the LTDx LS driver and LTDx Max, golfers of all skill levels can easily find the Cobra model that works well for their golf course game.

Cobra LTDx Driver

From Cobra, the LTDx utilizes multi-material construction to deliver tour length distance with stunning accuracy.

Product Brand: Cobra Golf

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  • Loft sleeve helps fine-tune trajectory
  • Rear weighting lowers CG to increase ball speed and ball flight
  • A.I. and machine learning innovation produce club head design with minimal drag
  • Neutral axis weighting places power directly behind the sweet spot
  • Cons

  • No adjustable weighting in standard edition
  • Thin feel on off-center strikes
  • The new Cobra LTDx drivers have become a hot item for advanced and casual golfers. With a black and gold color scheme, the LTDx offers a stunning combination of first-rate performance and an appealing appearance.

    Cobra bills their Cobra LTDx drivers as the ‘ultimate distance machine” to transform your game. With an aerodynamic shape, golfers can expect low to mid-range spin and exceptional forgiveness.

    Each driver, including the regular LTDx that we are reviewing, offers different visual peaks when looking at the shot height and spin levels. For the casual golfer, the standard LTDx offers the best of all worlds with regard to mid-range spin and height.

    If you like variety with your shaft options, the company offers a Project X shaft for their Cobra LTDx drivers that can customize your spin and shot height off the tee box.

    There are additional models of the LTDx drivers available, including the draw-biased LTDx Max driver for casual players that want more length and better accuracy for their tee box game.

    The Cobra LTDx LS produces low spin with low launch, perfect for low handicappers looking to add a top-tier driver to their current fairway wood collection.

    Cobra LTDx Driver Key Features

    Pwr-Cor Technology

    The innovative technology from Cobra places more weight lower in the head to produce a higher launch without the additional spin that unfortunately causes slices or hooks off the tee box.

    H.O.T Face Technology

    The LTDx utilizes a thin club face with a massive sweet spot, much like a fairway wood, to generate an exceedingly long distance from each swing.

    Fixed Back Weighting

    Cobra also placed two weights along the back of the club head to increase the driver’s stability and minimize twisting as the face passes through the golf ball.

    By placing the weight low, the driver produces maximum power for the casual player without worrying that the drive will stray far from the target line.

    CNC Milled Infinity Face

    Cobra’s longtime patented milling expands the hitting area without costing the golfer ball speed, even on off-center strikes.

    Multi-Material Chassis

    A stronger titanium chassis powers the LTDx helping most golfers keep the head stable through the impact zone with minimal twisting. A lightweight carbon crown reduces weight for a boost in swing speed.

    Our In-Depth Cobra LTDx Driver Review

    When looking at the construction of the LTDx, the first thing we noticed is how solid the club feels in your hands.

    All three driver heads in this Cobra driver series produce smooth responsiveness at impact, which certainly builds confidence in playing golf with this club.

    We were hoping for a low spin to maintain accuracy on the course. The standard model does offer a bit more spin than we’d like, but for mid and high handicappers, distance remains king, and you’ll find it with this driver.

    The club also received high marks from our testers when it came to balance. Even on shots that hit either the front heel or high on the toe, ball speed rarely saw a significant drop.

    It’s also worth noting that the more we played with the club, the more we found a noticeable draw bias for our experienced players.

    Although we’d love to see a bit more customization from the club, such as adjustable weighting, we admired what the designers of Cobra drivers were looking to accomplish with this first-rate driver.

    If you are interested in purchasing your first Cobra driver, you shouldn’t be scared away by the cost of the Cobra LTDx driver because it certainly delivers the performance you’d expect at this price point.

    Alternatives to the Cobra LTDx Driver

    TaylorMade Stealth Driver

    Best Distance Driver for Low Handicappers


    • Revolutionary Carbon Twist Face increases distance and improves forgiveness
    • Low, deep CG creates high launch with extended carry
    • Incredibly lightweight to help you produce maximum swing speed
    • Solidly built, offers outstanding feel at impact


    • Neutral bias makes it harder to hit for golfers fighting a slice
    • No adjustable weight system on standard Stealth

    TaylorMade’s newest driver, the Stealth, has turned heads on the PGA Tour and at the amateur level with its exceptional distance and sleek appearance. It boasts several innovative features that wholly create an unmatched swing experience.

    The Stealth utilizes the players’ high swinging speed to increase carry distance for advanced golfers while producing that tight shot dispersion that keeps the ball in the fairway with more regularity.

    An impressive new driver from the designers at TaylorMade, the Stealth offers dazzling performance that helps your game improve from the tee box.

    Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver

    Best Distance Driver for Mid Handicappers


    • Outstanding forgiveness on the impact that leaks toward the toe
    • Available in three different loft options; 9-, 10.5-, and 12-degree
    • Produces a subtle draw shot shape that routinely finds the fairway
    • Tall launch with mid-range spin produces stunning drives with plenty of reach


    • Larger head and face plays more for a casual golfer than a low handicapper
    • The draw shot shape it produces, although slight, won’t work for golfers that want neutral settings

    Callaway’s latest driver, the Rogue ST Max series, delivers all that you would expect in a driver from the company.

    It has a lot in common with the Cobra LTDx drivers, including a sleek black driver head and impressive performance across the board. The Rogue ST Max does differ from the Cobra LTDx series by way of a semi-draw shot shape that helps neutralize the sidespin that causes a draw.

    If you are a mid handicapper, you’ll find a host of features with the Rogue ST Max that help keep the golf ball in the fairway, but you’ll also find several unique design quirks that maximize your club speed.

    Check our in-depth Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review.

    Our Verdict

    For serious golfers looking to increase their ball speeds and distance accompanied by low spin, the Cobra LTDx offers an enticing package.

    Featuring a lightweight carbon crown, a slight draw bias, and external weights to direct power to the golf ball, the Cobra LTDx drivers, including the LTDx Max and LTDx LS, increase ball speed, which translates to maximum distance.

    Great for low handicappers but accessible for mid handicappers, the LTDx driver delivers high launch with a long ball flight that wrings out every yard possible from your swing.

    With lower spin, your drives find the fairway with more regularity, greatly increasing your birdie chances to help lower your score.