Golfer Profile Result: Serious Golfer

You are playing a few golf tournaments already and have an official handicap score.

What describes you best:

You compete in formal and official tournaments.

You officially have a handicap or keep careful records of how well you do.

Golf is a serious sport for you – you pay attention to your swing and regularly hit the driving range, multiple times per month.

You golf on average once a week during the season, sometimes more if you can.

Private golf clubs are where you hang out the most and usually socialize with other members, to play games or share each other’s golf tips.

You regularly follow the golf news, by subscribing to magazines or websites online.

How to get to the next level? (Competitive Golfer)

  • Practice more and better. You’ve reached a level where the basics are mastered and you need to go deeper, not wider, when it comes to your golf skills.
  • Take advantage of golf equipment reserved for better player, for example adding a forged iron to your bag wouldn’t be such a bad idea.
  • Hire a golf coach to closely follow you and give you feedback.
  • Invest in proper equipment – this doesn’t mean expensive clubs, but rather clubs tailored for golfers serious about the sport. Stop using equipment which doesn’t meet standards.
  • Follow some advanced practice tutorials, for example on chipping or how to hit the perfect golf swing plane.

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