Shot Scope V2: A Seasoned Golfer’s Opinion

The Shot Scope V2 is a dynamic GPS performance tracker that can help golfers of all skill levels improve their game through the device’s simple collection of their statistics on the course.


This automatic shot tracking system begins with a comfortable wrist watch that syncs via Bluetooth to your phone through an easy-to-use app or by plugging in to a computer. The wristwatch may look a little bulky from the outside, but it won’t interfere or impede your swing, and after playing a few holes, you won’t notice that it is even there.

The way the V2 tracking system works is that you first take sensors and attach them to the end of your clubs along the butts of the grips. This process will only take you a few minutes to accomplish and provide the information that powers the system.

You’ll also need to make sure that your watch is loaded with your favorite course before you step foot onto the first tee. This little detail won’t be difficult as the V2 has over 40,000 preloaded courses to choose from. Ultimately, the watch’s program will allow you to use the device to give yardages, collect shot tracking, or offer both options during your round.

It is an incredibly quick and easy setup that won’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete.


Golfers who doubt analytics are leaving behind crucial information that could help them refine their swing and overall game. Devices like the Shot Scope V2 does an excellent job of showing golfers their habits on the course.

Perhaps, you are hitting shots from the fairway consistently to the right of the flagstick, although you typically play a draw. This information could signal a problem with alignment at address, for example.

Another way the Shot Scope V2 helps golfers is by showing the distance hit with each club. One of the main areas that amateurs fail to maintain is the knowledge of how far they hit their irons. The V2 takes care of that detail for you with each successive round you play.

Finally, the Shot Scope V2 helps golfers by allowing them to set attainable goals such as lowering their putts per round or raising their greens in regulation. And the beauty of the V2 is that you don’t have to punch all of this information in the computer or phone after your round. The moment you complete the 18th hole, you just upload your data, and within a few minutes, it is ready for your analysis. 

When it comes time for tracking your putts, the Shot Scope V2 uses the company’s PinCollect technology to put the V2 ahead of its competition. When you reach the green, the device automatically detects your placement, converting the screen into an interactive menu that allows you to pick how many putts you took on the hole.

Simply press the corresponding number of putts you took, whilst standing at the hole to mark the location of the pin. Do not worry if you forget to mark PinCollect, you can always add the location of the pin when editing post-round.


What’s great about the Shot Scope V2 is how accurate the final statistics are when presented to the golfer. This GPS device isn’t sloppy like other lesser models from competitors but instead prides itself as one of the most precise shot trackers on the market. All shots are presented via an overhead map of the course for accurate placement that dials in the perfect yardage for each shot. It’s this incredible accuracy that caused it to be sold out even on pre-orders.

After your round, you simply upload the data from the watch to either your phone via the Bluetooth link or connect the device to your computer for uploading. And if you spot a mistake as you work back through your round, the software allows you to edit the information quickly.


The Shot Scope V2 is truly a fantastic option for golfers looking to make the plunge in the GPS shot tracking department. With simple collection and uploading, golfers will definitely enjoy how user-friendly the device is when presenting your final information. Affordable and well worth the price, the V2 is a terrific addition to any golfer’s game.