5 Suggestions for Traveling with Golf Clubs to Mallorca

Golf lovers plan their free time and holidays around playing their favorite sport. They’re always on the lookout for specialized accommodation or places close to new golf courses, where they can tee off and improve their swing.

However, traveling with golf clubs can be a bit of a headache. Why? Although you might have the option of hiring clubs at your destination, you’re probably used to the feel and weight of your equipment. You might only really enjoy your games if you have your irons and woods with you.

If that’s true in your case, you need to consider several issues before traveling with your golf clubs. For instance, how your clubs will fit into your mode of transport (car, plane, train, bus, etc.) and how you can get them to your destination without them getting damaged, bent, or scratched.

Traveling with Golf Clubs: All You Need to Know

If you’re thinking of traveling to Mallorca this summer with your golf clubs, the most important issues are making sure that they’re looked after and that the cost of transporting them isn’t too high.

Here are some suggestions you may find useful:

1. Choose the right case.

Golf club cases can be hard or soft.

Soft cases are made with lightweight, flexible fabrics like nylon. On the other hand, hard cases are made of rigid materials, such as plastic with reinforcing inside the case.

Soft cases are easier to transport, and they’re recommended for shorter trips and when you travel by car. Alternatively, although hard cases are generally bigger and heavier, they provide better protection for your clubs when you travel on public transport.

In fact, the majority of airlines will only cover damage to your clubs if they’re in a hard case.

2. Choose a specialized hotel.

To make the most of your holidays, it’s essential you choose the accommodation that will fit in with your needs and offer you the best services. And if you’re traveling to Mallorca, why not look for a hotel “for golfers”?

VIVA Golf Adults Only 18+ offers the perfect blend of atmosphere, comfort, and service. Located on a spectacular white sand beach at the Bay of Alcudia, their facilities are designed to mix sports and relaxation.

They have their wellness center called Balneum, and the complex is just 10 minutes away from the Alcanada golf course, one of the best on the island. It’s also part of Hotels VIVA, a trustworthy hotel chain that specializes in the well-being of golfers and their families.

In fact, they have different packages for golfers that include the hotel + green fee + transport, so the only thing you’ll have to think about is your game.

3. Use a big suitcase.

When you’re thinking about traveling with golf clubs, your best bet is to put the whole case inside a suitcase that’s big enough to take irons and woods of different lengths. Of course, apart from your golf clubs, you can also pack your shoes, clothes, golf balls, gloves, hat, etc., in the suitcase.

What if you’re traveling to Mallorca by plane? Before packing your golf case, make sure you check the maximum suitcase weight allowed by your airline. It’s normally 20 to 25 kilograms, depending on whether you’ve bought a full-price or economy ticket.

4. Practical tips for packing your suitcase.

Apart from your 14 golf clubs, you’ll need to pack other items necessary for your game inside your golf case, as we mentioned in the previous point. Make sure you don’t put your GPS or DMD (distance measuring device) in your suitcase. It’s safer to carry these devices in your carry-on baggage inside their own cases.

Another useful tip for safely traveling with golf clubs is to put towels between your clubs. You can also put thick socks over each head, especially if they’re wooden.

Another option is to take the heads off the clubs or put them into the case head-first to protect the sockets and shafts. These are the sections that are most vulnerable to bending and breaking.

We also recommend you take photos of the case and of each club (photos are extremely useful if you ever need to claim damages from the airline) or put colorful tags or stickers on your case, so it’s easily identifiable.

5. Reserve a flight without stopovers.

The majority of flights from the Peninsula to Mallorca are direct flights. However, it’s possible you might have a stopover included in your trip.

When you’re traveling with golf clubs, our recommendation is to purchase a direct flight. Why? Because each stopover you make increases the handling of your luggage and therefore, the chances your golf clubs will get damaged or lost.

It’s possible that direct flights might be a little more expensive, but it’s worth it.