Mizuno T24 Wedge Review (Our Honest Feedback After Testing)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated December 4, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

The new Mizuno T24 wedges are the latest offering in the company’s acclaimed line of forged wedges aimed at low to mid-handicap players seeking excellent feel and versatile shot-making ability.

As expected from Mizuno, the T24 wedges feature classic and elegant shapes combined with industry-leading forging techniques to produce a softer feel with more spin throughout the bag.

In this Mizuno T24 Wedge review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the technologies incorporated into these beautifully made wedges and how they translate into performance on the course.

Mizuno T24 Wedge

Best High Spin Wedge for Low Handicappers

Mizuno T24 Soft White Satin | 52 Degrees / 10 Bounce | LH/Steel/Wedge
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  • Loft: 46°-60°
  • Lie: 63°
  • Shaft Length: 35.25″-35.5″
  • Swing Weight: D4, D5


  • Total spin control on full shots
  • Wide hitting area delivers exceptional feel
  • Perform great around the greens


  • Golfers might want a firmer feel
  • Overwhelming amount of grinds to choose from

Mizuno T24 Wedge Features

mizuno t24 wedge

QuadCut+ Grooves

The Mizuno T24 wedges incorporate QuadCut+ Grooves for maximum spin and control.

These uniquely designed groove systems utilize gradually decreasing widths from a broader groove in the lower portion of the face to a narrower groove higher on the face for optimized performance based on impact location.

Each strategically placed groove creates four distinct configurations tailored to typical impact patterns. Combined with a corrugated face texture, the QuadCut+ groove system provides up to 30% more grooves versus previous Mizuno wedge designs.

This boost translates into added friction, more rotation, and precision, especially from challenging lies in the rough and longer grass around greens.

Five Sole Grinds

With five sole grind options (S-grind, D-grind, C-grind, V-grind, and X-grind), Mizuno covers all the bases for your around-the-green preferences.

If you love a high-bounce wedge, the Mizuno T24 wedge has options (V-grind) that provide trailing edge relief in both aggressive and moderate relief options.

If you’d rather carry a firmer leading edge, Mizuno has you covered, as the D-grind offers mid-bounce with moderate heel relief.

HydroFlow Micro Grooves

Along with the QuadCut+ system, Mizuno has included their water-repelling HydroFlow micro-grooves to improve performance when dealing with wet conditions.

These new wedges are some of the best on the market for pushing water out of the channel to offer better contact on full shots, plus versatility when looking to pull off different shot types.

Spin Weighted Blade Design

The Mizuno T24 wedge design places weight towards the upper toe section to boost stability and forgiveness on off-center hits. Mizuno engineered the Weighted Blade to reposition mass to the perimeter rather than concentrating it low in the blade.

This innovation maintains the elegant teardrop shape while improving performance on miss-hits high or low on the clubface.

More stability retains ball speed to keep RPM rates high and minimize distance loss when contact strays from the center sweet spot.

What are the three finishes of the Mizuno T24 wedge?

Soft White Satin

The Soft White Satin finish is the most traditional of the three options. With a soft copper underlay, this Mizuno finish remains the most popular model of the T24 for casual players.

The classic-looking wedge integrates well with the current irons in your golf bag for complete club symmetry.

Denim Copper Cobalt

The Denim Copper finish offers a stunning alternative to the traditional chrome look of the Mizuno T24 wedge.

The copper looks brushed at first glance, giving the wedge a mature, sophisticated appearance that you’d typically find on the highest-priced wedges on the market.

Tour Raw

It’s worth noting the Tour Raw finish isn’t as brilliant as the White Satin, but its subtlety provides a terrific appearance in your golf bag.

Made to rust over time, the raw sweet spot imparts more rotation and versatility on full shots, helping advanced players get more versatility from their short game.

Our In-Depth Mizuno T24 Wedge Review

Mizuno wedges have long been a favorite on the PGA Tour and with weekend warriors. The wedges are well-made and exceptionally sturdy when held at address.

Some players hold their unique shape against them, but they are missing out on some of the best wedges produced this side of those stamped with the Vokey Design logo.

