Wilson D9 Irons Review (Updated for 2023)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated May 25, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Wilson’s impressive D9 irons set helps provide distance and better dispersion to golfers that need it the most. Featuring a Wilson iron design similar to players distance irons, but with the forgiveness of game-improvement models, the D9 gives you better spin with the short irons, while not sacrificing length with the long irons of this accomplished set.

For this Wilson D9 irons review, I put these golf clubs through a series of testing including time on the Trackman, plus took them to the course for a few rounds.

You’ll also hear my thoughts throughout this evaluation as I answer a few common questions of why the average golfer can highly benefit from playing this solidly-built set.

Wilson D9 Irons Review

Best Value Iron Set for Mid Handicappers

WILSON D9 Men's Golf Iron Set
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Specs (4-PW)

  • Loft: 18°-42°
  • Lie: 60°-64°
  • Length: 36″-39″
  • Weight: D1


  • High ball flight with extended carry distance
  • Boosted swing speed
  • Ample forgiveness on longer irons


  • Less feel with shorter irons than most game-improvement irons
  • Limited workability for experienced golfers

Wilson D9 Irons Features

Power Holes

Similar to the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket in TaylorMade irons, the slots behind the face add more face flexibility to provide more distance on every shot. Each iron utilizes the slots to provide extra distance with maximum forgiveness.

Computer-Aided Design

The Wilson staff of designers have utilized computer modelling software to streamline the shape of each club head in this set. Wilson equipped the D9 irons with the thinnest unsupported face to maximize ball speed with length to burn.

Forged Iron Shape

Rather than a bulky cavity-back shape like most irons, the Wilson Staff D9 irons offer a streamlined appearance where nothing is wasted. Each iron offers stronger lofts when compared to game-improvement irons to help produce the length and stopping power on entry shots into the green, especially with the longest irons in the set.

Wilson D9 Irons In-Depth Review


The Wilson D9 irons offer a minimal, almost forged appearance. Although it provides the benefits of a game-improvement iron, the D9 set offers rounded edges that plays well in the golf bag.

When I first played with these clubs for this Wilson D9 irons review, I quickly noticed how the smooth sole provided significant turf interaction, along with a rounded shape that provides a more appealing look.


When evaluating the feel for this Wilson D9 irons review, I put the irons through shots from each situation on the course.

From the fairway, the Wilson Staff D9 iron offered clean feel with minimal vibration at impact. The sole moved easily through the turf without snagging or creating an unpleasant feel.

From the rough and sand, the iron delivered smooth feel through the ball and impressive responsiveness. Even when dealing with obstacles on the course, the irons offer a pure feel that can’t be denied.


Shots jumps off the iron face with a sizzling sound that you’d expect from crisp tour-level blades. The sound provides confidence with each swing, a benefit that I didn’t expect from an iron from the longtime golf equipment manufacturer. Even on thin shots, the sound stays strong and doesn’t disappoint.


For this Wilson D9 irons review, I really wanted to give this Wilson Staff iron set the chance to dazzle me. With its power and high launch, I must say that there’s a whole lot to like with this Wilson Staff set.

On the launch monitor, the D9 irons scored high points for dispersion and helping to provide additional length. With the face flex provided by the urethane filled power holes, these new irons offer incredibly consistent results for golfers that need it the most.

I didn’t find that the D9 iron offered much in the way of workability, but considering the build of the club head that’s not unexpected. The larger face on each iron does provide solid forgiveness that helped redirect off-center strikes.

Some reviewers have suggested that each iron is roughly a club longer in length, but I only found these Wilson Staff D9 irons offered a few more yards over my standard clubs.

When it comes to hitting the wedges in the set, Wilson only included a pitching wedge and gap wedge. While the inclusion of a sand wedge would have been nice, its easy to find one elsewhere.

The wedges offered low, deep CG that quickly picks the ball up and sends it high into the air. This tall shot height of the gap wedge can cause issues if you want to keep the shot lower with spin.

What do other golfers think?

Golf Digest awarded the Wilson D9 irons a Silver Medal on their 2022 Hot List. On Amazon, reviewers gave the D9 set a 4.3/5-star average rating. With 76% of respondents giving the collection a 5-star review.

Reviewers on PGATourSuperstore were more generous with their five star ratings as 39 of 45 respondents gave the D9 set a perfect score. The irons hold an average rating of 4.8/5 stars on their website.

What Golfers Like

  • Maximum ball speed with tour-level sound
  • Ultra thin face delivers explosive energy transfer to golf ball
  • Great for mid to high handicappers wanting maximum distance
  • Strong lofts provide length with spin and stopping power

What Golfers Don’t Like

  • The color design process doesn’t really look like current irons
  • Wilson irons don’t have a modern appearance that screams great irons


At first glance you might be confused to think that you are playing with Wilson D9 forged irons, but regardless of their shape, this iron set offers the forgiveness and length of a game-improvement set.

Most golfers with handicaps 10 and higher can benefit from playing with these irons on the golf course. The higher ball flight with spin helps you hold greens with more frequency.

The Wilson Staff D9 irons offer versatility, generate staggering length, and provide easy launch to help you get the most out of each iron swing on the course.