Golfer Profile Result: Competitive Golfer

You compete quite regularly in local, state, national golf tournaments. If you really wanted it, you could turn pro.

What describes you best:

You are a tenured golfer who has played in many golf tournaments. You take the game very seriously.

You golf on average once a week, and when you hit the course, it is no joke. Serious business is going on.

You regularly seek professional instruction and purchase the best golf equipment.

You have an official handicap following the rules of the USGA.

Your knowledge of the golf rules is extremely detailed.

How to get to the next level? (Professional Golfer)

  • To get pro, you’ll have to quit your current job or employment and spend every day at the course.
  • Join private elite golf clubs where the best of the best hang out. You won’t regret it.
  • Get a personal coach that can be there with you every time you play.
  • Invest in the best equipment – to turn pro, you have no choice. This may hit the wallet hard, but will be well worth it. Pick the best drivers in 2024, the best hybrids, and the best game improvement irons.
  • Follow some advanced practice tutorials, for example on chipping or how to hit the perfect golf swing plane.
  • Focus on the science of the golf ball.

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