Callaway Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X in 2021

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated October 12, 2021. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

The Rundown:

Best Option for Mid Handicappers: Chrome Soft
“Slightly softer from the fairway with outstanding distance, the Chrome Soft is great for your short game. It helps players with slow swing speeds to maximize their length – perfect for mid handicappers.”

Best Option for Low Handicappers: Chrome Soft X
“The Chrome Soft X’s workability and adjustable ball flight make this model of golf balls one of the best on the market today. It offers higher spinning balls from inside 100 yards – great for low handicappers.”

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Callaway’s dynamic duo of tour-level golf balls, known as the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X, offer differing results based on your skill level.

With the importance of increased ball speed, the Chrome Soft ball offers marvelous distance along with greenside control for a complete experience that makes for one great ball.

For advanced golfers, the Chrome Soft X delivers an incredibly soft feel for maximum workability from the fairway. The Soft X takes advantage of the high rotation Dual SoftFast Core creating shots from tee to green with outstanding versatility.

In this battle of Chrome Soft vs. Chrome Soft X, we’ll take a deeper look at what makes each golf ball provide such terrific performance on the links and tell you which ball works best for your game.

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Chrome Soft

Best Option for Mid Handicappers

2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls (Stars and Stripes Truvis )
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  • Slightly softer from the fairway with outstanding distance
  • High swing speed produces straighter, more accurate results
  • Triple Track option helps provide accurate putting line

In the battle of Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X, the golfer ultimately wins as each provides outstanding features that will help your golf game.

The Chrome Soft offers low spin off the tee when compared to the Chrome Soft X’s mid-range rotation, helping players with slow swing speed to maximize their length behind the power of the high compression core with less drag.

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The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are great for your short game with its wonderful soft feel. The Chrome Soft also dazzled from inside 100 yards with tight shot dispersion.

On the putting surface, the Chrome Soft provides a softer feel fueled by the thinner cover. If you choose the Triple Track option of the Chrome Soft, you’ll find a three-line guidance that keeps your putts on the target line.

In the case of the Chrome Soft, players with a high or mid-range handicap, can expect increased distance on all shots, better performance around the green, and more accurate putting when using the Triple Track guidance system option.

Chrome Soft X

Best Option for Low Handicappers

2020 Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls (White)
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  • DualSoft core produces higher spinning balls from inside 100 yards
  • Outstanding hit quality with softer feel and moderate flight
  • Slightly softer with high compression for increased workability

When it comes to the Chrome Soft X, advanced players will find that the workability and adjustable ball flight makes this model of golf balls one of the best on the market today. With its advanced core, the performance of the Chrome Soft X remains off the charts with impressive hit quality and the firmer feel that tour-level players prefer from their golf balls.

Off the tee, the Chrome Soft and the Chrome Soft X increase length regardless of your swing speed. The Soft X does provide a lower flight through its enhanced features and modified construction to take advantage of an advanced player’s skill set.

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The Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X are different in a few ways, including how the firmer feel of the Soft X shapes each hit of these specific golf balls from a variety of distances, including inside 150 yards.

While these golf balls are less forgiving with each swing than the Chrome Soft, the moderate flight and launch keep the Soft X under control with its advanced aerodynamics.

Callaway Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X


While the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X golf balls certainly provide distance, feel, and varying levels of spin based upon the shot, the Chrome Soft X distinctly gives golfers the ability to step up their game in ways that an ordinary golf ball cannot muster.

Golfers with high or mid handicaps would be best served by playing the Chrome Soft golf balls, while low handicappers need the functionality of the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf balls.

Although both golf balls offer certain advantages, it remains incredibly hard to deny the magic that the Chrome Soft X provides outstanding golfers who can work a golf ball.

Winner: Callaway Chrome Soft X


The Chrome Soft definitely increases the touch of a golfer’s short game with its enhanced feel and control near the green. The Chrome Soft’s high-grade urethane cover and outer mantle help spin the ball with wedges.

With regard to greenside control, the Soft X remains one of the best golf balls on the market. With its firmer feel, golfers can utilize the ball’s stiff mantle system to produce that high spin that stops shots cold on the putting surface.

While the Chrome Soft definitely performs well with its soft feel, the Chrome Soft X takes this head to head challenge.

Winner: Chrome Soft X


Depending on the club, these two balls provide different levels of spin. For lower spin off the tee, the clear winner is the Chrome Soft. The ball’s been constructed to fly straighter with increased ball speeds that cuts through the wind for less drag and straighter flight. The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball delivers the distance that most struggling amateurs need for their game off the tee box.

