Top Golf Gifts for Father’s Day Gifts

While the men in your life are doing a deep dive into their March Madness brackets, you have plenty of free time to start searching for their perfect Father’s Day Gift

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the days of gifting dad socks and a tie are long gone. And to be honest, there is no excuse for giving a tired, old gift idea at this point in the game. With so many fun and unique options on the Web today, it’s time for you to win your Father’s Day gift!

Most dads love golf, and why wouldn’t they? With the hustle and bustle of his daily workday, coaching little league, taking in dance recitals, and just being an all-around great dad, he deserves a break every once in a while. 

And what better way to give him a few hours off than a day on the links?  Whether a golf trip brokering a business deal or a day out with his friends, let’s enhance dad’s golf day.    

Here are some great golf gift ideas that we’ve come across that will knock his socks off!  See what I did there?  When you see the look on his face as he opens the box with his cool golf gift…well, you’re welcome!     

Raise your hand if your dad is obsessed with golf!  What is it with a guy when he turns 40, as he transforms into a wanna-be Tiger Woods?  You really can’t go wrong with a personalized golf gift for dad.  Golf accessories range far and wide and most dads would be more than happy to be gifted something he can show off on the links.

This customized golf set is the ideal golf gift for Father’s Day!  A perfect blend of helping dad on and off the course.  The embroidered towel gives dad a chance to clean his clubs and golf ball.  The engraved divot tool is a perfect addition to the rest of his golf accessories.  And the Birdie Juice tumbler will keep him hydrated and get a laugh from his playing partners.  Dad will absolutely love this golf gift set!

Did you know a dirty club can impact the trajectory of the golf ball?  Well, there is no better way to keep your ball and golf clubs cleaner than with these lightweight, quick-drying, super absorbent, odor-fighting microfiber waffle towels! 

There is a good chance dad will probably slice it into the woods at some point, so keep him prepared with this embroidered golf towel.  Class up his golf bag with your choice of 4 vibrant colors: Black, Gray, Blue, and White.  Embroider the towel with his name and this becomes a classic, meaningful Father’s Day gift.

For all those majestic approach shots onto the green, dad is going to need a good divot tool.  How cool would it be for him to pull out a personalized divot tool a few times per round?  He can fix those divots with a smile on his face as he thinks of you!  

There are all types of divot tools, but why have a boring, old one?  Spice up dad’s golf game with an engraved tool or even better, one that comes with a clip for his cigar!  Some of the best divot tools come with a detachable personalized ball spotter.  Whichever you choose, he will love it because it’s coming from you!

There is no better way for dad to show off on the links than with a few animal golf headcovers.  Talk about a fun way to keep his clubs warm and clean!  Dad will love all of the varieties and colors as his clubs will stand out above them all. 

Choose from Tigers, Gofers, Dogs, Leprechauns, to even a John Daily Lion.  There are so many cool head covers to select from!  

Let me guess…you think the dad in your life has all of the golf accessories out there, so why bother, right?  WRONG!  Check out these fun golf socks.  Dad will be the stylish guy on the back nine with a pair of these colorful golf socks.  Warm and comfy is a good way to go through life, especially when you’re playing 18.  Treat dad to a pair for his big day!

Some dads prefer the 19th hole above all else.  At the end of a long round with good friends, where else would he rather be?  A tall glass of whiskey is the ideal way to kick back and end the day.  Dad had his “Me Time” so it’s time for him to wind down and prepare to head back to the nest.   

Imagine dad whipping out this set on the 4th of July or Memorial Day?  He’d be the stylish guy at the country club, for sure!  Let dad show off his true colors with pride with some great Red, White, and Blue golf accessories!  Dad will smile from ear to ear with USA pride when he gets a look at these.

I hope we gave you some good ideas for Father’s Day gift-giving.  Sure, you can stick with a shirt and tie combo, but why not get your golf-loving dad some cool items that will truly be meaningful and spark his big day?

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