Titleist TSR2 Driver Review (Our Honest Feedback)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated May 1, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Titleist TSR2 Driver release date: September 2022

Titleist’s driver for weekend warriors, the sleek, stylish TSR2, delivers across the board improvement from the TSi drivers, offering amateurs more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Along with a boost in ball flight and speed, the TSR2 driver also increases stability, helping you hit the fairway more frequently.

With an aerodynamic shape that reduces drag on the downswing, the TSR2 brings the muscle through higher swing speed along with the adjustable features that fine tune your shot shape to tighten your shot dispersion.

In this Titleist TSR2 Driver review, we’ll take a closer look at this exciting, first-rate driver and how it can revolutionize your game off the tee box.

Titleist TSR2 Driver

Best All-Around Driver for Mid Handicappers

Titleist TSR2 Driver Review


  • Variable face helps increase ball speed
  • Redesigned toe shape improves address look
  • Low, deep CG and boat tail head shape improve launch and carry
  • Lightweight feel with reduced drag for maximum swing speed


  • Lacks workability when compared to other TSR models
  • Offers higher ball flight than the TSR3 and TSR4

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The Titleist TSR2 Driver has exploded onto the scene, winning four of the first eight PGA Tour tournaments since its release to the public.

A contender for the best driver of the year, the TSR2 Driver offers an impressive mix of low spin, long distance, and pinpoint accuracy.

Ideal for mid handicappers, the TSR2 Driver delivers higher ball flight than its brothers, the TSR3 and TSR4 drivers, but that’s the intention.

While those drivers are for experienced golfers, the TSR2 has been tailored for the rest of us, those casual players that want a performance upgrade over our older driver.

Titleist TSR2 Driver Key Features

Titleist TSR2 Driver Key Features

Multi-Plateau VFT Technology

With the VFT technology, Titleist has built the face of the TSR2 from the inside, adding layer after layer of material to create an inward face that reduces side spin, making this one forgiving driver.

The VFT feature also works incredibly hard to maintain ball speed on strikes that work their way toward the toe or heel.

SureFit Adjustable Hosel

Offering 16 different loft and lie positions, the TSR2 is outfitted with the SureFit Adjustable Hosel.

If you love tinkering with your driver, the SureFit hosel provides exceptional performance allowing you to boost or minimize shot height with one twist of the screwdriver.

The hosel also offers more help if you want to reduce the effects of a slice. With more options to increase a draw shot shape, the TSR2 works great for mid handicappers that want to add a subtle draw to their game off the tee box.

Low CG with Rear Weight

Along the rear of the head, Titleist has placed a single stationary weight that deepens and lowers CG.

For golfers needing help with launch, the TSR2 delivers the perfect power and lift at impact. The weight helps extend carry so you can reach maximum length with every swing.

The weight also increases MOI to reduce twisting, helping golfers get the entire face back to the square position at impact. With improved stability, this TSR Driver offers cleaner contact than previous Titleist models.

Our In-Depth Titleist TSR2 Driver Review


Titleist has long been known for building drivers and fairway woods that offer a pleasing appearance, and we’re happy to report that the TSR2 continues the tradition.

With this driver, you won’t see any of the wild contrasting colors you might find with other top-tier manufacturers.

Instead, Titleist has draped the TSR2 Driver in black with light contrast along the sole.

With the exception of the “2” and a small ring on the rear weight colored in red, the majority of the driver head features a sleek black color that’s very appealing to the eye.

Along the top of the crown, Titleist has added a small TSR logo to indicate the center of the face. If you are a fan of the “less is more” design when it comes to center indicators, the TSR2 offers a minimal but very professional look.

When it comes to the appearance of all three TSR Titleist drivers, the only real difference lies in the look of the sole. With the TSR2 driver, you’ll find a solo rear weight with a small silver arrow along the center that is simply cosmetic.


We love a driver that crackles at impact, much like what you hear on the PGA Tour, and the craftsmanship of the Titleist TSR2 driver rewards golfers with a sound that will give your playing partners whiplash.

With the redesigned head, the Titleist TSR2 Driver moves effortlessly through any wind resistance, leaving a silent vapor trail in its wake.

But that low decibel swing sound gives way at impact, producing a sound that creates smiles all around your playing group.

