ProSendr Training Aid Review

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated June 17, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

If you pay attention to the social media account of Rory McIlroy, chances are you’ve seen him use the ProSENDR training aid on the practice range.

The brainchild of David Woods and Sean Foley, two golf industry leaders in the coaching field, offers one of the best golf training aids I’ve ever seen.

The ProSENDR helps players get the right wrist extension on the backswing and puts the trail wrist in the proper position on the downswing.

Built for improved connection for all aspects of the swing, the ProSENDR also comes with a compression sphere that you can use to keep your arms connected during the takeaway and downswing.

In this ProSENDR review, I’ll explain why this device is such an incredible shallowing tool to help you increase the number of square strikes per round.

ProSENDR Training Aid

Best All-Around New Training Aid for Golfers


  • It helps create a flat left wrist on the backswing
  • Offers outstanding sensory feedback throughout the swing
  • A well-made device with premium construction
  • Provides exceptional video training for quick use


  • The wrist cradle might be too small for bigger players

ProSENDR’s Creators

David Woods
David Woods

Foley and Woods are the co-creators of the ProSENDR golf training aid. Masters of the golf swing, the coaching duo built the device to help amateurs understand ball striking with a first-person learning perspective.

David Woods

A golf instructor for over 25 years, David Woods, a certified PGA teaching professional, has a background in creating training aids while teaching players from around the country.

Woods holds the title of Director of Golf at The Vintage Club in Indian Wells, California, one of America’s most exclusive golf clubs.

Woods has coached top professional golfers alongside top CEOs from around the country. The coach also takes time to work with a few of the top junior players.

He holds endorsement partnerships with TaylorMade Golf, Peter Millar, Climbr, and Therabody.

Sean Foley

Foley’s claim to fame was coaching Tiger Woods for several years in the early 2010s. Although Foley was coaching several top-ranked golfers at the time, Woods and his coach parted ways in 2014.

The Orlando native currently coaches Cameron Champ, a three-time winner on the PGA Tour, Sam Horsfield, a three-time winner on the DP World Tour, and several other golfers on the LPGA and PGA Tour.

Foley has continued making himself available to amateurs and was recently awarded a place on the list of the 50 Best Teachers in America by Golf Digest.

Unboxing the ProSENDR

prosendr box

Here’s what you get in the ProSENDR box:

  • ProSendr Device
  • Attachable Wrist Compression Sphere
  • Velcro Wrist Aid
  • QR Code for Practice Videos

The ProSENDR packaging gives you a precursor of the quality that you’re in store for once you open the box. I was highly impressed by the packaging and quality of the products within. You aren’t getting a cheap, flimsy collection of training aids with the ProSENDR.

The actual ProSENDR device offers sturdy construction with a composite wrist cradle that does a great job of holding the aid in place on your trail wrist.

The velcro wrist sleeve attaches the ProSENDR to the area above your hand and also provides a broad surface that the attachable connection sphere can connect when using it with your full swing practice.

The compression sphere isn’t rigid as the designers made the device with a rubber composite to move quickly with your wrists and arms during the swing.

Overall, the quality of all three devices is top-notch, something you’d expect with the higher price tag.

Video Protocols

With your purchase of the ProSENDR, you get access to several videos to help you get instructions on using this exceptional golf training aid properly.

Woods and Foley take you through the finer details of the ProSENDR with videos on the takeaway, backswing, transition, impact, and finish. The two golf industry leaders also created an instructional video delivering golf tips on correctly using the compression sphere.

ProSENDR users can also purchase an advanced protocols video that claims to work on the accelerated motor skills of the swing.

The first five Protocol videos are short in length, offering quick, concise instructions to help you correctly use the ProSENDR device during your practice session.

Woods and Foley walk you through all aspects of the golf swing, teaching you how the golf club works with the ProSENDR.

5 Ways the ProSENDR Helps Your Swing

golfer using prosendr

1. You are in charge of your improvement

Most training aids that work on the golf swing don’t give you the instruction to work on your own, but the ProSENDR is quite different.

First, the device remains relatively easy to use, and after you watch the Protocol videos, you’ll have all you need to get your hands in a great position to hit better shots.

Within 20 minutes of opening the box, I watched the videos, attached the ProSENDR to my wrist, and started working on my swing.

And that’s my recommendation to any device user, take time to understand how the ProSENDR should feel and be used before you hit a single ball.

The device promises to give you pro-level wrist conditions on the takeaway, backswing, and downswing. And the quicker you learn and understand this positioning, the faster you’ll find these promised benefits from the ProSENDR device.

After you spend time with the ProSENDR, you’ll want to start integrating the compression sphere into your workouts. It’s incredibly easy to detach the ProSENDR from the velcro sleeve, then use the sphere with the sleeve to make full swings on the range.

