Mizuno ST200 Driver Review (Our Honest Feedback)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated May 6, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Mizuno ST200 Driver release date: February 2020

Mizuno’s ST200 line of drivers have exceeded expectations providing incredible exit velocity with outstanding distance and accuracy.

Adding yards to every drive, the ST200 offers low spin with straight line distance and predictability.

For the price, the ST200 driver delivers a tour-ready club that extends ball flight with increased ball speeds.

Along with the value, the driver’s feel and response, provided primarily by the sleek and rounded crown, allows golfers to easily produce the draw or fade their game requires.

With three drivers in the Mizuno ST200 series, golfers can find the perfect driver to shorten their second shots and reduce the size of the golf course. In this Mizuno ST200 Driver review, we’ll take a thorough look at its features.

Mizuno ST200 Driver

Best Driver for Consistency

Mizuno ST200 Driver, Right Hand, 10.5 Degree, Mid Launch, Stiff, Black
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  • Flatter lie angle helps advanced players control their drives
  • Redesigned head shape reduces drag for quicker path to golf ball
  • High-stability driver produces straight line distance and predictability
  • Standard ST200 offers 11.6 gram rear weight for deeper CG

Out of the three Mizuno ST200 Drivers, the ST200 remains the best model for players needing a neutral golf club. You won’t find movable weighting or draw-bias here.

Instead, the ST200 driver provides players with a top-tier weapon to attack the course.

While the Mizuno ST200 Driver may not offer the customization of the ST200G, for weekend warriors that want long and straight, the standard version of this driver cannot be beat.

A deep, low center of gravity offers higher launch over similar drivers for far-reaching carry that reduces the distance of entry shots into the green.

Mizuno’s flagship ST200 Driver model offers low spin off the tee, several shaft options that increase swing speeds, and a large 460cc head that stacks more yards onto every effort from the tee box.

Our In-Depth Mizuno ST200 Driver Review


With a shiny black finish, the Mizuno ST200 Driver certainly deserves its reputation for being one of the best-looking drivers on the market.

During our time with the ST200 Driver, we were quite impressed with how the driver looked in our golf bag.

Even with blue in its color scheme, the Mizuno ST200 Driver matches with a variety of common iron and wedge colors such as silver and chrome.

Although all three of the Mizuno ST200 Drivers look similar at address, the ST200 offers a simple, non-complicated look on the sole without the weighting the ST200X and ST200G carry on their frame.

Sound & Feel

On the range or course, the ST200 stands out with regard to feel, response, and sound. While you’ll certainly be blown away with the extra yards each drive experiences, the clean noise at impact won’t distract you or cause a wayward sensation.

With low vibration, the feel of this Mizuno club generates confidence with each swing you take from the tee box.

As you spend more time with the first of three Mizuno ST200 Drivers, you’ll certainly find that this particular club delivers outstanding response that provides the feedback you need at impact.


Out of the three Mizuno driver models in this line, the ST200 delivers the most consistent performance.

You won’t have to search for your swing each round with this club as its design, first-rate shaft, and tour-shaped head increase speed for more distance on each swing.

For fans of serious golf clubs, the ball flight and multiple yards gained with this driver are too hard to pass up, especially after our testing period concluded with the driver.

Mizuno continues to produce staggering golf equipment that delights and improves your skill set with confidence and power.

Mizuno ST200G Driver

Best Tour-Level Driver

Mizuno ST200G Driver, Right Hand, 9 Degree, Mid Launch, Stiff, Black
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  • Two movable sole weights creates customized shot shape
  • Exceptional sound offers clean feedback with terrific response
  • Beta Rich Forged Titanium face provides exceptional strength
  • Low to mid spin provides more reliability with better accuracy

Easily the most sophisticated driver in the Mizuno ST200 series, the Mizuno ST200G Driver offers golfers a first-rate club that delivers exceptional performance.

This model utilizes the beta rich forged titanium along the face for improved sound, wonderful feel, and maximizes the yards to each drive.

