Callaway Epic Flash Driver: Should You Buy It? (2020 Review)

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Best Driver For Low Handicappers: Callaway Epic Flash Driver
“Callaway features the latest technology (Jailbreak, Flash Face architecture, & adjustable features) that boosts ball speed and allows total control, making it the perfect driver for advanced golfers.”

Best Alternate Option: TaylorMade M6 Driver
“Also loaded with the latest technology (Speed Injection process and Twist Face), the TaylorMade M6 Driver delivers an unbelievable distance and forgiveness that are well worth the price – buy this if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper driver.”

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The Callaway Epic Flash is one of the hottest drivers on the market today, featuring a wealth of dazzling features for golfers looking to add a premium club to their bag.

While the club may be better suited for low handicappers, mid-level handicappers looking to make that next step in their game would be well advised to give the Epic Flash a look due to its unreal performance.

This in-depth Callaway Epic Driver review is aimed to help you make the best purchase decision.

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Product reviewed
Exceptional Driver for Adding Distance: Callaway Epic Flash Driver
44 Reviews
Exceptional Driver for Adding Distance: Callaway Epic Flash Driver
Perfectly suited for low handicappers who reach the next level in golf.
  • Internal Jailbreak Technology helps stabilize the club head for more speed by stiffening the sweet spot for boosted distance
  • Flash Face Technology gives the Epic Flash one of the hottest and thinnest club faces that Callaway has ever produced
  • Incredible swing speed with adjustable features that fine tune the club for your best swing ever off the tee box

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Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Best for low handicappers: Exceptional Driver for Adding Distance

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver, Right Hand, Project X Even Flow Green, 50G, Regular Flex, 10.5 Degrees
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Overall grade99%


  • Total ball control with 16-gram sliding weight in rear of the club to help golfers reduce or promote draws and fades
  • Internal Jailbreak Technology helps stabilize the club head for more speed by stiffening the sweet spot for boosted distance
  • Incredible swing speed with adjustable features that fine tune the club for your best swing ever off the tee box


  • A very expensive driver that isn’t ideal for high handicappers
  • Large club head might be too much for inexperienced golfers who need more focus on fundamentals

Technical Specifications

Jailbreak Technology

The Callaway Epic Flash features Jailbreak Technology that is an internal system of two small bars that stabilize and stiffen the center of the club face for more power to be directly channeled to the golf ball on strikes to middle of the sweet spot. The technology improves ball speed after impact and is one of the components that makes the Epic Flash one of the longest drivers ever assembled.

Flash Face Architecture

Made with the help of artificial intelligence and machine adapted learning, the face of the Epic driver has been redesigned to promote forgiveness and ball speed. When the golfer find the center of the face with their drive, the response of the club is unmistakable with shattering distance and solid feel.

Adjustable Perimeter Weighting

The Epic driver comes equipped with total control through the club’s adjustable weighting system at the rear of the club. Golfers can dial in the settings for an extreme draw or fade or play around and find those specific settings to give them just the flight path they are looking for from this extraordinary driver.

Things to consider before buying a new driver

Increase in Distance and Accuracy

The biggest reason to buy a new driver is to take advantage of the latest technology that the club can offer the golfer. The two areas that can benefit most from a new driver, like the Epic Flash, is an increase in distance and accuracy. For golfers with lower swing speeds, finding equipment that can maximize their distance is absolutely crucial to posting the lowest scores possible.

This is where a good driver can really help keep your game fresh, especially for senior golfers who are experiencing a drop in swing speed. The Epic driver is one of several front line drivers that offer the best of current golf technology to improve ball speed and accuracy without making a fundamental change to your swing.

Another area that new drivers can vastly improve is with off-center strikes. Although drivers can offer a sizable sweet spot, when a golfer hits the ball more toward the toe, it can result in a weak and ugly drive that doesn’t carry very far down the fairway. For elite drivers, like the Callaway Epic Flash, the club has been engineered to assist off-center shots reach their maximum height and distance for exceptional carry.