Over a few weeks, I was fortunate to test the new Mizuno T24 wedges for this Mizuno T24 wedge review.

Not only did I get time with their different grinds, but I also played with their lower-lofted wedges and higher-lofted wedges from various lies and distances around the green.

Here are my thoughts after spending time with one of the more unique pieces of golf equipment around.

Feel and Sound

When it comes to feel, I love the firmness of the Mizuno T24 wedges.

I know that a small percentage of amateurs don’t like the weightiness of these wedges, but I like playing with low to moderate bounce from the fairway so I can impart high rotation on my approach shots into the green.

Luckily for me, a couple of grinds are available in the Mizuno T24 line that deliver the shot types I need to succeed.

Even on strikes that leaked toward the toe, the Mizuno T24 kept straighter lines on balls heading into the greens. The versatility and forgiveness help provide an extremely pure feel, no matter where I’m on the course.

On the subject of sound, there’s nothing thin about the noise at impact. The Mizuno T24 wedge provides a full-throated punch against the golf ball, making it one of the more pleasing impact sounds I’ve recorded with a wedge recently.

Spin Control

The new Mizuno T24 wedge delivers impressive control for shots near the green.

As an amateur golfer still developing consistency inside 100 yards, I need a scoring club to stop shots on demand. After testing, I’m convinced the T24 wedge provides the elite-level traction I’ve been missing around the putting surface.

One of the most significant advancements of the Mizuno T24 wedge is the inclusion of loft-specific grooves.

On lower lofted wedges, you get more grooves to help control complete swing attempts. The opposite is true on higher lofted wedges designed for half-wedge swings and partial shot types.

Mizuno engineers maximized the grain flow for these clubs for an ultra-soft forged feel at impact.

More importantly, the new grain flow design generated substantially more friction against the ball, especially with the higher bounce Mizuno T24 wedge models, to boost my backspin rates over 200 rpm compared to other wedges I’ve carried in my bag.

Additionally, I noticed the stabilized center of gravity keeps my ball flight tight and precise even when I miss the center of the face.

A modified teardrop profile shifts extra weight toward the toe section to focus the sweet spot where I need it most, right in the middle of the face. From deep rough lies to greenside bunkers, the Mizuno T24 wedge delivers the pinpoint control my needs close to the cup.


After rigorous on-course testing, I’m convinced the Mizuno T24 wedge is an elite-level scoring weapon. The forged feel is incredibly pure, while the quad nickel steel face generates substantial friction for better spin rates.

Finesse shots around the greens check-up quickly thanks to the stabilized center of gravity.

Thanks to the modified sole grind, I noticed cleaner turf interaction from various lies. With versatile shot-making from any position or distance, the Mizuno T24 wedge boosted my game consistency around the greens.

For amateurs demanding pinpoint precision inside 100 yards, the playability and technology of the T24 wedge deliver in all areas.

What Do Other Golfers Think?

On PGA Tour Superstore’s website, the Denim Copper version of the T24 wedge holds a perfect five-star rating average from three respondents.

What Golfers Like

  • Soft feel at impact with fantastic feedback
  • Versatile grind options deliver efficiency from different lies and wet conditions
  • Premium spin control inspires confidence in attacking pins
  • Advanced players prefer the wedge’s clean and classic shaping
  • Thinner topline provides a forged appearance and feel

What Golfers Don’t Like

  • The price tag is relatively high compared to other wedges
  • The soft white satin finish can show wear marks fairly quickly
  • The feel may be almost too soft for some players

Our Verdict

Mizuno continues to demonstrate master craftsmanship and intelligent technology blended to create the T24 wedges for low- and mid-handicap players.

With a soft feel, versatile grind options to handle any shot or lie, and a sharp groove system to spin the ball consistently, the Mizuno T24 wedges are premium forged wedges designed for superior control on approaches under 100 yards.

Their clean looks, balanced feel, and rounded shapes make these wedges as gorgeous as they are capable.

With expanded options to fit moderate swing speeds and aggressive angles of attack, Mizuno has produced yet another forged wedge suitable for good players seeking precision and artistry through every aspect of their short game.

For the dedicated golfer seeking one of the purest playing experiences available, the Mizuno T24 deserves a close look.