Cobra DarkSpeed Fairway Woods (My Honest Review)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated February 16, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Cobra’s DarkSpeed line of clubs recently released four different fairway woods, including the X model, made for most weekend warriors and amateur golfers. 

The X features an adjustable hosel, a rarity for modern fairway woods, allowing golfers to adjust their loft according to their preference.

Along with the adjustability, the DarkSpeed X offers a low profile that improves forgiveness and provides a broad sweet spot that powers the golf ball down the fairway with gusto.

But how does the DarkSpeed X Fairway play on the links, and will it fit your game?

I’ll answer these questions plus provide more information in my in-depth review of this lightning-fast fairway wood.

Cobra DarkSpeed X Fairway Wood

Best Cobra Fairway Wood for Mid Handicappers

Cobra Golf DARKSPEED X Fairway
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Specifications (4-PW)

  • Loft: 15°, 16.5°, 18°, 21°
  • Lie: 56.7°-58.2°
  • Shaft Length: 42”-43”
  • Flex: Regular, Stiff
  • Swing Weight: D1, D1.5

Shaft Type

  • UST LIN-Q M40X Blue 6 (Reg, Stiff, X-Stiff)
  • UST LIN-Q M40X Red 5 (A)
  • Grip Type: Lamkin Crossline Black/Silver
  • Price: $329.99


  • Adjustable hosel customizes loft setting
  • High launch with fast ball speed
  • Low CG creates tighter dispersion


  • No sliding weight
  • Lacks color or eye-catching design

In-Depth Cobra DarkSpeed X Fairway Wood Review

Cobra DarkSpeed X Fairway against the grass

How does the Cobra DarkSpeed X Fairway look?

The DarkSpeed X looks great. There’s not much color here, but the dark blue accents really contrast nicely with the matte black that encompasses the club head.

The low profile coupled with the larger club head provides a sleek, stylish look that’s more than appealing for a weekend warrior needing some panache in their golf bag.

There’s only one stationary weight in the rear of the sole, and while that might not look great, it does serve a purpose, so it’s forgivable. 

At address, there’s little contrast to help you find the center of the club face, other than a dark “C” indicator. I could have used something a bit more contrasting, especially when using the X Fairway on the tee box.

How does the Cobra DarkSpeed X Fairway feel?

The DarkSpeed X Fairway feels incredibly fast. I was able to reach high swing speeds with this club, helping me on both the tee and from the fairway gain impressive distance with high launch.

The golf ball absolutely jumps off the face from the sweet spot and even feels relatively solid on impact toward the toe.

The X delivers outstanding turf interaction, helping the club head smoothly move over the soil to help you hit the ball first.

Even when playing with the loft sleeve, the ball felt quick, and light came off the face of the X Fairway with a low, penetrating flight.

What handicap is best for the Cobra DarkSpeed X Fairway?

I really feel the DarkSpeed X is best for mid handicappers. It holds a neutral bias, unlike the draw-bias Max that offers workability, and it’s more forgiving and bigger than the tour-shaped LS model.

This design offers the best combination of features for what mid handicappers need from their fairway woods.

Most golfers need their fairway woods to be weapons off the tee box, and the DarkSpeed X certainly qualifies as a weapon for hitting more fairways, even if it comes at the cost of length.

A longer hitting area on the X, especially when compared to the smaller LS model, allows golfers to continue seeing benefits on off-center strikes.

How does the Cobra DarkSpeed X Fairway perform?

The DarkSpeed X Fairway certainly has earned its Gold Medal on Golf Digest’s 2024 Hot List. Not only is it incredibly fast, but the fairway wood also provides a tight dispersion and outstanding accuracy.

The X delivers premium forgiveness that keeps the shot relatively close to the target and fights against the side spin that creates slices or hooks.

I loved how light and free the DarkSpeed X feels on the golf course. I could really reach back for more power without worrying about hitting the golf ball far offline.

The DarkSpeed X offers golfers a top-tier fairway wood at a reasonable price, perfect for the mid handicapper who needs more distance and accuracy for their long-range game.

Cobra DarkSpeed Fairway Woods: Other Models

Cobra DarkSpeed LS Fairway Wood

Cobra Golf DarkSpeed LS Titanium Fairway
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Made for low handicappers, the LS version of the Darkspeed Fairway features tour-inspired shaping that promotes premium workability.

Available in three different versions, including a 3+ model that boasts a 13° loft and 55.7° lie, working much like the BRNR mini-driver from TaylorMade.

Other models include a traditional 3-wood and 5-wood with lofts of 14.5° and 17.5° respectively.

The shaft on these fairway woods comes from UST with their LIN-Q M40X White 7 in Stiff and X-Stiff flex options. The LS Fairway comes equipped with a Lamkin Crossline grip in black/silver.

Cobra DarkSpeed Max Fairway Wood

Cobra Golf DARKSPEED MAX Fairway
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For golfers looking for some slice correction, Cobra has tailored the DarkSpeed Max Fairway for your game.

The Max carries two adjustable weights, one in the back and one next to the hosel, to fine-tune your draw-bias settings.

It also comes with an oversized head to boost forgiveness and improve MOI to stabilize the club head through the impact zone.

The Max offers a profile emphasizing maximum accuracy and forgiveness with a high launch and mid-spin.

The Cobra DarkSpeed Max Fairway is available for golfers in a 3, 5, and 7-wood option. All three loft options are available in Lite, Regular, Stiff, and X-Stiff shaft flex.

Cobra DarkSpeed Max Women’s Fairway

DARKSPEED MAX Ladies Fairway
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For women golfers that need a draw-bias fairway wood, the Cobra DarkSpeed Max Women’s Fairway offers three different loft options running through a 3-wood to a 7-wood.

The fairway offers two adjustable stationary weights, creating several yards of slice correction.

Along the sole of the fairway wood, Cobra has given the design light blue accents to soften the overall appearance and make it more friendly to female golfers.

The DarkSpeed Max Women’s Fairway comes with the UST Helium Nanocore 4F1 with a C4 swing weight. With up to eight different loft settings, the wood offers up to 3 degrees of loft adjustment for the 3, 5, and 7-woods.

My Verdict

I really enjoyed how the X Fairway played on the links.

The club is light and agile from the fairway and accurate and powerful from the tee box. The dispersion remained tight, and I found moderate workability, especially when the ball was teed up.

The fairway wood remains best for mid and high handicappers, although high handicappers needing slice correction will find the DarkSpeed Max Fairway works best for their game.

Regardless of your handicap, the X produces lightning-fast ball speed that translates into outstanding results.

Delivering distance, launch, and extended carry, the DarkSpeed X remains one of the smoothest and strongest fairway woods on the market today.