The highlight of the ST200G Driver is the dual rails along the Wave sole that support sliding weights. Each weight allows golfers to adjust the flight of the golf ball after impact. Each ST200G driver exudes confidence and sophistication.

Another outstanding feature, the loft sleeve, offers four degrees of adjustability helping flatten or raise the arc of the drive.

If you are in the market for a driver that creates a customized shot shape, the Mizuno ST200G Driver certainly offers the best option of the three drivers in this driver review.

In-Depth Review


When taking a look at the Mizuno ST200G Driver, the first thing you’ll notice is the dual sliding weights on the sole of the club.

While at address, the ST200G’s crown looks similar to the other two in the series, but the Wave sole of the G-model remains wholly unique and the main reason why professional golfers love this club.

As we wrote before, the head on all ST200 drivers are a bit flatter to improve lie angle and increase control.

At address, you won’t likely notice this slight difference, but you’ll certainly feel the difference with each swing, as the driver plays incredibly pure at impact.

Sound & Feel

Admittedly, the ST200G offers a slightly hollow sound at impact, but rest assured that does not impact the feel or performance.

If you are interested in that loud smack that some top-shelf drivers can provide, you won’t find it here with this driver, but frankly after a few swings, we did not complain about the adjustment to their ears.

While the driver certainly brings the ball speed, the feel and response are also second to none, rarely matched by other drivers we have previously offered reviews for this season.


For advanced golfers, such as low handicappers and mid handicappers looking to make the jump to the big time, the ST200G driver offers complete autonomy to create the shot shape and height they desire.

Fans of a draw or fade will find a lot to love here as the exceptional quality of impact remains high on our list of upgrades found with this outstanding golf club.

If you want ultimate adjustability, the Mizuno ST200G Driver remains the best of the trio of Mizuno ST200 drivers for its sliding weights, loft sleeve, and flattened crown that reduces drag for maximum swinging speed.

Mizuno ST200X Driver

Best Draw-Bias Driver

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  • 39g shaft helps increase swing speed
  • Rear weight boosts lift with lower, deeper CG
  • Loft sleeve adjustable by up to four degrees
  • Heel-bias weight helps produce draw bias for correcting slice

Of the three Mizuno ST200 Drivers, game-improvement golfers need to turn to the ST200X Driver.

Made with a draw bias in mind to fight off those annoying slices, the ST200X Driver delivers a high-quality shaft along with middle-range spin that helps create straight drives that find the fairway with high regularity.

Perhaps the best feature of the ST200X Driver is the heel-located weight that customizes the amount of draw bias on the head.

For golfers desperate to find consistency with their driver, the ST200X offers maximum forgiveness with the help of the weight. 

Also, the ST200X helps the inexperienced golfer with higher launch over the other two drivers in the Mizuno series. If you are struggling to find far-reaching carry, a driver like the Mizuno ST200X will certainly help you through that development period in your game.

In-Depth Review


As we’ve said before, the Mizuno ST200 Drivers are stunning at address. The sleek black finish along the crown is only disturbed by a small center indicator to help you align at address.

For golf clubs at this reduced price point, these Mizuno drivers are crisp, clean, and ferocious in your golf bag.

The face of the ST200X offers a wide silver sweet spot only spoiled by guidance lines to help with side spin. The shaft enters the head with the adjoining lofted sleeve to solidify the golf club.

Wonderfully designed, the ST200X remains a dynamic driver from Mizuno.

Sound & Feel

With a face that boasts material that is 17% stronger than previously used compounds, the Mizuno ST200X Driver delivers maximum power to the golf ball.

That strength translates into a solid, pleasing sound that produces staggering distance on each swing.

The rounded sole does a great job of sliding across the grass, never snagging, to produce that genuine Mizuno feel that beginning golfers need for their developing skills.

Along with the feel, the driver also produces wonderful response just like its predecessor, the Mizuno ST190. If you are quickly looking for a yards boost, the Mizuno ST200X will not let you down.


For golfers that just need a lifesaver to continue playing golf, the Mizuno ST200X can absolutely provide that assistance with its tour-ready shape, outstanding forgiveness, and high launch.

