Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons Review

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated June 20, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

The Callaway Mavrik Pro irons offer strong lofts to increase distance and improve ball flight. Ideal for single-digit handicappers, the irons also utilize Artificial Intelligence to maximize ball speed across the entire hitting area.

The Mavrik range of Pro irons also provides smooth turf interaction that promotes ball-first striking that generates high spin rates to help you hold more greens without that dreaded rollout.

The irons also feature minimal offset and a compact shape to help improve your launch and give you that steep landing angle that provides total shot-stopping power.

In this Callaway Mavrik Pro irons review, I’ll look deeper into what makes these irons so successful and how golfers can benefit from placing them in their golf bag.

Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons Review

Outstanding Players Iron Set for Low Handicappers

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Pro Iron Set
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Specs (4-PW)

  • Loft: 21°-43°
  • Lie: 60.5°-63.5°
  • Length: 35.75″-38.5″
  • Weight: D3 (steel), D1 (graphite)


  • Flash Face Cup technology increases ball speed across the sweet spot
  • Optimum launch with workability
  • Outstanding feel and responsiveness, even on off-center strikes
  • Consistent distance with penetrating flight


  • Ideal for only low handicappers
  • Wider sole than blades minimizes crisp contact for advanced players

Stock Information

The Callaway Mavrik Pro irons are available with True Temper Elevate 105 Steel shafts in regular, stiff, and x-stiff flex. The True Temper steel shafts offer low-mid torque with a mid-high kickpoint. The shaft weight for the Elevate 105 is rated as D3.

Callaway placed the KBS Graphite 90 model in the Mavrik Pro irons for graphite shafts. Available in regular and stiff flex, the swing weight rates as D1 with low-mid torque and mid-high kickpoint.

Callaway’s most common club combination for the Mavrik Pros is a 4-iron through pitching wedge. The company does offer an additional 3-iron and A-wedge for those golfers looking to round out the set.

The stock grip for the Mavrik Pro irons is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360. One of the most popular grips on the PGA Tour, the Tour Velvet 360 offers first-rate tackiness with a 60-round reliability grade.

Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons Features

Flash Face Cup

This unique face design feature from Callaway uses A.I. technology to improve the launch, spin, and trajectory of each Mavrik Pro club in the set. Although you’ll find the Flash Face feature prevalent in Callaway’s game-improvement irons, the Mavrik Pro utilize a thinner topline to take full advantage of the Flash Face to create better shotmaking with tighter dispersion.

Tungsten Energy Core

The custom Tungsten-infused weights in each Mavrik Pro iron offers a progressive loft that Callaway feels “sets industry-leading ball speeds.” The tungsten weighting, positioned low in the head, provides precision with spin, helping you confidently hit your target areas.

The weighting also helps optimize launch and flight with player-preferred trajectory when using the long irons.

Urethane Microspheres

Callaway implemented their Urethane Microspheres to dampen vibration and improve overall feel at impact. The microspheres also help increase flexibility across the entire hitting area to boost ball speed.

Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons In-Depth Review


These irons keep the shape, design, and general appearance of the standard Mavrik and Mavrik Max irons. The Pro model removes the color from the cavity of the club head, keeping the color scheme black and silver, while the other versions include a stripe of orange in the design.

Overall, I feel the design of the Mavrik Pro irons is quite underwhelming. They don’t have the smooth dazzle of the classic P790 and P770 iron sets from TaylorMade, nor do they come close to matching the stunning Ping forged iron sets recently released.

If they had ditched the ribbed ridges along the back of the head, the Mavrik Pro irons would look cleaner and, by extension, more professional for advanced golfers. But as it stands, the appearance is the least likable thing about these premium irons.


While I must admit that the appearance left a bit to be desired, the feel of the Callaway Mavrik Pro irons certainly grabbed my attention on my very first swing.

Sometimes, a forged iron can feel stiff and rigid at impact, but that wasn’t the case with the Mavrik Pro irons. With the flatter lie angle, the face stays low through the impact zone to meet the ball squarely.

