Best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2017

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs: The 2017 Guide

Hybrid clubs have seen an increase in popularity over the recent years, with more and more PGA and LPGA players having at least one of them in their bag.

Gone are the days in the past where hybrids are just a beginner's option for more forgiving long irons. Hence why it is crucial to find out which products can be labeled as the best hybrid golf clubs.

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

Nowadays, the technology surrounding the hybrid clubs almost reach the pinnacle of perfection, emphasizing all the strengths of the fairway woods and the long irons while almost eliminating all the weaknesses.

Consequently, the interest for hybrid clubs is also increasing. That is why, in this article, we will do an in-depth guide to find the best hybrid clubs in 2017.

To begin with, we will first answer some of the frequently asked questions surrounding the hybrid, that will also act as the base principles on how we chose our recommended products. We will then provide comprehensive reviews of some of the best hybrids available in the market today. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the important characteristics to look for in a hybrid club?

To answer this question, we must first understand the hybrid club and its purpose.

As the name suggests, a hybrid is a combination of two different types of clubs, namely the fairway woods and the irons.

Specifically, hybrid clubs stand in the middle of the higher-lofted woods (3-, 5-, 7- and 9-) and the longer irons (1- to 4-).

Pro Tip: Hybrids were made as of mix of two different types of clubs: the fairway woods and the irons.

Thus, the main purpose (and common application) of the hybrid clubs is to replace the long irons, which is often known as the most difficult clubs to use. They are also often used to replace fairway woods when on the rough, which is again, a difficult practice.

The purpose of the hybrid clubs is to bring more forgiveness, without sacrificing too much of the quality of the long irons or the fairway woods they try to replace.

Here are the characteristics you should look for when choosing a hybrid club:

3 Important Characteristics For Hybrids

Forgiveness - Hybrid Golf Clubs


This is the main reason of using a hybrid club, so it should be the first thing to look at.

There are many ways to produce forgiveness, but typically they will boil down to just two methods: altering the center of gravity lower and further back, and making the sweet spot bigger.

Different manufacturers can have different approaches, but those are the key principles you should look for.

Balance - Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

Balance Between Woods and Irons Characteristics

Fairway woods are designed for distance, while irons are designed for more control.

Hybrids will usually produce more distance compared to the comparable woods, mainly because they are easier to use. Yet, you should also look for the versatility of the club to replace the long irons.

The balance between both worlds is the key characteristic for the best possible hybrid.


No Gap In Distance Coverage

Here is an easy way to determine which hybrid number to use: your lowest hybrid should provide 10 to 15 yards shorter distance compared to the highest fairway wood you carry. This way, there will be no gap in distance coverage.


What are the advantages of hybrid clubs?


The clubface of the hybrid club is typically flat similar to irons, allowing easier alignment. Yet, it is also relatively hard like the woods, allowing more distance.

The head is typically rounded with a wider sole, allowing the center of gravity to be lower and further back.

The center of gravity placement will not only allow more forgiveness but also helps you get more natural trajectory, which in turn will help with distance.

This combination allows players to make a rounder swing, even if you have issues with slower swing speeds, which is a characteristic of fairway woods. A hybrid will not require a precise and upright swing commonly associated with hitting long irons.

On the other hand, hybrid clubs are shorter compared to the fairway woods, closer in length to the long irons. The shaft is also as thick as the irons, so it is less flexible than what you often encounter in fairway woods, which actually allows better accuracy compared to the woods.

As a result, it is easier to make better contact with a hybrid compared to the woods and the longer irons. It is a feature that can appeal specifically to seniors which will benefit from an easier touch.

Thus, a hybrid - on average - can give additional 4 to 12 yards of distance compared to the irons or woods they replace, especially for high handicappers.

Key Takeaway: 

The advantages of hybrids are: 

  • Head rounded with wider sole allowing lower center of gravity
  • Rounder swings
  • Easier contact with hybrid VS fairway woods/irons for longer shots (ideal for high handicappers for example)


What type of golfer would benefit the most from hybrid clubs?

One thing about any hybrid is that they are often a jack-of-all-trade and master of none, and that is actually true with hybrid clubs.