How Adjustable Features Could Help Your Game

Adjustable features in a driver can help a golfer become even better with more control over the settings of their club. From dialing in the perfect setting on features such as loft and weighting, the golfer can find that right combination to help them send soaring drives into the sky.

Most of the top-of-the-line drivers on the market offer adjustable features such as the two listed above. By finding a club that works well for your swing, you can find a consistency that older equipment cannot reach.

When considering a new driver, it is imperative to understand what adjustable features are the most important to help you improve. Adjustable weighting either in the rear of the club head or behind the club face can help you shape shots or combat the ugly fade or draw that you brought to the course that day.

A loft sleeve that can assist you in raising or lowering your launch angle is also a great feature to have when you are wanting to keep the ball out of the wind or increase your ball height to take advantage of the extra carry a steady breeze can provide.

New Drivers Have Improved Forgiveness Technology

One of the best innovations from new golf equipment technology is the strides that new golf clubs have made with regard to forgiveness. For amateurs, the number one spot on the club face mistakes happen is when they hit the ball off the toe. The resulting shot is anemic and well below their average yardage when hitting the ball in the center of the sweet spot.

Since technology has proven to golf equipment manufacturers that a toe mis-hit is the source of great concern for amateurs, they have built clubs to minimize the damage of an off-center strike. The latest drivers utilize perimeter-weighting to nullify poor contact.

Whether it be through the crown of the driver or through an adjustable weighting system, the forgiveness provided by your new driver can keep the ball straighter and on target with greater success, giving new equipment a definite allure to helping your game.

Features & Benefits

Key Feature #1: Great Driver for High Speed Swingers

If you are a golfer who hits the ball in excess of 250 yards, then the Epic Flash could certainly improve your game even further. Custom built for golfers with high speed swings, the Callaway driver is designed to direct tremendous energy directly onto the golf ball for towering drives with abundant carry.

The Epic driver has been meticulously designed and engineered to increase club speed, while offering golfers plenty of forgiveness should things stray off the mark at impact.

For low-handicappers who play from the tips, distance is crucial to setting up shorter second shots. When these high-level golfers hit the ball toward the toe, they need the club to power through and help them retain the distance and accuracy necessary to give these amateurs a shot at grabbing a birdie.

With the Epic driver, big swingers don’t need to worry about anything other than making a strong swing and finding the club’s sweet spot.

Key Feature #2: Flash Face Technology Boosts Ball Speed

One of the cooler innovations of the Epic Flash is the Flash Face Technology incorporated on the driver’s club face. Callaway created the face by using artificial intelligence with adaptive machine learning to mill a face design that is vastly superior to any other driver the company has produced.

As a result, the Epic driver is a club that brings considerable electricity to the tee box by promoting faster ball speed when the ball strikes the center of the club face. The Epic driver’s face also delivers excellent forgiveness despite being crafted for distance and MPH.

On the range, you’ll immediately notice that the ball comes off the Epic Flash’s face differently than your random store-bought driver. There’s an urgency off the Epic driver that few clubs can replicate.

Key Feature #3: Jailbreak Technology Increases Energy to Golf Ball

Our testers loved the response and feel of the Epic Flash on each swing. One of the reasons that our testers responded so warmly to the Callaway driver is due to the Jailbreak Technology that works inside the club head to stabilize and promote energy direction to the golf ball for additional distance.

The Jailbreak uses two bars that stand behind the club face to stiffen the crown and sole of the driver for more impact that moves to the face of the Epic driver for concentrated distance when hitting the ball in the center.

Powerful and consistent, the Jailbreak Technology is a huge part of why this driver is a show-stopper.

Key Feature #4: Incredible Forgiveness for Straighter Drives

Another area where the Epic driver excels is through the club’s forgiveness on shots that stray toward the toe or hosel. Callaway has built the Epic Flash using a lighter carbon fabric that allows weight to be redistributed along the club head for better forgiveness on off-center hits.

Technical jargon aside, when you miss with the Epic driver you can feel the club responding with reduced side spin and a more accurate ball flight than with other drivers of similar ilk. The Epic driver is one of the most forgiving drivers we’ve ever tested and definitely should be considered if you like to swing hard and worry about the consequences later.

