Vixa V12 Review: Can It Improve Your Game?

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated May 1, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

For advanced golfers, generating high ball speed with distance and accuracy is a must for iron play. Forged irons offer all of these characteristics plus a touch of forgiveness that can pretty much allow players to control the shape of their shots.

Great for use as a driver for inexperienced golfers, the Vixa V12 golf club offers a light graphite shaft, a high-grade steel clubface, and a stainless steel clubhead for maximum power. For a golfer struggling to lift the ball, the V12 offers the perfect loft for boosting launch.

Featuring outstanding performance, one of the best fairway woods for a high handicap is the Vixa V12 golf club.

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Vixa V12 Fairway Wood Review

Best Accuractcy Option

Vixa V12 Fairway Wood (Right, Graphite Shaft with Stainless Steel Clubface, Senior, 18.5)
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  • Increased launch for extended ball flight
  • Similar to 3-wood, the 14.5 degrees face angle provides easy lift
  • Compact, strong clubhead offers excellent alternative to drivers
  • Stainless steel clubface provides strength for players needing reliability

In our research for the Vixa V12 review, we took a long look at the range and golf course at how the club responds to a variety of situations. From the fairway, the V12 offers solid response and inviting feeling, while the wood helps get the shot away from the tee box with clean impact and accuracy.

The club does not power shots so much as it cleanly lifts and carries the shot toward its intended target, and while that might not be right for a low handicap golfer, beginners and higher handicappers will find plenty to love with this 3-wood-like club.

Overall, the driver-like product will not reinvent the game of advanced players, but it could definitely unlock the frustration that plagues higher handicappers and beginners. If you are looking to get to the next level, a club like the Vixa V12 can reduce the side spin that pushes shots off line, plus allow you to hit a goal of lower scores.

Features & Benefits

Key Feature #1: Improved Contact

Some golfers experience difficulties finding the ability to cleanly hit the ball. Behind the strength of the stainless steel clubface, the Vixa V12 Fairway Wood should right your wayward shots with the same carry you would find on a driver around this loft.

One of the biggest specifications that can help a golfer generate extended yardage with better control of the final shot result is the 14.5-degree loft. Equivalent to the face angle of a 3-wood, the 14.5 degree Vixa V12 can improve the accuracy and overall length of shots over a driver that the golfer routinely hits poorly.

Key Feature #2: High Launch

Utilizing the 14.5-degree face, these woods deliver solid weight to the impact zone to assist in boosting the launch of each shot. When you cannot routinely find the lower half of the ball at impact, your shot height will be lower, causing shorter shots with forward roll that you cannot control.

Well-made golf clubs, like the Vixa V12 golf club, also offer a rigid stainless steel face that helps power woods, such as this one, into creating a taller, more well-rounded shot arc that travels further and shortens the hole.

Key Feature #3: Tighter Shot Dispersion

All golfers want to control the shape and distance of their shots. A golf club, like the Vixa V12 Fairway Wood, allows the player to hit with authority and confidence that their shot will not travel far from its destination.

The product features just enough loft to push shots upward, delivering a tall arcing shot shape that reduces spin and provides incredible accuracy. As with most fairway woods, the Vixa golf club uses a rounded sole to prevent snagging into the turf and minimize twisting for a square face at impact.

Key Feature #4: Low Profile with Large Sweet Spot

The Vixa V12 golf club offers a low profile that completes works inside the height of a golf ball. For a golfer that has difficulties when they hit the ball flush from the fairway or a tee, the V12 delivers outstanding contact performance, much like a top-shelf driver.

With 14.5 degrees in loft, the Vixa V12 golf club won’t allow you to reach maximum distances, but the smaller clubhead will increase accuracy and reduce the margin of error on each swing attempt.

As with most fairway woods, the ability to rely on a golf club to produce dependable shots can quickly help lift a golfer into the next level of handicap.

In-Depth Review


If there’s one petty complaint about the V12, it concerns the color scheme and look of the club. While the V12 delivers solid performance, the gold graphite shaft coupled with the red and black color scheme of the club head, does clash. Also red is hard to match with either a golf bag or via other golf clubs in your set. If you like color symmetry in your golf bag, you might find the Vixa V12 stands out, and not in the best way.

Also the sole of the club has a cheaper look that doesn’t scream first-rate brand, but with a club like this one, you are looking for performance over look.


When hitting the ball, the sound created by the Vixa V12 offers a clean impact that won’t turn you away from the club. Regardless of your swinging style or speed, the V12’s loft makes it quite simple to get the ball into the air.

If you are looking for an alternative to the modern drivers, the smaller nature of the V12 creates a pleasing sound to help you improve the confidence you carry onto the golf course or range when hitting the ball.


In our time with the V12 for this review, we were quite pleased with the feel at impact. These golf clubs offer easy swing speed for any level of player, allowing them to make shots that they cannot normally pull off from the fairway.

