Best Biodegradable Golf Balls 2024 (Our Top 4 Picks)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated January 5, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

For eco-conscious golfers, a new breed of eco-friendly golf balls offers guilt-free play. Biodegradable golf balls provide satisfaction by allowing golfers to stick a shot on the green without the lingering guilt of littering the landscape.

Crafted from natural materials like fish food and corn starch, these water-soluble balls fade back into the earth after use. Say goodbye to scouring ponds and woods for lost balls destined to pollute golf courses forever.

The top biodegradable balls dissolve in mere weeks while still offering performance that rivals a standard golf ball.

In this review, we scout the greens for the best biodegradable golf balls that let you play in peace and leave no trace behind.

With options to suit every earth-first need, you can tee up eco-friendly golf balls optimized for your game and the great outdoors.

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Best Biodegradable Golf Balls 2024

Dixon Wind Golf Balls

Best All-Around Biodegradable Golf Balls

Dixon Wind Eco-Friendly Max Distance Golf Balls (1 Dozen)
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  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Diameter: 42mm
  • Dimple System: 428 Monster


  • Longest biodegradable golf ball on the market
  • Great novelty gift for casual golfers
  • Ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds


  • Doesn’t fly as far as traditional balls

Dixon Wind Golf Balls Review

The Dixon Wind Eco-Friendly Max Distance Golf Balls live up to their sustainable promise without sacrificing an ounce of performance.

Constructed using Dixon’s patented earth-conscious bio-resin made from cornstarch, these balls deliver impressive distance off the tee, providing a few rounds of performance while minimizing environmental impact.

During my testing, the Eco-Friendly Max Distance balls achieved low spin and high velocity to maximize carry distance. The aerodynamic dimple design sustains speed, while the high-energy core amplifies speed on all shots.

I achieved over 200 yards of consistent distance off the tee. Around the green, the soft cover grabbed the grooves for a solid spin and decent stopping power.

Beyond sheer performance, the Dixon Wind balls stood out for their eco-credentials. The bio-resin materials fully biodegrade within 1-2 years in normal play conditions. The balls meet S929 biodegradability standards and are produced in a solar-powered factory.

For golfers seeking an environmentally responsible distance ball, Dixon Wind’s Eco-Friendly Max Distance golf balls deliver on all fronts.

With their ability to drive greens in regulation and naturally return to nature shortly after, these impressive Dixon Golf eco-friendly balls provide guilt-free, maximal performance round after round.

Biodegradable Golf Balls

Best Distance Biodegradable Golf Balls

Biodegradable Golf Balls | Water Dissolvable | Eco Friendly Golf Gift | Water Soluble | Perfect for Outdoor Practice | Dissolves in 2-4 Weeks
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  • Dimple System: Small Circular


  • No heavy metals in the cover
  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • Dissolve in four weeks in water


  • Not ideal for serious golf use

Biodegradable Golf Balls Review

Biodegradable Golf Balls, a reputable Canadian company, offers an innovative line of eco-friendly golf balls that provide premium performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Unlike traditional golf balls made of plastic and synthetic materials, these biodegradable balls are constructed using all-natural biodegradable materials like corn starch.

The unique materials allow the balls to fully decompose and break down through natural processes within 1-2 years of typical use.

I was impressed with the feel and distance provided by this best biodegradable golf ball. The 3-piece corn starch-centric ball delivered low driver spin for maximized distance off the tee along with excellent greenside control.

The soft latex core contributes to a responsive, solid impact sensation, while the cork center enhances velocity. Trajectory and ball flight carry characteristics were on par with top-tier recycled golf balls.

This product is a high-performing option for golfers seeking to make an earth-conscious choice featuring biodegradable materials. The balls maintain their integrity and shot properties even after repeated use.

This option features a well-balanced blend of eco-friendly construction, biodegradability, quality craftsmanship, and impressive on-course capabilities. Even the packaging is recyclable!

For those reasons, the Biodegradable Golf Balls take the crown for best distance performance in an eco-friendly option.

Dixon Earth Golf Balls

Most Accurate Eco-Friendly Golf Balls

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  • Dimple System: Circular


  • Polyvinyl alcohol coating breaks down quickly
  • Solid accuracy on the links
  • Offers the feel of recycled golf balls


  • Expensive price point

Dixon Earth Golf Balls Review

The Dixon Earth Golf Balls deliver an impressive blend of eco-friendly construction, quality, and performance.

Made using Dixon’s patented biopolymer composed of plant starches, the Earth balls provide low-compression power off the tee and a soft feel around the greens.

I was able to generate consistently long drives thanks to their high-velocity core and aerodynamic dimple design. The cover felt soft on pitch shots and generated ample spin for precision on approaches.

The EarthBlend bio-polymer contributes to excellent durability and cut resistance as well.

Beyond playing well, the Earth balls stood out for their biodegradability. They naturally break down in normal playing conditions within 1-2 years after use. This prevents them from sitting discarded in water hazards and woods forever.

Dixon’s Earth Golf Balls check all the boxes for golfers wanting a quality eco-ball. They offer excellent performance, soft feel, and biodegradability at a very reasonable price.


