Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review (Our Honest Feedback)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated May 1, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver release date: February 18, 2022

Callaway’s Rogue ST Max series of drivers are made to break your local golf course. Built for speed, each driver in the series offers amateurs a weapon for increasing their total distance while providing plenty of forgiveness on off-center hits.

With three models available in the series, there’s a driver for every handicap and skill set.

In this Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver review and the two other drivers in the series, we’ll look deeper into how these impressive drivers can help specific parts of your game off the tee box.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver

Exceptional Distance Driver for Mid Handicappers

Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Driver


  • Loft: 8 – 14°
  • Standard Lenght: 45.75″
  • Lie: 60° (Adjustable)
  • CC: 460
  • Swing Weight: D3


  • Incredibly fast with consistent ball speed
  • Adjustable hosel allows customized ball flight
  • Jailbreak Speed Frame offers stability with muscle
  • Highest MOI head for added stability


  • No adjustable weighting limits customization
  • Larger head can make it tough for high handicappers to find consistency

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Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Key Features

Tungsten Speed Cartridge

Placed at the rear of the clubhead, the Tungsten Speed Cartridge works as an anchor to reduce twisting, boost ball height, and increase forgiveness across the entire hitting area of the Rogue ST Max driver.

Weighing 26 grams, the Tungsten Speed Cartridge stabilizes the head during the swing to increase ball speed and accuracy after impact.

Jailbreak Speed Frame Technology

A longtime feature of Callaway drivers, the Artificial Intelligence-aided Speed Frame places a stabilizing square behind the sweet spot to inflate ball speed and provide better performance across the entire face of the driver.

The frame enhances the feel and responsiveness, keeping the golfers connected to the clubhead throughout the swing.

Titanium Unibody Construction

By using titanium to create the body of the clubhead, the Rogue ST Max driver offers more stability and consistency when compared to its competitors.

The lightweight feel the titanium provides helps maintain high swing speed during the downswing to create the highest ball speed possible after impact.

Our In-Depth Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review


While we’ve never been a fan of gold on golf clubs, Callaway pulls off a subtle yet strong appearance with the muscular black and gold trim color palette of the Rogue ST Max.

At first glance, the driver certainly has a modern look of today’s drivers with the sole offering several points of emphasis.

The driver’s logo runs along the center of the sole, with the tungsten cartridge offering gold contrast along the perimeter.

If you are a fan of predominantly black drivers with a flair of complementary bold color, Callaway’s driver definitely offers a clean appearance that looks great in a golf bag.


The driver produces a clean sound at impact that does not distract. During our time testing for this Callaway Rogue ST driver review, our golfers gave the sound produced by the club high marks.

If you own a fast swing, the impact sound delivers pleasing feedback that certainly will turn the heads of your playing partners.

With sound, you don’t want a driver that sounds something like a cannon or makes a puny, weak noise at impact. After our time with the club, we can safely say that you’ll be impressed by the sound of the Rogue ST Max driver.


We noted that the ST Max offered a more solid feel even over the popular Epic Speed driver, Callaway’s last big driver release.

At address, we felt the club provides confidence and power in your hands. As with any Callaway club, you know you are getting top-tier quality, and this driver certainly delivers on that promise.

When it comes to stock shafts, this model offers premium options that all increase feel and responsiveness.

We are fans of the Mitsubishi Tensei shaft line, and we tested the same shaft in each model, the AV Blue 65 graphite shaft.

We were overall very pleased with the shaft’s solid feel and the stable response it provided during our testing.

At impact, the feel provided by this Callaway model also excels with a pure strike that lets you know immediately if you have found the sweet spot.


If you are starting your search for a driver with specific qualifications such as high MOI, maximum distance, slight draw bias, and maximum forgiveness, you’ll be best served by including the Callaway Rogue ST Max driver.

Built with speed at the forefront, amateurs will undoubtedly benefit from the craftsmanship and design of this exquisite Callaway driver.

With each swing, you can also feel that stability provided by the Tungsten Speed Cartridge. The driver does not get loose in your hands. It remains solid and sturdy, no matter how hard you swing the club.

