TaylorMade Qi10 Driver Review

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated January 30, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

TaylorMade’s Qi10 driver hits the shelves as one of the most hotly anticipated club releases of 2024.

Boasting the highest MOI rating of a driver produced by the company, the Taylormade Qi10 Driver has already grabbed the golfing world’s attention with several wins by PGA Tour pros at the start of the 2024 season.

TaylorMade Qi10 Driver

Best TaylorMade Driver for Mid Handicappers

TaylorMade Qi10 Driver

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  • Loft: 9°, 10.5° & 12°
  • Lie: 56°-60°
  • Shaft Length: 45.75”
  • Swing Weight: D4
  • Head Size: 460cc


  • Powerful high launch
  • Impressive ball speed
  • Streamlined head shape
  • Minimal twisting through the impact zone
  • Unreal forgiveness on off-center strikes


  • No adjustable sliding weight
  • Longer shaft length

For my first look evaluation, I jumped on the Trackman and took 50 swings with a TaylorMade Qi10 Driver equipped with a stock Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 5 shaft with a stiff flex.

I noted ball speed, launch angle, and distance during my time with the driver.

How does the Qi10 Driver look?

TaylorMade Qi10 Driver Face and Rear
TaylorMade Qi10 Driver Face and Rear

The new Qi10 driver carries a sophisticated all-black Carbon Crown with gray and blue accents. The Twist Face on the new driver is a darker blue speckled with black.

While I like the look of the Qi10 series, I’m more than happy to admit that it pails in comparison to the racecar red and sleek black of the Stealth series.

The black crown and blue face offer a nice contrast at address that won’t distract you while you stand over the golf ball.

The sole of the Qi10 shares plenty with the Stealth 2, although the new driver offers a shallower head shape to increase MOI and speed.

How does the Qi10 Driver feel?

One of the biggest marketing slogans you’ll hear this spring regarding new drivers is 10K MOI. With Ping’s newest driver, for example, the G430 Max 10K, puts the catchphrase right in the name.

While TaylorMade is a bit more subtle by including the number 10 in the name of their latest driver, they want you to know that the MOI is the biggest reason you should play the Qi10.

And I note this because the feel of the Qi10 driver is quite remarkable. I could feel every off-center strike and of course, every time I found the pure center of the sweet spot.

If you want a driver that produces exceptional feel and responsiveness, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better club for the tee box than the standard Qi10 this season.

What handicap is best for the Qi10 Driver?

While I think mid handicappers could benefit the most from this exceptional driver, I believe the standard Qi10 offers more than enough versatility for low handicappers wanting reliable shot shape.

In comparison, the Qi10 LS driver offers a sliding weight and more customization for advanced golfers, but I think it’s worth noting that Rory McIlroy dumped the LS version for the standard Qi10 to boost launch and increase distance. 

A change that paid off in his recent win at the Hero Dubai Desert, where the four-time major winner averaged close to 330 yards per drive and had several drives over 350 yards.

If one of the world’s best ball strikers is playing the standard version of the Qi10, we should take notice.

How does the Qi10 Driver perform?

TaylorMade Qi10 Driver at address

Over the first 15-20 swings with the Qi10, I immediately noted the impressive power the driver delivers to the golf ball.

I wasn’t trying to work shots with the club but rather just determine how the driver naturally shapes the ball.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the side spin was minimal, and my drives stayed along my intended target line more often than not.

Since all of us are looking for distance and accuracy with new drivers, let’s talk a bit about the length and dispersion produced by the Qi10 driver.

When it comes to dispersion, the driver produced a tight, dependable pattern that I could rely on. As I’ve hinted before, ball speed stayed at the top of my range, around 165-170 MPH routinely. 

Also, as I progressed during my Trackman session, I noted how much I loved the easy repeatability of this driver.

Since I was only taking swings with this driver in my controlled testing, I quickly found that the club produces power to the golf ball I depend on.

