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How To Play Golf
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“These books are a goldmine of information. After following the advice, I was able to score 10 points lower than my last season’s average. Highly recommended” Marie, golfer from Raleigh, SC

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“Before reading these books, I had almost given up on golf. Jordan showed me a simple way to learn what the pro golfers did best and simply replicate this on the course. Worked like a charm!” Michael, golfer from Sacramento, CA


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How To Break 80
How To Grip The Golf Club
How To Play Golf
17 Chipping Drills

Who is Jordan Fuller?

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My name is Jordan Fuller and I am a golf lover dedicated to making you a better golfer.

After I realized that most of my students were struggling with the same things, I started writing the books that are now part of my eBook collection.

It was frustrating for me as a coach to witness students hitting the same roadblocks, every time.

I decided it was my mission to provide no-nonsense, easy to understand, golf advice and guidance. 

During my career, I was lucky enough to be published in newspapers & magazines such as GolfWRX, Golf Tips Magazine, FORE Magazine, GolfMagic and USGolfTV.


I have made the decision to build the ultimate resource that I wish I had when I started playing golf. So do you want to finally improve your game for good? You’ve come to the right place. Check out my books and learn step-by-step training plans to get to the next level. 



All of the advice in my eBooks is written with golfers from beginners to advanced in mind. 

As a matter of fact, you’ll find throughout the books Pro Tip sections which allow golfers who wish to do so to do a deep dive into a given topic. 

If you’re just starting out, skip these sections and focus on the first chapters on each book as every concept in the eBook collection starts out with the fundamentals (ie. golf swing, chipping, putting..) which you can directly apply as a beginner. 

Yes! As a golfer with 25+years of experience, my advice & expertise is recognized in the world of golf. 

Magazines like GolfWRX, GolfTipsMag or the World Golf Awards Organization have published my advice on their websites. 

Look, all of my students in the last 25 years have asked me this. You’re not the only one thinking this. 

Now, what I can tell you (and what I tell all my students) is that a book itself is not going to improve your game. You need to apply what’s in the book. 

Luckily for you, I have made this super easy with step-by-step processes you just have to follow. 

So will it work for me? Yes it’ll work for you if you apply the principles I teach you on the golf course. That’s the exact same tactics thousands of other students in the past have applied successfully. This stuff is proven.

Most students see noticeable improvements within 2-3 weeks. This is by going to the golf course twice a week. 

Even though you may have more experience than some other golfers, golf is never truly a mastered art. 

You need to consistently review what you know and improve your knowledge of the game. For the price of the eBook collection (a couple of beers), you get a chance to review your skill and learn from myself and the PGAs I reference in the ebook. 

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