Even if you prefer to tinker with your driver, the Rogue ST Max driver responds with a beautiful shot shape. Most of our mid handicappers loved utilizing the slight draw bias during our testing to create consistency in their drives.

Overall, this Callaway driver responded impressively with a penetrating ball flight that regularly found the fairway.

Comparing the Callaway Rogue ST Max Drivers

Callaway Rogue ST Max D Driver

Outstanding Draw Bias Driver for High Handicappers

Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Draw Driver
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  • Loft: 8 – 14°
  • Standard Lenght: 45.75″
  • Lie: 60° (Adjustable)
  • CC: 460
  • Swing Weight: D3


  • Impressive stability through the impact zone
  • Lower spin with an advanced swing speed
  • Premium workability for advanced players


  • Better for skilled players over inexperienced

This draw bias edition of the Rogue ST Max driver delivers slice correction with power.

All of the same features are here as with its brother, the Rogue ST Max driver, but with a more severe draw bias that helps high handicappers and beginners hit the fairway with more regularity.

During our testing, the golfers needing help with their slice found over 10 yards of correction along with more distance and carry.

This draw-correcting version of the Rogue ST driver delivers exceptional draw bias to reduce the side spin brought on by an inside-out swing path.

Great for high handicappers and beginners, the D-model offers increased ball speed and improved performance.

Callaway Rogue ST Max LS

Excellent Low Spin Driver for Low Handicappers

Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max LS Driver
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  • Loft: 8 – 12.5°
  • Standard Lenght: 45.75″
  • Lie: 57° (Adjustable)
  • CC: 460
  • Swing Weight: D3, D4, D5


  • Low spin rate with a low launch for maximum control
  • Neutral flight offers complete workability
  • Great for advanced golfers


  • Tough for high handicappers to master

Featuring a high MOI head, the Max LS (standing for low spin) delivers a low, penetrating trajectory with a neutral ball flight.

Made for highly-skilled players, the Max LS provides higher ball speed than the Epic Speed model Callaway produced recently.

While the club would be hard to hit for inexperienced golfers, for players with an advanced skill set, the Max LS delivers the workability that low handicappers crave for their tee box game.

The LS Model offers a fundamentally sound driver that maximizes the already-magnificent Rogue ST driver features for low handicappers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Callaway Rogue driver is most forgiving?

The standard Rogue ST Max offers the most forgiveness and a slight draw bias, but the other two models are also very forgiving for players.

The draw model of the Rogue ST drivers offers a nice combination of forgiveness and slice correction. Even the low spin model of this driver line provides a nice correction.

Is the Callaway Rogue driver good for high handicappers?

Yes, the draw bias version and the standard Rogue ST Max offer high handicappers benefits such as extended carry and higher launch.

Since most inexperienced golfers need help with consistency off the tee box, these elite options provide more speed to the golf ball and the best combination of forgiveness and power.

Is the Callaway Rogue ST forgiving?

Yes, the Rogue ST Max offers high-grade forgiveness that redirects off-center strikes back toward the fairway.

During our driver testing, we found that the standard model produced a tight shot dispersion with exceptional distance. For golfers that need accuracy and distance help, this Callaway wood offers both benefits with speed to burn.

What does the ST stand for on the Callaway Rogue driver?

The ST stands for Speed Tuned. The club designers set out to make their Callaway Rogue ST drivers their fastest yet and after spending time with each golf club in the series line.

Powered by the Jailbreak Speed Frame, the driver head offers clean muscle with consistently straight ball flight.

Our Verdict

The Callaway Rogue ST Max produces consistently straighter shots for mid and high handicappers that need help off the tee box.

For players with moderate swing speeds that need to maintain their maximum speed to maintain length, the Callaway golf club produces encouraging results with high launch and a slight draw bias that creates a consistent right to left drives you can depend upon off the tee box.

We also highly recommend the two other editions in this series, including the draw version if you might struggle with a slice.

A well-built driver that produces exceptional clubhead speed for extra distance, the Rogue ST Max driver offers marvelous results for golfers needing a boost on the tee box.