Although a lot of high-end hybrids can provide a nice balance between both worlds, they will never truly capture the advantage of fairway woods and long irons. That is, at least, a case in the present, as technology in the future might allow the making of the perfect hybrid.

For example, on the hand of skilled players with sufficient swing speed and accuracy, a fairway wood will produce more distance compared to the hybrid. On the other hand, a long iron on the hand of a great player will offer more versatility and control.

Hybrids are technically better suited for beginner players, especially those who have problems with hitting long irons or fairway on the rough.

A lot of skilled players and even Tour players are utilizing hybrids to allow more forgiveness. Hybrids are initially made for beginners, not strictly limited to them.

Female players will also benefit from hybrid clubs, in fact, there are more hybrid options for ladies, emphasizing their importance. High handicappers may evenly be able to benefit from these hybrid golf clubs by giving them more flexibility during shots.

Key Takeaway: 

Hybrid golf clubs are usually better for beginner players - particularly if you have trouble hitting long shots. Advanced players use hybrids, but for their better forgiveness.


What shaft material would you recommend for hybrids?

The current trend is to use graphite shafts on hybrids, although some manufacturers use steel and offer an option to choose between them. To answer this question in more details, let us do a quick summary of the differences between steel and graphite shaft:

  • Steel shafts are naturally stiffer and heavier, slowing the player's swing speed
  • On the other hand, steel shafts produce better feedback, due to the vibration of the steel material during impact
  • Graphite shafts with more flexibility will naturally produce more distance, yet will not offer similar level of feedback as with steel shafts
  • Graphite shaft can be too flexible so can hinder accuracy

With those points being said, graphite shafts will be more suited for most general applications of hybrids to assist players with less accuracy and swing speed.

Keep in mind that the shaft on a hybrid is a little thicker compared to your usual wood, so it will not produce too much flex, which is often the problem of a graphite shaft.

Therefore, in most cases, graphite shafts are a better choice for hybrids, excepting for players with higher swing speed but with accuracy problem. A steel shaft can help slowing their swing and bring more consistency.

Key Takeaway: 

With hybrids, it's preferred to be using graphite shafts.


What flex would you recommend for hybrids?

This answer will vary with different individuals due to the difference in swing speed and accuracy. Here is a quick way to determine what shaft you will need:

  • If you can produce 250 yards or more distance with your driver, go with Stiff (S)
  • If you can produce between 230 to 250 yards, you can go with Regular (R)
  • Use Senior (A) flex if your drive is between 200 to 230 yards
  • Lastly, for those that can only produce 200 yards or below, go with Ladies flex (L)

To be more accurate, it might be a good idea to consult the local pro at your driving range or your course. Here are other considerations you might want to have:

  • If you tend to produce slice (your drives tend to go left for a right-handed), you will benefit from a stiffer flex
  • Beginners (especially male players) tend to over swing, and softer flex can help slow your tempo.

Key Takeaway: 

The right flex will totally depend on your swing speed and accuracy. Stiffer flex for advanced players, softer flex for beginners.


What loft angle should I have?

Here are the common loft angle options:


  • 14-16 degree to replace 3-wood or 1-iron
  • 17-19 degree to replace 5-wood or 2-iron
  • 20-22 degree to replace 7-wood or 3-iron
  • 23-25 degree to replace 9-wood or 4-iron


  • 18-20 degree to replace 5-wood or 2-iron
  • 21-23 degree to replace 7-wood or 3-iron
  • 24-26 degree to replace 9-wood or 4-iron
  • 27-28 degree to replace 5-iron
  • 29-31 degree to replace 6-iron

The easiest way to tell the correct loft is that your lowest-numbered hybrid should be 10 to 15 yards shorter than your highest wood, and you can fill in the blank for others. This way, there will be no distance gap between your woods, hybrids, and irons.


Should we expect pro golfers to only use hybrids instead of irons or fairway woods in the future?

This is looking to be the case, as more and more PGA and LPGA Tour players are using hybrids, and the number keeps increasing every year.

The technology surrounding the hybrid is advancing rapidly, and they are slowly becoming the perfect hybrid that can get all the advantages of woods and irons while eliminating their weaknesses.

