How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh?

While most golfers might not care what their golf cart weighs, the actually weight of their electric golf carts determines how far they can go before charging and the overall performance of the cart while on the links.

Whether it is gas golf carts or electric golf carts, the weight is connected to speed and duration of use, making the weight a primary factor in what type of golf cart batteries to get for the small vehicle.

In our deep dive into what a golf cart weighs, we’ll take a look at how accessories can bog down a cart and what optimizes speed and performance.

how much does a golf cart weigh

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How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh?

The average golf cart weighs anywhere from 750 pounds to 1150 pounds. Of course, there are several factors that play a part in the final weight, but for the most part, the essential pieces that create that total weight figure include the frame, seats, batteries, and tires.

The weight of the golf cart, when adding batteries, can increase dramatically. The same holds true when adding passengers, especially in carts where more than two passengers can ride on golf courses.

Since most carts need multiple batteries, the weight of a golf battery needs to be multiplied by the total number of batteries to determine how much weight is added to the cart.


How Much Extra Weight Do Batteries Add?

How much does a golf cart battery weigh? Extra batteries can add anywhere from 50-300 pounds on average.

Since golf cart weights affect the performance of the golf cart, the battery weight certainly adds to the curb weight of the battery-powered cart.

Golf carts need anywhere from 4 to 6 batteries to power their function. The batteries are housed underneath the seat of the golf cart, working in unison to move the cart forward and backward with consistent power.

Determining the dry weight and curb weight of golf carts certainly helps determine what battery works best for your golf cart. Whether it be gas carts or electric golf carts, the accessories and add-ons significantly push the weight scale north when determining the average weight of the cart.

Dry Weight

When looking at the weight, the first measurement created is the dry weight of the club car. The dry weight factors in the heft of the golf cart without the battery or other accessories, including a player’s actual weight, push cart, their bag, and clubs.

Since a golf battery can add considerable weight to an average golf cart, manufacturers want to get a gauge of the dry weight so they can better understand how the cart will be affected during driving.

If the dry weight is too light, then the cart can struggle with additional weight or when too many passengers try to ride along during a round. For safety reasons, the dry weight must be determined to understand the golf cart weight limit, regardless of whether it is an electric golf cart or gas golf cart.

Curb Weight

Curb weight, on the other hand, is typically considered the go-to average golf cart weight among manufacturers. Much like when someone measures their height with shoes on, the golf cart will carry batteries, passengers, and clubs during its primary function.

While finding the dry weight and curb weight is essential for golf cart designers, golfers may typically only care about the curb weight since it feeds directly into the cart’s ability to transport passengers safely.

Between the two types of golf carts, gas models can be lighter than electric carts that need batteries, even with a larger gas tank. Carts with trailer hitches need to factor in the total weight of the cart before determining if the cart can tow other carts or trailers.


Golf Cart Weight Examples

With so much variability in the weight of batteries and passengers, finding the specific weight of a golf cart can be hard to pin down. Since golf carts that require batteries need four to six of them to function, the weight can vary wildly depending on the brand and type of golf cart.

Since they typically weigh 50 pounds individually, six batteries can add another 300 total pounds to a two-person golf cart. When deciding to drive electric or to drive gas, the battery weight is a significant factor in weight as the gas-powered golf cart weighs much, much less.

  • Weight of a 2 passenger gas-powered golf cart: 700 pounds
  • Weight of a 2 passenger electric-powered golf cart: 1000 pounds
  • Weight of a 4 passenger gas-powered golf cart: 900 pounds
  • Weight of a 4 passenger electric-powered golf cart: 1200 pounds
  • Weight of a 6 passenger gas-powered golf cart: 1000 pounds
  • Weight of a 6 passenger electric-powered golf cart: 1300 pounds


Golf Cart Weight Limits

To assure premium performance, golfers are encouraged not to overload the golf cart when factoring in total weight. This edict comes specifically in relation to the weight of passengers.

For multiple passenger golf carts, the rule of thumb is 400-550 pounds for two passengers. When rear seating kits are installed, golfers can push close to 800 pounds for four passengers.

For extended cabs featuring multiple rear seating kits that seat up to six passengers, golf carts hold up to 1500 pounds.

As a rule of thumb, golf cart manufacturers typically want golfers to not exceed the average weight of 200 pounds per golfer.

Since gas powered carts are more powerful, the weight of the golf cart passengers can typically be a bit larger per golfer.


Factors That Affect Golf Cart Weight

The main factors that affect golf cart weight are the passengers on board and the number of accessories within the cabin of the cart.

Golf cart batteries weigh in excess of 10 pounds but can also climb up to a few hundred pounds in weight. Depending on the capacity, design, and components, the battery weight is the main static factor in the total weight of a golf cart.

Passengers range in weight from 50 pounds to over 300 pounds in some cases. When answering the question of how much can a gas golf cart weigh, you should consider the weight of the passengers before adding up the complete weight limit of the golf cart.


How Much Weight Can a Golf Cart Tow

Most golf carts can tow up to 1000 pounds in weight, although some electric models can tow considerably more weight. When factoring the total towing power of a golf cart model, the question that must be answered is how much horsepower the golf cart holds.

Gas powered golf carts have more horsepower when compared to electric-powered golf carts. An electric-powered cart has 3-to-5 horsepower, while a gas-powered golf cart delivers 10-12 horsepower.

With the extra torque, the gas power is the more muscular choice between the two carts.

Items that golf carts can tow include a jet ski, small single-man boat, kayaks, a small trailer, and another golf cart of similar weight and build.

Of course, tire pressure must also be at the correct PSI before towing, so before you use the golf cart to tow, it is vital to have the cart’s wheels correctly inflated. Referencing the golf cart manual can help you find the proper inflation PSI for the cart’s tires.

Be forewarned, trying to pull weight beyond the capacity of the golf cart can cause permanent damage to the golf cart, disabling it and ruining its maximum performance.


Factoring Weight When Towing a Golf Cart

When factoring golf cart weights when planning to tow to a different location, other than a golf course, any towing vehicle or pickup truck can comfortably relocate the cart.

When answering the question of how much can a golf cart weigh, you should look at the weight of each golf cart battery to determine if you should compensate for the total battery weight when hauling.

Another main issue when hauling a golf cart is finding the right trailer the cart can comfortably fit and ride safely. Not all trailers are equal, as some are built to hold minimal weight, so the structure and build of the trailer matters the most when looking to tow a golf cart.

A golf cart’s dimensions also play a huge factor in the cart fitting onto the trailer for hauling from locale to locale. Golf carts must fit within the dimensions of the trailer to easily ride from place to place.

Golf carts such as the Club Car, Club Car DS Gas Cart, Club Car Precedent Gas Cart, Club Car Precedent Electric Cart, Club Car DS Electric, Club Car Onward Gas Cart, and the Club Car Onward Electric Cart all offer comfortable dimensions and weight for towing and performance.


Although it may not seem important, finding the weight of your golf cart is essential when understanding the performance of the electric cars for the course.

Same holds true when looking at gas-powered golf carts, although they are much lighter in comparison to battery-powered golf carts.

Also, when discovering the weight of batteries and passengers, the next step is measuring the dimensions of the cart’s frame. Only then can you understand what you need to haul the golf cart from place to place in the form of a trailer.