For golfers that have found success, they will begin to see either a fade or draw begin to form with their swing using the Vixa club. A great buy for golfers that crave feeling, the versatile Vixa V12 Fairway Wood delivers outstanding reliability and shotmaking.


With this category, the Vixa V12 shows its strength. If you are having difficulties with getting your driver to launch the ball, an alternative wood, like the V12, works by raising the loft degree to 14 to boost lift, while helping to improve carry and adding a golf club with more yardage to the set of golf clubs in your bag.

Along with its top-notch feeling, the Vixa V12 offers a low clubface that really allows the golfer to get under the ball. While a driver definitely offers the better “long” club for most golfers, an in-between model provides a low-cost option with a compact clubhead that works from either the tee box or from the grass of a fairway.

Questions & Answers

Is the GX-7 driver any good?

Similar to the Vixa V12, the GX-7 offers increased ball flight, extra distance, and greater ball speed off the tee box. The 14-degree wood offers a shallow clubface to help improve launch, allowing you to hit more fairways and add more yards with better consistency.

For mid handicappers looking to put more “long” in their long game, the GX-7 works better as a fairway wood. But for higher handicappers and beginners, the GX-7 might be the perfect club for taking their game to the next level and helping lower their overall average score.

Does the GX 7 driver work?

Yes, the GX-7 works well for golfers struggling to get the ball into the air and needing to add yards to their tee box game. The graphite-shafted wood, angled at 14 degree, comes in three different flex options including senior.

Very versatile from either the tee box or fairway, the GX-7 offers a rounded sole that smoothly moves over the grass and through the ball for increased consistency and tighter shot dispersion.

For the money, the GX-7 won’t provide a tour-level experience, but it will make you more accurate and offer a nice alternative to more sophisticated drivers that beginning golfers find difficult to master.

Alternatives to the Vixa V12

Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood

Best Overall Option

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood (Right Hand, Project X Evenflow Riptide 70G, Regular, 3 Wood)
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  • Incredibly long with powerful speed upon the golf balls
  • Long face with wide sweet spot for high ball speeds
  • Excellent shafts available for customized swing shape and speed

The Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood offers power, a lighter weight feeling during swinging, and first-rate design. The fairway wood features Jailbreak Technology, Flash Face Technology, and easy launch on each hit.

The best feature by far remains the Jailbreak Technology. Two stiff stainless steel clubface rods placed directly by the center of the sweet spot boost speeds making this one of the best woods for increasing yardage.

The golf club also offers several different options for degrees on the face, plus multiple shafts to choose from for players.

In comparison, with the exception of the similar face angle, the Mavrik and Vixa V12 are quite different. While the Vixa V12 golf club offers a smaller head, the Mavrik packs the punch of a driver. But the Vixa V12 club at a degree angle of 14.5 provides a slightly lower arc than the Mavrik.

A nice buy, the Callaway Mavrik golf club remains a terrific luxury product, worthy of its stellar reviews, due to its balanced weight and tremendous muscle.

TaylorMade SIM2 MAX Fairway Wood

Best Distance Option

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Steel Fairway Mens Right Hand Graphite Regular 3 Wood , Black/Light Grey
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  • Twist Face technology offers more forgiveness and low spin
  • V-Steel sole design boosts turf interaction for improved hitting quality
  • Increased swing speeds with first-rate graphite shaft

For increasing the yardage of your shotmaking, the TaylorMade SIM MAX 2 Fairway Wood delivers the yardage of a driver in a sophisticated package.

Features of the SIM MAX 2 includes the Twist Face Technology that offers forgiveness, the V-Steel Sole that increases turf interaction, and the Speed Pocket that supports the face and boosts shot speeds. All of these features are dynamic in design and performance, elevating the results of each shot with this golf club.

When comparing the two clubs, you’ll first notice that the SIM MAX 2 club offers a more pleasing experience. The name-brand club delivers a solid hit, much like their SIM MAX driver line. The Vixa V12 does have a smaller clubhead and also features a lighter overall weight, making it more ideal for the budget-conscious player.

While most golfers would expect that a TaylorMade fairway wood outperforms a Vixa wood with a 3-wood face angle, if you are looking for luxury golf clubs for your bag, nothing beats the SIM MAX 2 at the moment.


For golfers that need help getting the ball into the air from the fairway, the Vixa V12 Fairway Wood will definitely improve their quality of contact. With a shallow club head that focuses impact behind the lower half of the ball, the V12 offers simple, high launch with a perfect arc.

Great for beginners and high handicappers, the Vixa V12 is available at an affordable price, making it a nice buy for golfers on a budget.

As one of the accurate fairway woods that provide enough proficiency to work from tee box or fairway, the Vixa V12 is worth checking out if you are looking to increase your swing speed and carry for more distance.