If you are a hard swinger, be prepared because TSR2 sounds like a shotgun when it strikes the ball with the sweet spot.

And that’s a good thing because if you like drivers that ooze confidence with each blast, the TSR2 driver certainly provides some jaw-dropping results starting with that unmistakable sound.


Much like their TSR fairway woods, the drivers in this series, especially the TSR2 driver, offer incredible feel and responsiveness on the golf course.

The designers at Titleist wanted to increase speed by streamlining the head.

The good news is that they were successful without diminishing the overall feel of the driver at impact. So the lightweight feel of the TSR2 produces lightning quick speed without the vibration that afflicts lesser drivers.

While we were gathering data for our Titleist TSR2 Driver review, we frequently talked about how well the club responded when the golf ball hit the sweet spot.

The driver damped vibration, even on off-center strikes, enhances feel even more on this top-flight driver.

Even on off-center strikes, the excellent responsiveness immediately lets you know that you hit the toe or heel of the club, but the feel remained steady and solid, even in these less than ideal instances.

Out of the three TSR models we tested, we found that the feel of the TSR2 ranked best.

For mid handicappers looking to reach more fairways and add more consistency to their game when it comes to feel, the reliability of the TSR2 remains a viable, worthwhile choice.


What’s great about the performance of the TSR2 is that the driver remains very accessible to high handicappers.

If you are on the search for a first-rate driver that helps you reach the next level, the forgiveness and high launch of the Titleist TSR2 Driver will undoubtedly boost your overall distance.

During testing, our hardest hitters saw their smash factor jump above the magic number of 1.5 with the TSR2 driver.

If you are unfamiliar with the smash factor, the calculation divides your ball speed by the clubhead speed. For example, if you hit the ball around 150 mph with a clubhead speed of 100 mph, your smash factor is 1.5.

The top pros aim for a 1.5 smash factor and while that might not be obtainable for casual golfers, getting that number as close to 1.5 remains a goal that the Titleist TSR2 Driver can help you reach.

For pro golfers like Open Championship winner Cameron Smith, the TSR driver reduces the curve in his swing and provides more forgiveness on his misses, something we certainly echoed during our time with these drivers on the range and golf course.

If you are into modifications, Titleist can swap out stock shafts with premium shafts such as the HZRDUS Red CB, Tensei AV Blue, HZRDUS Black 4G, Tour Ad IZ, Tour AD DI, and Tour AD UB.

Also, you can replace the stock grip with the Golf Pride Z-Grip that’s popular among tour players. The Golf Pride grip provides solid tackiness that keeps the driver anchored in your hands during the entire swing.

In the end, did we mention how much fun this driver is to play?

Every golfer loves new toys and the redesigned Titleist TSR2 Driver certainly delivers a fun quotient that leaves you swinging these golf clubs until your hands are blistered.

But take it from us. You won’t care because the smile on your face will remain for many hours afterward.

Other Titleist TSR Driver Models

Titleist TSR3 Driver

Most Accurate Driver for Low Handicappers

Titleist TSR3 Driver 9 HRZDUS Black 60 Stiff
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  • Mid launch offers better accuracy
  • Low spin provides penetrating flight with plenty of carry
  • Outstanding consistency with tight shot dispersion


  • Emphasizes accuracy over distance

Titleist’s TSR3 driver offers complete ball speed consistency with maximum distance and nearly constant CT with impact from the marvelously accommodating hitting surface.

When it comes to feel and sound, the TSR3 delivers straight power to your hands and ears.

If you are a fan of drivers that bring the heat when it comes to sound at impact, the entire TSR series offers a muscular sound that instills confidence.

Titleist has installed a Speed Ring VFT Technology along the face of the TSR3. The ring utilizes patented conical variable face thickness to expand the sweet spot.

Simply put, the TSR3 greatly rewards most golfers, especially those who can strike the golf ball with repeatability in the center of the face.

Another cool feature is the SureFit Adjustable CG Track System, which offers five settings along the rear of the head to create the ideal shot shape for your drives.

If you are a fan of being able to craft your shot shape through your golf equipment, then the Titleist TSR3 provides the best adjustability in a current driver.

Ideal for advanced players, the TSR3 does offer more forgiveness than you’ll commonly see from elite drivers. And that correction off the face doesn’t come at the cost of distance.

