TaylorMade MG4 Wedge Review (Our Honest Feedback)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated December 5, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

With its uniquely shaped sole and leading-edge grooves, TaylorMade’s fourth version of the Milled Grind wedge promises high-spin control on full and partial shots alike.

Offering a gorgeous milled grind along the sole, the MG4 wedge promises to produce consistent spin with its raw finish along the sweet spot.

But does it deliver on its promise?

In this TaylorMade MG4 Wedge review, I spent time testing the club for myself, looking closely at the results of how the redesigned shape and revamped surface technologies delivered on the course.

If you are in the market for a new wedge, I think my thoughts about the MG4 wedges will interest you.

Is the sleek and confident appearance of the MG4 all style and no substance? Read on to discover my honest look at the new TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 wedges.

TaylorMade MG4 Wedge

Best Luxury Wedge for Low Handicappers

Taylormade Golf MG4 Chrome TW Wedge 56.12 Righthanded
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  • Loft: 50°-60°
  • Lie: 64°
  • Shaft Length: 35”-35.5″
  • Swing Weight: D3, D5


  • Raw face provides more consistent spin
  • Works extremely well on delicate chips off green
  • Maximum versatility from short and long-range distances
  • Multiple bounce options deliver ideal ball flight


  • Too much of a soft feel on full swings
  • Lacks standout features when compared to Vokey wedges

TaylorMade MG4 Wedge Features

Spin Tread Technology

Of all the refinements to the new Milled Grind 4 Wedges, the Spin Tread Technology grabs your attention immediately upon glancing at the head.

With a unique texture along the face, almost resembling a tread pattern, these grooves generate substantially more face friction to enhance backspin performance, especially in wet conditions.

Raw Face Technology

The raw design of the MG4 wedge, a fresh and exciting innovation from the golf industry, delivers incredible surface friction and consistency across the hitting area for maximum spin rate potential.

Upon contact, my eye went straight to how the uncoated finish grabbed the golf ball more aggressively through impact.

Refined Shaping

The refined profile gives better players a clean look while inspiring confidence to execute a playing style that wants to hit more ambitious greenside shots.

With precise weight placement stretching the sweet spot higher toward the rounded toe, the overall head shape seems to provide more stability and consistency to open the face confidently.

Our In-Depth TaylorMade MG4 Wedge Review

Appearance of the TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 Wedges

When it comes to appearance, there’s a simplicity here with the TaylorMade MG4 Wedges. Similar to the best that Vokey puts out, the MG4 wedges are clean, crisp, and minimal, something most golfers want from their other wedges.

A reshaped top line, along with the milled sole grind, especially in the standard bounce version, delivers an appearance in the golf bag that’s incredibly hard to beat.

Simply put, the TaylorMade MG4 wedge offers one stunning appearance that’s sure to turn the heads of your playing partners.

How New Key Features Offer Better Performance

I found myself a big fan of several of the new features of the MG4 wedges during my testing.

Starting with the Spin Tread Technology that increased spin across the surface area, helping the grooves bite the ball with force upon impact to maximize RPMs and boost flight.

That increase in spin control brought a whole new level of precision on finesse shots into tight pins where I wanted ultimate stopping power.

Also, I was blown away by the inclusion of a raw face on the MG4 wedge. This key feature generated consistently higher launch and spin that I could rely on from anywhere around the green.

With its steep ball flight and ample stopping power, the Raw Face Tech noticeably upped my ability to attack pins more aggressively, knowing my distance control would minimize long or short misses.

Finally, whether I was going for a high soft-land flop or curving a low spinner off a tight lie, the MG4’s refined shaping provided complete control of both my swing path and face angle to shape trajectory as needed.

It’s this combination of alignment assurance and shotmaking versatility from varied lies that makes low handicappers, like myself, and golfers like Tiger Woods feel right at home with the TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 wedge.

More Spin With Improved Bounce Options

With four thoughtful sole grinds available in the MG4, players can truly optimize wedge gapping and shot versatility for better performance.

The low bounce options maintain exceptional playability from tight lies and firm conditions, giving experts ultimate finesse control.

