Golfer Profile Result: Casual Golfer

You’re just starting out in your golf journey.

What describes you best:

As a casual golfer, you play less than 10 times a year, and often don’t bother keeping score. Golf rules are not really your priority – fun is.

You just playing golf for the fun of it and to get some fresh air. The views of the golf course make you happy. You enjoy the company of your friends to play golf in a relaxed manner.

You do enjoy when you thrill over a great shot once in a while.

Public courses are where it’s at for you.

How to get to the next level? (Recreational Golfer)

  • Take golf more seriously. Make a true time commitment for it.
  • You should commit to hitting the driving range at least once per month. For example, learn how to achieve a few drills and practice them consistently.
  • Hire a golf coach for a few hours this next season to teach you the basics.
  • Invest in proper equipment – this doesn’t mean expensive clubs, but rather clubs tailored for beginners.
  • Follow some practice tutorials, specifically tailored at beginners. Our guide on how to play golf would be a recommended read.

Do you want to jumpstart your golf game?

I have just finished developing a full eBook collection of 6 golf eBooks – it has everything you need to go from a casual golfer to a PGA tour golfer.