If you are looking for a device that can put you in charge of your swing development, you’ll struggle to find a better aid than the ProSENDR.

2. Gets the left wrist in the correct position on backswing

If you’ve watched professionals on any tour, the left wrist stays flat at the top of the backswing, something the ProSENDR delivers every time by placing your wrists and hands in the right position for a pro-level swing.

Players make it challenging to return the club face to square by bowing or cupping the wrist on the backswing.

The trail hand nestles snugly against the interior of the ProSENDR to provide that physical feedback at the top of the swing but also helps minimize radial deviation.

By keeping the wrists in check on the backswing, players can stay connected throughout the rotational structure of the downswing.

That’s the biggest reason the ProSENDR was created, to help players get flat wrist extension as the iron or driver gets to the highest point of the backswing.

3. Places club on the correct path on downswing

Too many amateurs fail to understand how getting the iron into the correct position on the backswing determines the quality of the downswing.

The ProSENDR places your right hand in the perfect position to help flatten the left wrist. Getting your hands in the right position can bring the club face back to square on the transition more regularly.

With a bowed or cupped wrist, players tend to get the iron too high on the backswing. This position leads to a steep downswing that causes erratic contact with the golf ball.

But the ProSENDR’s ability to get a flat left wrist makes it quite simple to shallow the iron to make a complete rotation on the downswing that compresses the ball with authority.

4. Gets hands ahead of the club head on downswing

What I love most about the ProSENDR is not the work it does on the backswing but how it helps train your trail wrist and hand as it brings the face back to the golf ball.

By guiding the hands to get ahead of the head, you create that compression that a golfer needs to power the ball skyward.

By getting the ProSENDR’s guided feedback on the downswing, you’ll feel the trailing center of the iron’s head as it makes a pro-level downswing path to the ball. You’ll want to take time to work on repeating that feeling.

I suggest you first work on that move without the golf ball to get the feel and sensation of how the arms work with the rotating body.

After you understand how that move will feel, begin working full shots into your practice.

And if you are wondering if the ProSENDR can help with your short game, I can attest that it will. I spent hours working on my pitch and chip shots with the ProSENDR helping keep my hands ahead of the ball at impact to control flight and trajectory.

5. Provides sensory touch learning perspective

The ProSENDR’s greatest gift is how it guides your trail hand throughout the swing, and you can feel it. Once you use the device for a few dozen swings, you can feel what it takes to create great ball striking.

If your hands are too fast on the downswing, your trail hand will separate from the ProSender, and you’ll hit a poor shot. By maintaining contact with the inside of the ProSENDR, you’ll feel it and see consistent results with your shot.

Also, when you get that sensory feedback over and over, you’ll better understand how the hands should feel as you bring the iron back to the golf ball.

The same holds with the connection sphere. Whether you use the sphere with the ProSENDR or without, it keeps your arms working together to create that pro-level swing shape we crave for our game.

If your connection falls apart with the sphere, you’ll immediately feel and see it with your shot’s poor results.

ProSENDR Training Aid Review

One of the biggest takeaways from spending time with the ProSENDR is how easy the device is to use on the range as you hit balls.

Most training aids take time to set up or implement, but that’s not the case with the ProSENDR. If you’re using it correctly, you’ll feel immediate feedback and see positive or negative results to help you adjust your swing.

The golf accessory is also extremely well constructed with high-quality materials that guarantee the ProSENDR will last many years.

Also, after I got the club slotted on the downswing, the ProSENDR helped me feel the pull of the trail hand path leading the club by providing a pro-level swing sensation.

The device works magic when helping to place your hands and the golf club handle ahead of the head to help you improve compression for crisper ball striking.

And that’s one of the biggest reasons the device succeeds: it tackles so many different areas of the swing. By allowing you to focus where you want to improve and then facilitating your development, the ProSENDR places you in the driving seat.

The device also works in every aspect of the game, although it makes the most significant strides with your irons and wedges. While I used the ProSENDR in my short game work, you’ll find the biggest improvements by getting a flattened wrist with your irons and driver.

ProSENDR Review: Our Verdict

The ProSENDR delivers on its promise to help you hit better shots. I have often struggled with consistently creating a flat left wrist at the top of my swing, and this training aid helped me gain consistency.

For amateurs, especially high handicappers, the ProSENDR first teaches how to get a flat left wrist, then how the right wrist extension works as they move the golf club into a full release pattern.

If you just judged the ProSENDR in those two areas, you’d find the device remains well worth your consideration.

What I love most about this new training device is its simplicity. If you like training aids that deliver rapid learning with immediate results, I can think of very few training aids that will help your game faster than the ProSendr.

With its recent adoption by Rory McIlroy, Cameron Smith, and other top PGA Tour players, the ProSendr is poised to become the most popular training aid on the market.