And when you hit it flush on the sweet spot, you feel it. And that feeling keeps bringing you back to these clubs. The Callaway Mavrik Pro irons also offer outstanding responsiveness, helping give the feedback you need to adjust when using the long and shorter scoring clubs.

If you struggle with consistent contact, the Mavrik Pros don’t offer much forgiveness, but the feel of these off-center strikes remains true.


Since the Mavrik Pro iron carries a slender build, the sound remains relatively light, even at impact. These Mavrik irons aren’t burdened with a clunky club head that makes a thud as you strike the ball. Instead, the face moves through the impact zone with velocity to generate that crisp sound.

While all golfers want that professional sound at impact, most would admit that they don’t want their irons to sound heavy when striking their shot. If that’s a worry for you, rest assured that the Mavrik Pro irons won’t make that mistake and weigh down your intermediate game.


While evaluating these clubs for my Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons review, I looked at how the clubs produced distance, spin, and trajectory with the naked eye.

I first took these specific Callaway Mavrik irons to the driving range to get a sense of how the clubs played in the wild. I was encouraged by how responsive the Callaway Mavrik Pro irons are when hitting off the grass. The interaction was crisp and clean, and I got the trajectory I hoped for with each strike.

Some forged sets can produce too much spin, shooting the shot higher and killing the distance and control you need from the fairway or light rough. But that’s not the case with the Mavrik Pro set. Instead, the spin stays well within range, helping keep your dispersion tight and along your target line.

I enjoy a mid-range flight that ascends and then comes down with a steep landing angle that helps me hold greens. After a dozen swings, I found the Mavrik Pro irons delivered those specific results with the accuracy I expect from a forged iron.

When I got the Callaway Mavrik Pro irons to the Trackman, the incredible ball speed was the first thing that jumped out. As we all know, speed translates to extra distance, and as a bonus, I found in some instances that I hit these irons a club longer than my current players’ irons.

After a few dozen swings with these irons on the popular launch monitor, I found these players’ irons deliver the speed and precision of forged iron with a thinner topline and minimal offset to improve turf interaction. The results were also actionable as the average distances stayed relatively tight to help me choose the right club regardless of the situation on the course.

Callaway Golf provides the option of playing with first-rate KBS graphite shafts that offer a significant boost to distance and spin rates if you want to get a little more swing speed from these advanced golf clubs.

What do other golfers think?

The Callaway Mavrik Pro irons earned a Gold Medal on the Golf Digest 2020 Hot List. Amazon reviewers gave the irons a 4.5/5-star rating on average. With the 36 reviews for the set, respondents gave the collection a perfect 5 stars 74% of the time.

What Golfers Like

  • Incredibly fast ball speeds
  • Extraordinary precision with high-grade workability
  • Excellent for skilled golfers that want total control
  • Optimal launch with steep landing angle to hold greens

What Golfers Don’t Like

  • Compact head shape requires precise ball striking
  • Lacks the forgiveness of game-improvement irons


The Callaway Mavrik Pro irons offer the best performance of the Mavrik line, surpassing the Mavrik Max and standard Mavrik irons in distance, spin, and trajectory. Although slightly smaller than its Mavrik brothers, the Mavrik Pro delivers consistent iron play with low spin from its longer irons and a high, tall arc with short irons.

When it comes to pure feel, there’s nothing but praise. This players’ iron removed unwanted vibration and offered a significant responsiveness boost over comparable clubs of this type. I enjoyed how much control and unprecedented feel the short irons had in this set, helping me throw darts at the flag with impressive results.

The Mavrik Pros are undeniably silky with muscle to burn. Even on fat hits, where you hit the ground first, the iron continued to impress with its recovery distance.

If you are a single-digit handicapper looking for a cheaper alternative to top forged iron models, the Callaway Mavrik Pro produces the results you need to tighten up your mid-range game.