Listed at a very affordable cost, this driver from the Mizuno ST200 collection provides value on top of its razor sharp look and forgiving performance.

With the help of the rear weighting, this Mizuno driver lifts the ball with muscle for long carry that reaches new areas of the course, otherwise unexplored for beginning players and high handicappers.

During our testing, we were happy to find the ST200X is a first-rate draw-bias driver worthy of the Mizuno ST200 drivers family and this superb X-model will definitely win you over.

Mizuno ST200 Driver Review


With a sleek black finish, trimmed with chrome, the ST200 offers a professionally clean look in the golf bag.

Featuring rounded curves that help with aerodynamics, the ST200 Driver presents a tour-level appearance with the course performance to back it up.

Along the sole, the ST200 does appear busy with the adjustable loft sleeve, stationary weight, and Wave technology face, but the presentation carries the modern look of most drivers.

Sound & Feel

When evaluating the sound and feel of the ST200, we were pleased to find that the driver excelled in both categories.

At impact, the ST200 delivers a very solid feel that instills confidence. The sound is relatively appealing as well, with a non-distracting reverberation from the face.

Even on off-center strikes, where the golf ball sneaks out toward the toe, the driver does an admirable job of letting you know that you missed the sweet spot.


With regard to forgiveness, distance, and shot dispersion, the Mizuno ST200 offers advanced golfers a delightful alternative with a lower price point.

When looking at the driver from a distance perspective, the ST200 isn’t the longest driver on the market, but it certainly fits in the top half.

Utilizing a more sophisticated approach, the ST200 provides a terrific all-around experience, keeping the ball in the fairway with length and carry.


TaylorMade SIM2 MAX

Best Distance Driver

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver Mens Right Hand Graphite Stiff 9 Degree Ventus Blue
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  • Three different loft options running from 9-12 degrees
  • Looks great at address with lighter weight feel and clean face angle
  • Twist Face Technology keeps drives on target with maximum forgiveness

For generating distance, the TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX driver remains one of the best drivers on the market.

With increasing ball speed off the face, the SIM2 MAX offers adjustability with the loft sleeve, reducing or raising the face angle for boosted launch and taller shot height.

The SIM2 MAX delivers multiple features such as Twist Face Technology that reduces side spin, a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket that increases club head speed, and Split Mass Weighting for better balance through the impact zone.

When compared to the Mizuno ST200, the SIM2 MAX delivers comparable yardage with a cleaner sound.

Each driver is enjoyed by tour players with both forgiving drivers offering outstanding consistency off the tee.

Callaway Epic Max

Best Accuracy Driver

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver (Right-Handed, IM10 50G, Regular, 10.5 degrees) , Black
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  • Lighter weight driver with low spin with sleek, low-drag head
  • Adjustable weights and loft sleeve offers outstanding customization
  • A.I.-aided design provides exceptional forgiveness across the face

The Epic Max driver from Callaway stands up admirably to ST200’s performance.

Offering crisp ball contact, the Epic Max provides a host of features including the Flash Face Technology that increases shot speeds while keeping the shot along the target line.

Due to the weights, golfers can adjust the shape of their shots, aiding with a draw or fade. This first-rate club increases swinging speed, especially when you factor in the low drag club head.

Even with Callaway’s stock shaft, the Epic Max still creates staggering length with reliable accuracy. Great for advanced players, this Callaway driver creates wonderful ball speed with low spin for straight shotmaking.


A high-stability driver worth its weight in gold, the three Mizuno drivers of the ST200 series creates jaw-dropping ball speed with tight shot dispersion.

Even with the stock shaft, you’ll see the mid-low launch with low spin that the ST200 delivers with such authority.

Regardless of your handicap, the forgiving nature of the ST200, along with its outstanding length, provides a terrific, low-cost alternative to the high price options at the top of the market.

Criminally underrated, the Mizuno ST200 Driver produces increased swing speed off the high-grade titanium face, making it a delightful club for any golfer’s bag.