Key Feature #5: Adjustable Rear Weight Allows Total Control

The adjustable rear weighting on the Epic Flash allows the golfer to take total control of the club. Whether it is to promote or reduce a draw or fade, the Epic driver doesn’t need much to alter the shot shape and offer the golfer a more direct way of hitting the golf ball to their specifications.

With the included tool from Callaway, all it takes is a couple of cranks to slide the weight along the track and create a shot that works better on the upcoming dog-leg. Golfers can play with strategy and skill, knowing that the Epic driver can handle any adjustments the player wants from their driver.

Key Feature #6: Premium Shaft Options for Ideal Setting

There are several shaft options to choose from when building your ideal Epic driver combination. With a variety of weights, golfers can customize their driver to maximize distance or find a shaft that promotes stability. Regardless of your swing, there is a shaft that is perfect to include in your Epic Flash purchase.

Each shaft receives a launch rating from Callaway to assist the golfer in finding the shaft that can assist them in manufacturing the ball height they want from their drives. In an assortment of colors, the shafts available for the Epic driver are first-rate, well-made shafts that will help the golfer increase their distance and customize their launch.

Key Feature #7: Amazing Distance

If there is one specific effect that sells the Epic Flash to amateur golfers, it is the reaction they make after hitting the driver for the first time. This driver is one solid club that may create slight sticker shock at first glance, but for the golfer who understands that the best equipment can create a whole new player, it is well worth the cost.

The Callaway Epic driver takes advantage of several cutting edge technologies to create a driver that will increase distance in golfers of any age and skill level. The large sweet spot on the Epic driver is a haven for mid-to-low handicappers who love unleashing their fury on the golf ball.

Key Feature #8: Lightweight Feel Throughout Swing

Even though the Epic Flash looks like a tank of a driver, it actually feels lightweight throughout the swing, giving the golfer confidence to swing harder. That certainly doesn’t mean that the Callaway driver will do all the work, but if the golfer has a fundamentally sound approach swinging the golf club, this #1 wood will deliver outrageously good swing speed.

Although you may be wondering how the movable weight at the bottom of the club affects performance, I can assure you that during our testing, we did not have a single golfer complain about the club being too heavy or cumbersome. Instead, our golfers loved the feel of the club at address and again through impact.

Key Feature #9: Terrific Response at Impact

One of the areas that our testers noted in an almost unanimous voice is how rock solid the driver felt at impact. Shots that found the sweet spot were greatly rewarded and even on mis-hits that drifted toward the toe, the Epic Flash responded nicely with strength.

For low handicappers that have the ability to shape shots, the Epic driver has remarkable feel to help guide you. Once you find that magic recipe for the adjustable settings, the Callaway driver really sings with jaw-dropping distance and piercing ball flight.

The crown of the Epic driver is a sleek black with green and white trim, making it contrast very well with golf balls of all colors, especially white. You won’t have a problem lining up on the tee box with the center of the face for an alignment that will have you repeatedly striking the sweet spot for rocket launches of your favorite golf ball.

Key Feature #10: Large Sweet Spot for Maximum Distance and Forgiveness

The club face on the Epic Flash is one of the company’s largest ever accented when you dial-in the ideal settings for your swing with the club’s adjustable features. The company has created the face for the Epic driver using AI and patented machine learning to build one of their hottest and fastest faces to date.

For the golfer, this means amazing distance and more forgiveness than any other driver that Callaway offers its customers.

By increasing the diameter of the sweet spot, golfers using the Epic driver give themselves the best opportunity to hit the ball long and straight. For amateurs struggling off the tee, an equipment upgrade to a driver, like the Epic Flash, can come with a steep learning curve, but repetition with the club during practice sessions will help reduce that time before you begin to feel comfortable.

Questions & Answers

What level of golfer is the Epic Flash made for?

The Callaway Epic Flash is certainly tailored to the low handicapper but that doesn’t necessarily mean that mid handicappers should cross this club off their list. The Epic driver definitely performs to its potential if you swing over 100mph and higher, but if you don’t reach that threshold, the technology within the club will undoubtedly improve your game.

