Patrick Cantlay WITB 2023

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Patrick Cantlay has won eight PGA Tournaments, including the 2021 Tour Championship and Memorial Tournament.

Known as one of the best ball strikers of his generation, Patrick’s golf clubs have long been a source of fascination among amateurs. Patrick Cantlay’s bag leans heavily on his endorsement deal with Titleist, as the company’s clubs feature heavily during his rounds every year.

In this Patrick Cantlay WITB article, we’ll look at all the new gear in his full bag for the 2023 season and how these clubs can improve your game.

What’s in Patrick Cantlay‘s Bag?


Titleist TS3 (9.5 degrees)

Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana ZF 60 TX

Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana ZF 60 TX

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For his driver, Patrick Cantlay plays with the Titleist TS3.

The company designed the TS3 to reduce drag resistance, helping pros like Patrick Cantlay create maximum swing speed to the ball.

Even with the advanced driver setup, the TS3 offers premium forgiveness that helps tighten dispersion and keeps drives in the fairway.

It also has adjustable features that Patrick Cantlay utilizes on the course, such as a hosel sleeve that raises or reduces loft and creates offset at address.

Cantlay also plays with the high grade Mitsubishi Diamana ZF 60 TX shaft to maintain ball speed and improve feel.

The TS3, an excellent driver that Cantlay has carried in his bag for years, delivers exceptional all-around performance.


Titleist 915F (15 degrees)

Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana ZF 70 TX

Titleist 915F Wood

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The Titleist’s 915F fairway wood enters Patrick Cantlay’s bag at 15 degrees with a sturdy Mitsubishi Diamana shaft. The wood’s Active Recoil Channel keeps spin to a minimum, making this wood a weapon from the tee box for adventurous golfers.

The Titleist 915F also comes equipped with the Diamama ZF 70 TX shaft, helping Cantlay improve his accuracy from the fairway and tee box with more feel and responsiveness.

The wood’s low profile also helps minimize spin for tighter dispersion from the tee box and when hitting shots into the green on long par 5s.

The Titleist 915F, a remarkably solid piece of equipment, offers a wide sweet spot with low CG to lift the ball high into the air.


Titleist TS2 (21 degrees)

Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana ZF 80 TX

Titleist TS2 Wood

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Cantlay has passed on keeping a hybrid in the bag and instead plays with the Titleist TS2 fairway wood, a perfect five wood for mid-range shots.

The club’s thinner crown lightens overall weight to boost Patrick’s swing velocity while giving him the workability he demands from his clubs.

The TS2 fairway offers optimal CG placement to maximize height, improve exit velocity, and enhance MOI.

The wide, low profile helps professionals get underneath the golf balls for high, fast launch with a sole that offers turf interaction similar to a hybrid.


Titleist 718 AP2

Shafts: Tru Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue

Titleist 718 AP2 IRON

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For his irons, the 8-time PGA Tour winner plays with the Titleist 718 AP2 set. These irons offer complete workability with the True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour shafts.

By placing these forged irons in the bag, pros like Patrick can offer outstanding consistency with far-reaching distance and exceptional forgiveness.

The irons also offer a balanced feel with high MOI at impact, helping golfers bring the club head back to the square position on the downswing.

For his Cantlay WITB, the AP2 irons have earned a special place in his heart as it’s been responsible for his top victories on the PGA Tour.


Titleist Vokey SM7 (52 degrees), SM8 (56), SM9 (60)

Shafts: Tru Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue

Titleist Vokey Design SM9 Tour Chrome Wedge 60.08M
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When it comes to the short game for the Patrick Cantlay WITB, the golfer plays with the premium Titleist Vokey Design SMP7, SM8, and SM9 wedges.

Delivering maximum spin and workability, the Titleist Vokey wedges continue to be the crown jewel for many professionals.

The best feature of the Titleist wedges is the razor-sharp grooves that work well even in wet weather, assuring that the face gets maximum traction on the ball’s outer layer.

Patrick Cantlay’s ability to work shots with spin while using the Vokeys from any trouble area remains one of the biggest reasons he posts such solid finishes on the PGA Tour.


Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 Proto

Grip: SuperStroke Traxion

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 Putter

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Patrick Cantlay plays with a prototype of the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 putter, a forked mallet head that offers superior performance. It has a milled face and tour-inspired head shape that delivers a balanced face and clean power to the golf ball.

For Patrick, the Phantom X 5 offers the ability to utilize a straight-back stroke that keeps the ball along the target line with a smooth forward roll.

The X 5, a finely crafted piece of golf equipment, offers total management over ball speed and distance, helping Patrick and amateurs alike make more putts on the course.


Titleist Pro V1x

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls (One Dozen)
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Patrick has long played with the Titleist Pro V1x on the PGA Tour. Offering more workability and spin than the regular Pro V1, the V1x delivers total performance for Cantlay with his Titleist Vokey wedges and Titleist 718 AP2 irons.

Off the tee box, the V1x offers low, penetrating flight and helps Cantlay reduce spin for a tighter dispersion that leads to more hit fairways.

Around the green, Cantlay utilizes a “hop and stop” strategy with his short game, with the V1x stopping on a dime to help him save pars.

Easily one of the best golf balls on the market today, Cantlay uses the Pro V1x to maintain distance, generate spin with his irons, and execute control over his short game.


Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip, Jumbo, Black
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Cantlay uses the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips on his clubs, the most used grip among professionals. The grips provide tackiness in any weather condition, including wet weather.

The surface of the grips provides small channels to wick away moisture to guarantee solid contact with the golf club throughout the swing.

Golf Pride has also equipped the Tour Velvet grips with a dynamic feel on the course, helping Patrick gather feedback immediately after impact.