If I had a chief complaint about the Qi10 driver, it would be the shaft length. The standard length is just a shade under 46 inches. For golfers who like a shorter driver shaft, you’ll have to make some modifications.

Admittedly, it’s a minor inconvenience, but one you should plan for if you want to cut the shaft down under 45 inches.

How does the Qi10 Driver compare to the Stealth 2 Driver?

The Stealth 2 driver delivers solid all-around forgiveness, primarily due to the 60x Carbon Twist Face, something the company carried over to the Qi10. The difference here is that the Qi10 is far more stable through the impact zone.

Since there’s less twisting, the face can cleanly get through the impact zone, helping on off-center strikes.

The Qi10 also produces a smoother launch off the face. The ball actually feels like it jumps off the face, especially if you find the center of the hitting area.

I really became addicted to the feeling the Qi10 produces if the ball finds the sweet spot. If you are a golf technology enthusiast, this driver will provide subtleties that make the upgrade worth it.

My TaylorMade Qi10 Driver Verdict

I think there’s something interesting to consider when someone like Rory McIlroy has moved away from playing the LS version of the Qi10 in early tournaments and instead given his attention to the standard version.

What does Rory’s decision mean for the average Joe golfer? Since 99.9% of us can’t reach Rory’s swing speed, the answer lies with forgiveness.

Simply put, this Qi10 driver is one of the most stable drivers I’ve ever tested. It never twists in the impact zone, delivering a high MOI that translates to higher, straighter ball flight—something all amateurs need off the tee box.

So, personal handicap ratings aside, does the driver warrant that high price tag ($600 MSRP)? 

In my humble opinion, the answer is yes.

While it might not be as flashy or pronounced as the Stealth 2, TaylorMade has taken the noticeable issues of their 2023 driver and smoothed them over for the Qi10.

In the end, the Qi10 is an impressive accomplishment that will undoubtedly benefit handicappers of all levels.

Other Qi10 Driver Models

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Driver

TaylorMade Golf Qi10 MAX Driver 10.5 Degree Diamana Stiff Right Handed
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For high handicappers and beginning golfers, the Qi10 Max driver offers maximum forgiveness, higher launch, and low CG to increase carry.

Along with the 10K MOI, the driver also features an Infinity Carbon Crown that provides a clean look at address to help you focus on the golf ball.

The driver also offers golfers to play with the Fujikura Speeder NX TCS 50 or MCA Diamana T+ shaft to boost feel and responsiveness. 

The Qi10 Max doesn’t offer a sliding weight like the LS option but provides an adjustable sleeve to adjust the loft on the face.

TaylorMade Qi10 LS Driver

TaylorMade Golf Qi10 LS Driver 9 Degree Tensei Blue Stiff Right Handed
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The Qi10 LS driver, built for TaylorMade’s stable of PGA Tour golfers, including Tiger Woods and Tommy Fleetwood, offers advanced golfers total workability for crafting their ideal shot shape off the tee box.

For golfers with high swing speeds, the 10K MOI keeps the head incredibly stable as it impacts the golf ball, helping maximize distance and launch angle. 

The only Qi10 driver with adjustable weighting, the LS model delivers a premium custom experience for low handicappers. The driver also features a loft sleeve that can elevate or lower the face loft for additional carry or a more penetrating flight.

TaylorMade Qi10 Women’s Max Driver

TaylorMade Golf Qi10 MAX Driver 10.5 Degree Ladies Right Handed
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TaylorMade has built the Women’s Qi Max driver for women golfers who need tighter dispersion off the tee.

Built for maximum forgiveness, the Qi Max minimizes side spin with the 10K MOI that keeps the face square through the hitting zone without twisting.

The Women’s Max driver also features 60x Carbon Twist Face technology, which improves ball speed from off-center strikes.

The driver has a Fujikura Speeder NX TCS 40 shaft and a Lamkin ST Soft Women’s grip. The shaft weighs 49 grams and boosts launch with mid-range spin. The grip weighs 40 grams.