Golfer Profile Result: Recreational Golfer

You’re getting a hang of the game but need to persevere to see big improvements.

What describes you best:

You participate in tournaments for the fun of it. You keep score and try to improve it.

You have taken a few lessons with a golf coach in the past, and try to play the game off of that knowledge you acquired some years ago.

The USGA rules are not your primary focus, but you care about respecting most of the rules – to not be embarrassed when playing with your friends.

Your golf skills are quite inconsistent. In one afternoon, you can have great and terrible shots. Rarely do you play a complete round without butchering a few shots.

Even though you hang out mostly at public courses, on some occasion you can attend championship and executive courses.

You don’t have a problem using golf clubs or balls that don’t meet the standards – as long as the equipment can help you get better their scores, it’s good enough for you.

How to get to the next level? (Serious Golfer)

  • Stick to the official rules and stop trying to bend the rules to make your scores look better.
  • You should commit to hitting the driving range at least twice per month. For example, learn how to achieve a few drills and practice them consistently.
  • Hire a golf coach every month to discipline yourself to play and get more skilled.
  • Invest in proper equipment – this doesn’t mean expensive clubs, but rather clubs tailored for beginners. Stop using equipment which doesn’t meet standards.
  • Follow some practice tutorials, specifically tailored at beginners. Our guide on how to play golf would be a recommended read.

Do you want to jumpstart your golf game?

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