Phil Mackelson

Phil Mickelson has been known to carry a Callaway hybrid prototype to accompany his driver and 3-wood.

Jimmy Walker, 2014 Sony Open winner is also using a Titleist hybrid. Mark Wilson, Jim Furyck, Davis Love III and even Tiger Woods are some of the prominent players carrying hybrids in their bag.

For LPGA, hybrids are even more common where most LPGA players are carrying at least one hybrid club. For example, Helen Alfredsson is carrying a hybrid to replace her 3-iron, while Ai Miyazato uses both 3- and 4- hybrids.

We can expect more players adopting hybrids in the future, especially when the technology and design of hybrids are getting perfected, and it is looking very bright at the moment.

Product Recommendations

After we have learned the ins and outs of the hybrid clubs, and what you should expect from them, here are our top picks based on the principles we used above. 

TaylorMade is, of course, one of the most prominent brands for golf equipment, especially for their notable drivers, which are some of the best in the business.

Yet, they are not only about drivers, as their other clubs are constantly being the best-selling clubs with rave reviews. For hybrids, we actually have three TaylorMade products on this list, and the first one is the JetSpeed Rescue hybrid.

TaylorMade JetSpeed Golf Rescue

The JetSpeed Rescue hybrid is designed to replace TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2, which was a very popular hybrid back then.

The JetSpeed rescue is especially designed to increase ball launch speed and height trajectory while decreasing spin, so you can see that it is a distance-oriented driver, typical TaylorMade.

The design is also typical TaylorMade since the SLDR era, with a matte black crown and a white graphic to help with alignment.

The silver color of the face contrasts really well with the black matte, allowing easier address.

Hybrid Golf Club - TaylorMade JetSpeed Golf Rescue
Hybrid Golf Club - TaylorMade JetSpeed Golf Rescue
Hybrid Golf Club - TaylorMade JetSpeed Golf Rescue

Besides looks, here are some key features you can expect from the TaylorMade JetSpeed Rescue Hybrid.

Key Features - TaylorMade JetSpeed Golf Rescue

Improved Speed Pocket

Great speed pocket is almost a signature of any TaylorMade clubs since the SLDR.

In the case of JetSpeed Rescue hybrid, the speed pocket is directly behind the face, which is longer compared to the already excellent SLDR and RocketBallz, and there is more bend between the toe and heel, allowing more forgiveness and ball speed even during mis-hits.

Improved Speed Pocket

Unique Center of Gravity Position

Center Of Gravity

The ideal (and common) placement of the center of gravity nowadays is lower and further back. However, the JetSpeed Rescue features a forward and lower center of gravity.

The forward position of the CG won't significantly affect the forgiveness, as the back CG is designed for easier elevation. A forward CG position allows fewer spin, allowing more distance which is the emphasis of this club.

Lower Head Profile

The low-profile head design makes it easier for players to strike the ball slightly below the middle, which in turn, launching the ball higher. This is a feature that aligns with the design of the club to produce more distance. This is also nice for forgiveness and giving you more playability in a wider variety of lies.

Hybrid Golf Club - TaylorMade JetSpeed Golf Rescue

Pros & Cons - TaylorMade JetSpeed Golf Rescue


  • Extremely affordable, a great choice for strict budget players
  • One of the longest hybrids even today
  • Very forgiving with a lot of technologies and features for forgiveness
  • Matrix Velox T graphite shaft, with variable weight and excellent flex choice


  • Lack of adjustability, which is the norm of today's clubs
  • Some newer hybrids will offer better technology and overall quality

Our Verdict

TaylorMade - Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

The key highlight of the TaylorMade JetSpeed Rescue  is the great value for money. It will be hard to find a hybrid of similar quality, much less from a big name like TaylorMade with similar price.

With the price tag, the TaylorMade JetSpeed Rescue  offers a very decent set of features.

The JetSpeed Rescue  remains one of the longest hybrid clubs available in the market, comparable only to newer high-end hybrids from TaylorMade, Callaway, or other big names.

So, if you are looking for more distance, the JetSpeed Rescue is definitely one of the best options you can have.