Whereas high bounce models inspire confidence from sand and deep rough allowing aggressive attack even on buried shots. Having access to such specialized grinds ensures confident ball striking regardless of lie or exact yardage.

There are a few alternative grind options, including the high bounce W grind that comes in 58-and 60-degree options. The W grind delivers consistent performance from the sand and deep rough and helped me increase spin via the new Spin Tread grooves.

I found that this degree of precision with the MG4’s standard bounce profile gives low handicappers the tools to master greenside feel and trajectory while eliminating extra strokes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 Wedge Compare to Previous MG Versions?

Building on the sole grind that made Milled Grind wedges trusted options for tour players, the MG4 takes shape innovations a step further for more versatility and consistency.

The compact profile easily aligns shots while maintaining a precisely rounded edge optimized for clean contact.

Compared to its predecessors, especially the MG3, the TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 wedge maintains a complex feel with exceptional stopping power via the raw face, through the entire swing, not just with fuller shots.

From a smooth feel with finesse to penetrating flight on aggressive attacks, the MG4 golf club presents the most balanced MG performance across even wet conditions, requiring noticeably fewer adjustments while gapping wedges accurately.

Who Should Play The TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 Wedges?

With balanced weighting that caters to a player’s complete game around the greens, the Milled Grind 4 presents an elite wedge option appealing across a wide range of players and handicaps, although I feel it will deliver the best results for low handicappers.

That said, I think beginning amateurs can appreciate the enhanced forgiveness of this golf wedge with exciting low bounce, standard bounce, and high bounce options that inspire confidence while crisply striking shots more consistently.

Mid handicappers get high-spin playability on finesse shots with a sole grind that maintains versatility from bunkers through tight lies. Better players and tour pros have already gravitated to the MG4 for its shotmaking control and seamless turf interaction from any lie.

The Milled Grind 4 makes an exceptional choice, no matter your handicap or preferred shot shape, given its blend of forgiveness, playability, and performance.

What’s the Taylor Made Milled Grind 4 Tiger Woods Grind?

Over the last few iterations of the Milled Grind wedge, TaylorMade has included a Tiger Woods Grind model for golfers who want the same specs as the 15-time major winner.

The specs for the TW Grind remain the same as the standard MG4 wedge but with a few slight adjustments to the premium pieces of short-game golf equipment.

For Tiger’s version of the MG4 wedges, he utilizes a 56-degree wedge with a dual sole that delivers heavy heel relief.

His lob wedge, or 60-degree option, provides an extremely high bounce on the leading edge with a shaved heel. The unique setup of the TW grind allows players to open the face on flop shots but perform exceptionally well when facing a tight lie for full shots.

The grind options for Tiger’s wedge deliver more versatility to highly skilled players on the golf course while providing the same maximum spin and exceptional performance in wet conditions as the standard MG4 wedge.

What Do Other Golfers Think?

The MG4 wedge garnered 128 reviews from respondents on the PGA Tour Superstore website. 117 of the reviews gave the TaylorMade MG4 wedges a perfect score.

Collectively, the reviewers gave the MG 4 wedge a 4.8/5-star rating.

On the TaylorMade website, 193 out of 208 reviewers gave the new Milled Grind 4 wedges a perfect 5 out of 5-star rating.

What Golfers Like

  • Multiple bounce and sole grinds to choose from
  • Milled sole delivers premium turf interaction
  • High launch angle on full shots
  • Can generate spin from any lie or situation
  • Consistent feel with nice forgiveness on off-center strikes

What Golfers Don’t Like

  • Higher price point
  • Compact shape makes the hitting area smaller
  • Missing Hi-Toe option like previous Milled Grind wedges

Our Verdict

While testing the club for this TaylorMade MG4 Wedge review, I found the new refined head shape caters confidently to full and finesse swings.

I regularly found the sweet spot more inviting than previous MG models on all-out attack shots, great for scoring more birdies.

But limiting those aggressive swings brought out the wedge’s winning blend of better control and more exacting precision.

For amateur golfers seeking advanced spin and short-game shotmaking solutions, the TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 Wedge brings a uniquely confidence-inspiring look coupled with technologies proven to conquer greenside challenges by maximizing backspin and minimizing miss-hits.