For golfers of all skill levels, the Epic Flash will increase distance, improve accuracy and allow for, through its adjustable features, complete control of the driver. But when specifically looking at how low handicappers will improve, the Epic driver will help keep their distance at elite levels with more forgiveness that they would receive from an older driver.

High handicappers should really take their time when considering the Epic Flash and perhaps, test the club out before purchasing because it could be way too much club for their inexperienced game. That said, if you are a golfer with ambitions of improving quickly, the best way to do so is through instruction and better equipment. Consult your coach if you are considering purchasing the club if your handicap is 18 or higher to see if it is a good idea.

Can Mid-to-High Handicappers play the Epic Flash?

During our testing, the mid handicappers in our group saw increases in accuracy and distance over their current drivers. With additional time, and by utilizing the adjustable features, each golfer could expect to see even more improvement in their game with the Epic driver. But for the most part, each mid-range handicap player saw a moderate to dramatic increase in their statistical bottom line when using the Callaway club.

We would suggest high handicappers exercise caution when researching the club. For inexperienced golfers whose swing has not fully formed yet, the driver might be too much club. Think giving a brand new 16-year old the keys to a Ferrari and expecting them to handle the horsepower of the sports car. That may be a slightly dramatic comparison, but the point is: The Epic driver is a premium driver that all golfers may not be able to fully appreciate with their skill set.

Why is having adjustable features on a driver important to a golfer?

Adjustable features are great to have on a driver because it allows the golfer to completely control the launch angle, shot shape and loft of the club face. While those features might not seem that important to you if you aren’t familiar with playing with an adjustable features driver, I can assure you that having this control can lead to fine tuning your swing to unimaginable heights.

On the Epic Flash, for example, golfers can adjust the rear weighting to craft a shot with right-to-left or left-to-right shot shape. This feature is great if you are fighting a moderate slice with your swing or having trouble keeping your draw from going too far left.

Another feature is the adjustable loft sleeve that can reduce or increase one degree of loft to the club face. By having this feature, the golfer can adjust their driver to take advantage or reduce the effects of wind during a round. Drivers with adjustable features are legal under USGA rules, so if you are looking to buy the driver for a golfer who regularly plays in tournaments, the Epic driver can be used without issue.

Is the Epic Flash worth the money?

Yes, the Epic Flash is worth the money when you consider the improvements the club can make to your overall golf game. I certainly understand the hesitation considering the Epic driver costs as much as some iron sets but having the advantage of using this Callaway driver on 14 holes for every round is immeasurable if you are trying to lower your scores.

The Epic Flash is a premium, first-rate driver that utilizes several components of cutting edge technology to craft a driver that can boost distance, accuracy and launch angle of your tee shot. The wide sweet spot does an admirable job of reducing side spin as well, to keep your drives straighter and more accurate.

Another great side effect of buying the Epic driver is that it will last for several years, staying relevant for hundreds of rounds. With a sharp, green-yellow look, the Epic Flash is a driver that will turn heads the moment you pull it from your bag and be even more impressive once you put it to work.

Will the Epic Flash increase my distance off the tee box?

Over the course of our testing, we noticed a moderate increase in distance across the board of our testers. Where the Epic Flash really seemed to shine is with our mid handicappers who swing speed hovered around 100mph. Those golfers saw several yards of improvement over the course of their testing. Once fine-tuned, we’d assume that these golfers will see even more of an increase in their driving distance average with the Epic driver.

For low handicappers with exceptionally fast swings, the increase was more subtle but the accuracy definitely improved. As with the mid handicappers, more time with the club to adjust and fit the golfer using the right specifications would undoubtedly see a further increase in distance.

The high handicappers in our group of testers also saw a significant bump in their driving length but with the nature of inexperienced golfers, it is hard to get a base line as swings can vary wildly over the course of testing due to poor fundamentals and erratic swings. 