TaylorMade JetSpeed Rescue
83 Reviews
TaylorMade JetSpeed Rescue
  • New and more efficient Speed Pocket design promotes fast ball speed for long distance
  • Low-and-forward CG promotes fast ball speed and low spin optimal launch conditions
  • Variable weight Matrix Velox T shaft promotes maximum feel and control at different swing speeds

Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid

The Callaway Steelhead XR was just released in mid-2016. Callaway, of course, is a big name comparable to TaylorMade in all aspects, being two of the biggest golf manufacturers in the world.

The Steelhead XR Hybrid will be a familiar look if you have used Callaway's XR clubs before, but you might notice that the head is bigger than the standard XR.

Larger head is not exactly eye-pleasing, but it will give you more forgiveness, which we have stressed, is the most important trait for a hybrid.

The face is very deep with a high toe and wide sole, classic hybrid attributes to give you more forgiveness with a bigger moment of inertia (MOI).

One thing about Callaway is that they are not as flashy regarding their technologies compared to TaylorMade, but not to say they are not as effective.

Hybrid Golf Club - Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid

The large head and deep face alone is one of the reasons the Steelhead XR Hybrid is one of the most forgiving hybrids in the market today. Here are other key features you can expect from the Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid.

Key Features - Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid

Hyper Speed Face Cup

The Hyper Speed Face Cup is Callaway's face technology to allow the face to flex more at impact. This understated feature of many Callaway's clubs allows more ball speed during off-center strikes, in turn making it very forgiving.

Hybrid Golf Club - Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid

Speed Step Crown

The Speed Step is a feature first seen on the Callaway XR driver, featuring a better aerodynamic design of the crown, making the head go faster during swings, which in turn allows more distance. The speed step will be especially significant for larger drive heads, like the Steelhead XR's, so you can expect easier time to swing even with the bulky and slightly heavy head.

Hybrid Golf Club - Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid


Callaway is, of course, known for the feel of their clubs, being very responsive and producing great sounds. With the Steelhead XR, you can expect the solid steel sound at impact, which is really good.

Hybrid Golf Club - Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid
Hybrid Golf Club - Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid

The feel of the Steelhead XR hybrid is simply exceptional. Both of them are the classical traits for Callaway's clubs, and it is good to know that the Steelhead XR hybrid lives up to the big name.

Pros & Cons - Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid


  • Classic Callaway feel and quality in every aspect
  • One of the most forgiving hybrids available today
  • Very versatile on a wide variety of lies, you can hit it high, low, on the heel on toe and still get solid results
  • Not the longest hybrid in the market, but still produces exceptional distance
  • You can choose between True Temper XP 95 steel shaft or Matrix F16 graphite shaft, both great choices


  • Does not provide enough control for more skilled players
  • A matter of preference, but it is not the best-looking hybrid out there

Our Verdict

Callaway Golf

The Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid  is a typical Callaway club: classic feel and sound, not too much emphasis on distance, subtle but effective technologies, and great versatility.

If you are a fan of Callaway, the Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid  is simply one of the best options.

For those not familiar with Callaway? The Steelhead XR  is exceptional in accuracy and forgiveness, and the pleasing feel at impact is a huge plus.

Being one of the newer hybrids on this list, you can also expect the Steelhead XR  to be a great long-term investment, especially considering its versatility. The Steelhead XR hybrid will be beneficial to players of different levels and is definitely worth one of our spots on this list.

Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid
7 Reviews
Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid
  • More Speed and Distance from a Larger Face and Next-Gen Hyper Speed Face Cup Technology: A larger clubface energized by our next-generation Hyper Speed Face Cup technology promotes faster ball speed for more ball speed, especially on off-center hits
  • Easy Launch, High Flight and Long Carry from a Larger Head and Deep-back CG: Larger head and deep-back CG make XR Steelhead hybrids easier to launch high for more carry and distance
  • Faster Head Speed for More Distance from Speed Step Technology: Designed with the assistance of aerodynamic experts, Callaway's Speed Step Technology improves airflow to promote faster club head speed for more distance
  • Increased Forgiveness from a Refined Head Shape: We maximized the forgiveness of the head by creating a slightly deeper body and longer blade length, making the Steelhead XR hybrid easy to hit from a wide variety of lies both on and off the fairway
  • Stock Steel Shaft: True Temper XP 95 Stepless; Stock Graphite Shaft: Matrix F16

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Rescue Hybrid

Our second entry from TaylorMade on this list.