For shots near the putting surface, the winner is the Chrome Soft X. With a wedge, the Soft X provides unreal performance that checks up and spins back to the hole. The ball’s high compression works extremely well for high swing speeds.


  • Driver Spin: Callaway Chrome Soft
  • Wedge Spin: Chrome Soft X


Each golf ball in the Chrome Soft line carries the same traits and benefits for golfers. From the highly durable, yet thinner, urethane cover to the high-speed core, the Chrome Soft golf balls work to produce the best results for the golfer.

Both golf balls are similarly constructed, but when looking at the benefits provided to the amateur golfer, the Chrome Soft delivers the best increase in skills for the mid and high handicapper.

Winner: Callaway Chrome Soft


Both the Chrome Soft golf ball and Chrome Soft X retail for the same price. When looking at the difference between these two golf balls, it comes down to your swing type and handicap level.

For the money, most golfers expect a tour-level experience from these two golf balls, and we’re happy to report that is what serious players will receive. With workable ball flight, high forgiveness, a dynamic, high-spin inner core, and increased shot speed, these two Callaway golf balls are first-rate offerings.

Winner: Tie, both golf balls are the same price.

Which Pros Use Chrome Soft

Differences between the Chrome Soft and Soft X prevent tour pros from using the Chrome Soft golf balls on tour. While the Soft X remains popular among Callaway’s sponsored golfers, the Chrome Soft does not allow for the high level control around the green preferred by the PGA players.

Also, most professional golfers prefer the workability of the Chrome Soft X over the Chrome Soft when it comes to iron play. Due to the firmer feel and its adjustable flight, the Soft X golf balls are far and away the most sought-after golf ball from Callaway on the PGA Tour.

Which Pros Use Chrome Soft X

The biggest golfer in the Callaway family to use the Chrome Soft X is Phil Mickelson. The 2021 PGA Championship winner, Phil Mickelson prefers the control around the greens and softer feel of the X model.

Another recent major winner, Jon Rahm, winner of the 2021 U.S. Open, also plays with the X. Rahm prefers the versatility of the X as the long distance and exceptional accuracy delivers the performance that the golfer wants from his golf ball.

Other Callaway pros including Xander Schauffele, Marc Leishman, and Francesco Molinari play these golf balls on the PGA Tour.


Use a Callaway Chrome Soft if:

  • You need more forgiveness and higher launch on every shot
  • You want low tee box spin with straight flight
  • You prefer high wedge spin with a softer feel
2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls (Stars and Stripes Truvis )
2,612 Reviews
2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls (Stars and Stripes Truvis )
  • A faster, larger Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core is designed for increased distance. The significantly larger inner core creates higher launch and lower spin. And the thinner, firmer outer core is reinforced with Graphene for better durability and more wedge spin.
  • New proprietary Ionomer blend creates more efficient energy transfer from the Dual SoftFast Core for faster ball speed. The compounded additives improve consistency and durability, and the stiff mantle allows for ideal spin on wedge shots.
  • Thinner, more resilient cover promotes increased ball speed, and generates lower spin on full shots while maintaining high spin and soft feel around the green.
  • Reduces drag for increased overall distance, with a higher ball flight for optimum trajectory.

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Use a Callaway Chrome Soft X if:

  • You are looking for a tour-level golf ball with high workability
  • You prefer mid-range spin from fairway with irons
  • You love highest spin possible around the greens for maximum control
2020 Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls (White)
509 Reviews
2020 Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls (White)
  • The new Chrome Soft X is the modern Tour Ball, and we’ve engineered every aspect of the design to deliver maximum distance for the elite player
  • The high speed Soft Fast Core design is significantly larger for increased ball speed and distance through the bag; This core also works with the mantle system to deliver the highest resilience and speed
  • An entirely new mantle system increases ball speed; The Soft Inner Mantle and a highly resilient Firm Outer Mantle works together to generate increased ball speed off the club face; This innovative system is specifically created to increase total distance
  • The extremely durable, resilient, and thinner cover material increases ball speed and creates lower spin on full shots, while maintaining high spin and control around the green
  • This ball reduces drag for increased overall distance, with a consistent, penetrating ball flight for optimum trajectory

Last updated on 2021-10-18. The links are affiliate links. Product images are served from Amazon Product Advertising API.

Although the balls are strikingly similar in makeup, the Chrome Soft X definitely outperforms the Chrome Soft if you are an advanced player. For mid and high handicappers, the Chrome Soft offers low spin with the driver and straighter, slightly more accurate, shotmaking from the fairway.