Best Value Eco-Friendly Golf Balls

100 ECOBIOBALL, eco-Friendly Golf Ball for Marine environments.
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  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Diameter: 42mm
  • Dimple System: 412 Hex


  • Best for practicing golf
  • Ideal for playing golf close to marine life
  • Immediately turns into fish food once in the water


  • Won’t help your golf game with woods and irons

Albus Golf ECOBIOBALL Review

Ecobioball Golf Balls by Albus Golf deliver eco-friendly performance around water so you can feel good unleashing across the course.

Constructed using a revolutionary biodegradable resin derived from castor plants, these balls provide premium quality while minimizing environmental harm.

I found the Ecobioball’s construction made it perfect to practice golf anywhere close to water.

These eco-friendly golf balls are ideal for practicing more than playing, making them a great way to practice your golf game near oceans, ponds, rivers, and other natural bodies of water.

Beyond delivering in terms of quality and playability, the Ecobioball’s biodegradable construction stood out.

The bio-resin materials allow the balls to fully decompose into fish food in less than 48 hours. The balls meet the highest marine biodegradability certification standards.

For golfers wanting to uphold eco-standards without sacrificing practice performance, great for driving ranges, Ecobioball Golf Balls by Albus Golf remains a top alternate choice.

They can handle full-speed golf swings while breaking down through natural processes shortly after. Their combination of biodegradability, premium quality, and ideal cost make Ecobioball balls an excellent sustainable option.

Buying Guide: How to Choose Biodegradable Golf Balls


Consider ball speed, distance, and spin when choosing a biodegradable ball. Test data and reviews can provide insight into how the materials impact playability.

Expect a reduction in performance with eco golf balls compared to standard golf balls, but by minimizing the harsh chemicals associated with regular golf balls, you are helping out the long-term health of the playing area.

Degradation Time

Eco-friendly golf balls break down at different rates, from weeks to years. Consider how soon you want the balls to dissolve based on the playing environment.

Using a non-toxic golf ball with biodegradable golf tees reduces environmental impact considerably when playing on a treasured golf course.

Non-Toxic Materials

An eco-friendly golf ball uses different natural materials like latex, rice husks, and polyvinyl alcohol that impact performance and decomposition timeline.

Pick a golf ball that doesn’t rely on toxic chemicals and helps reduce overall plastic pollution.

Environmental Impact

Verify that an alternative golf ball meets biodegradability standards and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Opt for a golf ball with eco-friendly certifications that won’t hurt marine flora and marine environments.

A water-soluble golf ball takes time to dissolve but isn’t as bad compared to traditional golf balls’ long shelf-life.


Eco golf balls are generally pricier than high-performance golf balls. Buying an eco-friendly golf ball in bulk can reduce the overall cost.

In the end, weigh the added costs against the environmental benefits of playing with dissolvable golf balls.

Reputation of Brand

Established golf brands typically offer better quality and durability in biodegradable golf balls over lesser-known companies.

Choosing biodegradable golf balls with a solid reputation for delivering optimal performance helps golfers post a low score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there such a thing as biodegradable golf balls?

Yes, there are biodegradable golf balls available from golf ball manufacturers looking to make balls that reduce environmental impact for future generations.

These environmentally-friendly golf balls are typically made from eco-friendly materials like clay, corn starch, rice husks, cork, and latex rather than plastic, so they will break down naturally over a few months to a few years when exposed to moisture and microbes.

Their performance is similar to traditional balls, but the biodegradable materials make the product better for the environment.

Are there biodegradable golf balls to hit into the ocean?

Yes, there are now biodegradable golf balls designed specifically for hitting into the ocean without harming marine life.

These water-soluble golf balls are constructed from bio-friendly materials, so they break down naturally in water over a few days or weeks.

Other brands like Ocean Golf Balls and Ecobioball make biodegradable balls marketed for cruise ships and ocean play that meet marine biodegradability standards.

They offer similar performance to standard options and let golfers play ocean courses sustainably.

How long does it take for a biodegradable golf ball to dissolve?

The dissolution time for biodegradable golf balls takes a few weeks to a couple of years, depending on the materials used.

Most biodegradable balls break down within 9-12 months as microorganisms in the soil degrades the non-toxic materials.

Sustainable living balls made from compressed fish food or rice bran can dissolve in just a few weeks in a water hazard. Other natural materials like clay and latex make balls that take up to 24 months to decompose fully.

So while timelines vary, eco-friendly balls generally dissolve much faster than the hundreds of years required for standard plastic balls.


After reviewing the top options, the Dixon Wind Eco-Friendly Max Distance Golf Balls stand out as the best eco-friendly golf balls available today.

Made using a cornstarch bio-resin, these eco-friendly products deliver excellent distance off the tee and a smooth feel around the greens. They have a cover made from recycled materials for high greenside spin and control.

Tests show the Dixon Wind balls even perform similarly to some regular balls in terms of distance.

Best of all, the materials fully biodegrade naturally within 1-2 years. For golfers seeking an environmentally friendly ball that doesn’t sacrifice performance, the Dixon Wind Eco-Friendly Max Distance Golf Balls are a top choice to consider.

With their blend of eco-consciousness, superior biodegradability, and impressive on-course capabilities, Dixon Wind balls are my pick for the best biodegradable golf balls.