The M2 is the current flagship line of TaylorMade, and this is the latest 2017 edition, so you can expect all the new technologies here, and it is a direct upgrade from the aforementioned JetSpeed Rescue (you might notice the 'Rescue' naming intact).

Of course, you can also expect a higher price tag, so the question is, are the differences significant enough to upgrade to the M2?

If you are familiar with the M2 family of TaylorMade, there are some differences you will find in the hybrid.

First, the head is all steel, rather than carbon-steel material found on the woods and driver. This affects the look a bit, as the head is now all-black rather than a mixture of modern black and white found on the driver.

Second is the taller face, which is intended to give more forgiveness, which is the purpose of a hybrid club.

The head shape is rather unique for a hybrid, slightly deeper, making it more like a slightly smaller fairway. Here are other key features you can find on the M2 Rescue hybrid.

Hybrid Golf Club - TaylorMade 2017 M2 Rescue Hybrid
Hybrid Golf Club - TaylorMade 2017 M2 Rescue Hybrid

Key Features - TaylorMade 2017 M2 Rescue Hybrid

Improved Speed Pocket

We have discussed how TaylorMade's speed pocket is a very nice feature, and it is vastly improved on the M2 Rescue. The speed pocket cavity is simply the longest and widest in the market, aiming to give higher ball speed on impact.

Hybrid Golf Club - TaylorMade 2017 M2 Rescue Hybrid

Now, the face flexes more at impact, similar to the Callaway Steelhead X2. In turn, the forgiveness of the M2 is significantly improved from the JetSpeed Rescue.

Increased Crown

The center section of the crown is increased, which is an attempt to aerodynamically improve the crown. This is a similar technology found on the Callaway Steelhead XR and is designed to reduce drag as you swing the head through the air.

Improved Distance


While we have discussed how the JetSpeed Rescue is one of the longest hybrids on the market, we can expect that the M2 rescue will improve over it. The newer technologies found on the M2 rescue allows a mid-high flight trajectory and less ball spin, allowing more distance without sacrificing forgiveness.

Pros & Cons - TaylorMade 2017 M2 Rescue Hybrid


  • One of the best-looking hybrids out there, the right size, shape, and finish
  • Exceptional forgiveness and accuracy
  • On solid hits, it is one of the longest hybrids around and is still reasonably good on off-center hits
  • Decent workability and trajectory control, very versatile despite its forgiveness


  • It is not as forgiving as Callaway Steelhead XR and even the older JetSpeed Rescue, with more emphasis on distance
  • Not as versatile as other hybrids on this list

Our Verdict

After this in-depth discussion of the M2 Rescue  above, you might have understood why we also included the JetSpeed Rescue on this list. Although the M2 Rescue  is a better club overall, it is not as forgiving as the JetSpeed Rescue or the Steelhead XR discussed above.

With the little sacrifice on forgiveness, you will get more workability, and most importantly, distance from the M2 Rescue . For better players looking for more distance and just a little forgiveness over their long irons, the M2  is an excellent choice and will be one of the longest hybrids available in the hand of skilled players.

Beginners might want to stick to the JetSpeed Rescue for the better forgiveness. However, the M2 Rescue  will be a better long-term investment, especially considering all the newer technologies and a very decent price tag.

TaylorMade M2 Rescue
5 Reviews
TaylorMade M2 Rescue
  • Low-profile design with unmistakable "M" cosmetic and stepped crown that is easier to play from the fairway and has confidence when aligning the shot
  • Large, open-channel speed pocket with increased flexion delivers more distance and forgiveness on low-face shots and generates distance by decreasing backspin
  • Geocoustic technology is advanced shaping with a two-tiered sole design provides added playability from all lies and sound ribs
  • Improved, shorter fluted hosel design that provides superior sound and feel while lowering CG

TaylorMade Aeroburner Rescue

Ah, the third one from TaylorMade.

The Aeroburner Rescue is a direct predecessor of the M2 Rescue, so it stands in the middle between the JetSpeed Rescue and M2 Rescue.