The driver remains one of the longest we’ve tested in recent memory, especially when it comes to previous Titleist drivers.

Our Titleist TSR3 Driver Verdict

If you hit the ball consistently with the same shape and distance, the Titleist TSR3 offers the best performance of the three TSR drivers.

Accessible for mid handicappers ready to leap to the single-digit handicap level, the TSR3 provides total control over shot shape via the SureFit Adjustable CG Track System.

A dynamic driver worthy of its price tag, the Titleist TSR3 delivers a stunning performance that won’t disappoint.

Titleist TSR4 Driver

Best Distance Driver for Low Handicappers

Titleist TSR4 driver

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  • Offers the lowest spin out of the TSR series
  • Aggressive distance driver with extended carry distance
  • Compact head with low launch for total control


  • Provides less forgiveness than other TSR models

The Titleist TSR4 offers a tour-like experience for amateurs with improved aerodynamics, a smaller, more-compact club head that produces the lowest launch conditions of the Titleist TSR drivers.

During our testing, our best golfers with the lowest handicaps saw the most benefits from playing TSR4.

With a 430cc club head, the TSR4 offers the smallest crown in the TSR family that maximizes clubhead speed along with an ability to work the ball from side to side fairly easily for low handicappers.

Titleist has also placed a multi-plateau VFT face on the TSR4 giving the hitting area variable face thickness that maximizes distance.

While we won’t characterize the TSR4 as a “forgiving driver,” the hitting surface maintains ball speed and performance, no matter where the ball strikes.

What’s interesting about the TSR4 is the inclusion of adjustable spin control weighting. Along the front and back of the sole, Titleist has placed two interchangeable weights.

When the heavier weight is placed toward the face, the TSR4 increases forward CG to produce the lowest spin possible, giving you a low, heat-seeking drive that offers plenty of roll and total distance.

Titleist also includes their SureFit system with the TSR4, allowing players to adjust loft and face angle for optimized performance, making it the right driver to fit your game. The system works very well at providing you with a subtle shape adjustment.

Let’s say you want more draw with your drives. A few clicks of the hosel provide a nice, easy draw that finds the fairway often.

Our Titleist TSR4 Driver Verdict

Great for advanced golfers that want complete authority over their drives, the Titleist TSR4 offers outstanding workability.

While testing drivers, the TSR4 stood out among the other TSR models for its ability to craft the shot shape you want with outrageously good performance.

But heed this warning: If you are not an advanced player, this driver will be hard to deliver consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Titleist TSR2 a good driver?

During our testing, we concluded that the Titleist TSR2 Driver is one of the best drivers today and ideal for mid and high handicappers looking to increase their swing speed and distance.

Much like the TSR fairway wood line, the TSR drivers all create the results that can reduce the distance of entry shots into the green, helping you hit more short irons on your second shots to lower your overall scores.

Is the Titleist TSR2 forgiving?

Yes, the Titleist TSR2 Driver is very forgiving. During our evaluation period for the Titleist TSR2 Driver review, we maintained a high percentage of speed and accuracy on strikes that moved away from the center.

On strikes from the toe area, the TSR2 Driver reduced side spin, helping more drives find the outer fringes of the fairway. The high-grade forgiveness allows experienced golfers to reach back and swing harder to grab more distance without penalty.

Is the Titleist TSR2 adjustable?

Yes, the Titleist TSR2 Driver offers an adjustable hosel that can increase or decrease ball height and shape shots from left to right or right to left based on preference.

The hosel increases customized performance for the golfer by adding a new range of shot shaping to their overall game off the tee box.

How old is the Titleist TSR2 driver?

The Titleist TSR2 and the other Titleist drivers in the TSR series came out on September 23, 2022.

Our Titleist TSR2 Driver Verdict

During our time evaluating this club for the Titleist TSR2 Driver review, we were floored by its speed, forgiveness, and playability. Titleist has given the TSR2 more stability to help boost your swing speed and increase shot accuracy.

Along with high launch, the low CG placement also maximizes carry distance, helping you shorten the length of your entry shots into the green.

When finding a driver that can help lower scores for high and mid handicappers, the Titleist TSR2 Driver exceeds the previous Titleist TSi drivers and ranks atop the list alongside the TaylorMade Stealth (check our in-depth review) and Callaway Rogue ST Max.