Alternatives to Callaway Epic Flash Driver

TaylorMade M6 Driver

Best Driver for Low Handicapper

TaylorMade Golf M6 Driver, 10.5 Loft, Right Hand, Senior Flex Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Orange
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Overall grade99%


  • Speed injection process gives each M6 a full-throated roaring engine behind the club face for terrific distance and extraordinary ball speed
  • The Twist Face technology corrects off-center hits by absorbing side spin for straighter shots
  • The unique sole design propels the club speed of the M6 and keeps the club low to the ground for outstanding contact
  • Hammerhead slot in the club face creates an incredibly large sweet spot for more forgiveness and distance


  • Does not have adjustable weights behind either the club face or rear of the club, but after hitting the M6, I’m not sure it matters
  • Club head is rather bulky for high handicappers, making the club more suited for low-to-mid handicappers.

If you are asking me to choose between the Epic Flash and the TaylorMade M6, I’m not sure I can do that. Simply put, the woods are the best two drivers available on the market to amateur golfers.

What makes the M6 special is that it comes ready to immediately destroy the golf ball with a combination of brawn and sophistication. The M6 comes loaded with several features that make it one of the most desirable drivers for low-to-mid handicappers.

Starting with the Speed Injection process, TaylorMade takes each M6 they produce and inject the face with a tuning resin that optimizes speed across the exterior of hitting area on the club. The process is meant to create maximum exit velocity at impact and after using the M6 for a few minutes, you’ll notice immediately that the company’s engineers know what they are doing.

Other features worth noting include the Twist Face technology that allows the club face to absorb off-center strikes and reduce side spin, keeping drives straighter. The unique sole design on the TaylorMade driver makes it balanced throughout the swing.

The one knock on the M6 is that it doesn’t have adjustable weighting but it does come with a loft sleeve that can be altered to increase or decrease loft on the face.

Although the M6’s price tag rivals the Epic Flash, both drivers deliver unbelievable distance to your bag and are well worth the expenditure.

Cobra F9 Speedback Driver

 Best Driver for Budget Seeking Mid Handicapper

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Speedback Driver Satin Black-Avalanche (Men's, Right Hand, Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Blue 6, Reg Flex, 9.0)
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Overall grade97%


  • Great alternative if you are looking for a cheaper #1 wood with the bells and whistles of a five-star driver like the Epic Flash
  • Low center of gravity has balls flying off the face with incredible launch angle
  • The milled face produces unreal club head velocity with top-flight ball speed
  • Dual Roll Technology adds eye-popping distance while minimizing side spin on off-center misses


  • Does offer sole weighting to help with balance and launch angle but the weights don’t move to help with extreme draws or fades
  • Loft sleeve is adjustable but takes a little getting used to when first using the club

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative in the driver wars, then the Cobra F9 Speedback driver could be the one for you. With exceptional speed and ridiculous exit velocity, the F9 Speedback is built for the golfer who needs as much help as possible keeping their swing MPH rate as high as possible.

The F9’s aerodynamic design assists the golfer by giving them a piece of equipment that reduces drag throughout the swing for maximum speed at impact. The lower center of gravity in the F9 driver is assisted by the static weight system to aid in providing one of the best looking drives you’ll ever see.

Cobra has utilized a milled face on the F9, the company’s first driver to have this technology, to create a club face that is one of the hottest and thinnest that they’ve ever designed. When using the F9 on the range, our testers complemented the feel and response of the driver, a testament to the redesigned face.

Everything about the F9 has been built for speed, but that doesn’t mean the club isn’t forgiving. The milled face also has included curvatures to assist with off-center strikes that work either too far out on the toe or too far inside on the hosel.

A lightweight dynamo, the Cobra F9 Speedback is a worthy alternative if you are uncertain if the Epic Flash or M6 is right for you.


With great conviction, I can honestly tell you that I’ve never played a driver as well equipped and constructed as the Callaway Epic Flash. Yes, the price tag is lofty but for a club of this magnitude, it is hard to argue that the money is not worth the improvement the Epic Flash will deliver to your game.

Our testers loved the flexibility of the Epic Flash, from the adjustable loft sleeve to the rear movable weighting, this driver allows you total control of your game off the tee box. Great for low handicappers, but also a club that could vastly improve the game of a mid-range golfer, the Epic Flash is at the cutting edge of golf equipment technology and deserves every accolade coming its way