7 Benefits of Utilizing Golf Tournament Software for Charity Events

Golf tournaments make great fundraisers, but there’s a lot of work involved in the planning and execution of a fundraising tournament.

That’s why successful golf tournaments generally hinge on the recruitment and action of a strong leadership team, as well as the implementation of the right tools. Utilizing golf tournament software will make your job easier and your team more effective. 

Here are seven major benefits of golf tournament software to help your business or nonprofit succeed in hosting a successful charity tournament.

Easily Track Fundraising Progress

One of the most important tasks of any golf tournament committee is to review fundraising progress leading up to a tournament.

How many golfers and foursomes are registered? How much money has been raised, and how much more is needed to reach your goals?

Having your financial activity (from event sponsorships, tournament registrations, dinner tickets, and product sales) available within your tournament platform makes tracking fundraising progress simple.

See how many registrations have been sold, how much sponsors have donated, and how much more is needed to accomplish fundraising goals with a few clicks. Then, print the reports and take them to your committee meetings for everyone to see.

Make More Sales

Golfer and foursome registration make up only part of the revenue for successful fundraising tournaments. Think about ways that you can bring in more with each registration and include these options right on your tournament registration page. 

Here are some ideas for additional revenue streams that can be included on your tournament website:

  •  Raffle ticket sales 
  • An online auction
  • Golf merchandise sales
  • Golf contest ticket sales – Hole in One, Beat the Pro, and Closest to the Pin 
  • Extra drink tickets or dinner-only tickets (for spouses or non-golfers)  

Sales reporting allows for analysis of how much sponsorship and accessory sales contribute to the fundraising goal. This is key for future event planning.

Provide Consistent Event Branding

Your organization or business’s branding is important; it’s how your constituents recognize you.

Good branding and marketing practices can set you apart and contribute to the overall success of your golf tournament. So be sure that you’re sending the right, unified message with all of your communications.

DoJiggy’s golf tournament software makes this easy, as you have a one-stop hub for everything related to your tournament.

Be sure your golf website allows for customization of a color scheme, logos, and graphics so that the tournament website looks like it was made for your organization.

As you add event pages and information, ticket types, donation tiers, or other fundraising options to your event, the appearance should always be clean and professional – and represent your brand.

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Offer Secure Credit Card Processing

Golfers and sponsors trust that when they register on your website, their sensitive information is protected with the highest regard.

Trustworthy golf tournament software assures that every transaction comes with the highest security standards in credit card processing. But what does this mean for your business or organization? How does online security work?

Securing a website means that SSL certificates are installed to ensure that data transmitted over the internet is encrypted; this practice minimizes security breaches.

Another important feature is PCI compliance, which means that the tournament software complies with leading security-industry standards for credit card processing.

A security breach is the last thing your organization needs and would tarnish your organization’s reputation considerably. 

Send Easy, Professional Email Communications

Having the right golf tournament software platform means being able to easily communicate with all of the parties involved in your event without having to hassle with sifting through your email address book or forgetting to communicate with some of your golfers or volunteers.

Last-minute tournament changes or rain delays? No problem, send an email from within the tournament platform to your team captains, registrants, golf sponsors, and volunteers. 

Streamline Volunteer Management

One of the vital steps of tournament planning is coordinating the logistics and tasks behind the event day.

To keep costs low, many of these tasks require volunteers. With the help of golf tournament software, this means having a tool to register and communicate with your volunteers.

Streamlining the fine details, such as volunteer contact information and task assignments, means that the information is at your fingertips for future events. This simplifies planning a recurring annual event.

Simplify Reporting and Tournament Analysis

Utilizing robust fundraising event software means that you can generate reports that provide dynamic information on reaching your fundraising goal as well as effectively evaluate the success of your fundraising post-event.

Since all of your golf and product sales, as well as sponsorship reports, are streamlined in the software, they can help your team understand some important event information.

Access to reporting will help with growing the list of attendees, exceeding past fundraising goals, and sustaining a healthy growth of golfers from year to year.

Even when your organization or team expands or changes, there won’t be any difficulty digging for past tournament financial and participant details.


Golf tournament software provides many benefits to tournament organizers. Using a golf platform can make your job easier and your team more effective, streamlining everything from player registration to scoring and overall event management.

Guest Bio

Lisa Bennett is the Sales and Marketing Director at DoJiggy. Since 2003, DoJiggy has hosted thousands of fundraising golf tournaments for nonprofits, churches, schools, and businesses. The DoJiggy fundraising platform powers online and peer to peer fundraising, including charity auctions and raffles, event ticketing and donation campaigns.