However, the price difference between the JetSpeed Rescue and Aeroburner is not significant, in some cases you might even find a cheaper Aeroburner.

Why is that? Let us dig deeper into the subject.

Sale TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner Rescue Club, Right Hand, Regular, #3

The Aeroburner Rescue features a lot of similar technologies compared to the M2, and you will also see many similarities to the JetSpeed Rescue, so let us focus on the differences.

The AeroBurner is focusing on distance, and it is also one of the longest hybrids on the market, maybe only comparable to M2 Rescue.

There is one key difference you will find on the Aeroburner: the draw bias design. It is specially designed to eliminate slice, and mind you, it is extremely effective.

Therefore, if you are not normally producing a slice, your shots will naturally draw with the Aeroburner, which might be a downer for some, but a huge blessing for those with slice issues.

Hybrid Golf Club - TaylorMade Aeroburner Rescue
Hybrid Golf Club - TaylorMade Aeroburner Rescue

Besides that, here are the key features of the Aeroburner.

Key Features - TaylorMade Aeroburner Rescue

Speed Pocket

A signature of many TaylorMade clubs. The only difference between Aeroburner's speed pocket compared to the M2 is the flexing face found on the M2. The speed pocket is still the longest and widest available on the market today, and will ensure more ball speed during mishits, even more during solid hits.

Hybrid Golf Club - TaylorMade Aeroburner Rescue


This is a feature, strangely, not found on the M2 Rescue. The AeroHosel improves the aerodynamic of the crown, similar with the M2 rescue, by adding a small fin on the hosel, speeding the air along the crown to reduce drag. In turn, you will have an easier swing with the AeroBurner

Draw Bias

This is the key difference from the M2 Rescue and Jetspeed Rescue. The draw bias is extremely effective to help players with tendencies to slice. On the other hand, players that don't slice often will need to be careful and adjust their shots.

Hybrid Golf Club - TaylorMade Aeroburner Rescue

Pros & Cons - TaylorMade Aeroburner Rescue


  • The draw bias is excellent, and its most interesting feature, will surely help players with slice tendency
  • ​Great distance, one of the longest drivers available on the market. Very high launch trajectory on solid hits, still exceptional on mishits
  • ​Great feel and response, better than the M2 rescue
  • Very affordable


  • Not as forgiving as the JetSpeed Rescue or the Steelhead XR2
  • Players without slice problems will find the draw bias a hindrance
  • The flashy look is definitely not for everyone

Our Verdict

The key highlight of the Aeroburner Rescue  is the draw bias feature, which will be a great help for players with slicing tendency, which is a lot of beginners.

Considering the fact that you can get the Aeroburner Rescue  for a very decent price, it is a very nice overall value.

Being a TaylorMade club, it is one of the longest hybrids around. So, if you are looking for a great distance and to fix your slicing tendency, the Aeroburner Rescue  is definitely one of the best choices around.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Rescue
37 Reviews
TaylorMade AeroBurner Rescue

Pine Meadow Golf Men's Excel EGI Hybrid

Pine Meadow might not be as big of a name compared to TaylorMade or Callaway.

However, the Excel EGI hybrid is a very interesting product, mainly because of the price tag and the overall value it provides.

For a very attractive price tag, you get a decent hybrid complete with a graphite steel shaft.

Look wise, it might not be anything special. However, the Pine Meadow Excel EGI is surprisingly forgiving, and can produce satisfying distance.

Of course, you can't compare the overall quality of the Excel EGI to the Callaway Steelhead XR or the TaylorMade M2 Rescue. Due to the very affordable price tag, we can even argue that the Pine Meadow Excel EGI Hybrid provides better overall value, especially for on-budget players.

Hybrid Golf Club - Pine Meadow Golf Men's Excel EGI Hybrid
Hybrid Golf Club - Pine Meadow Golf Men's Excel EGI Hybrid
Hybrid Golf Club - Pine Meadow Golf Men's Excel EGI Hybrid

Here are the key features you can expect from the Pine Meadow Excel EGI hybrid club.

Key Features - Pine Meadow Golf Men's Excel EGI Hybrid


Affordability is definitely the main highlight of the Excel EGI.

During all of our reviews, we have stressed the importance of the balance between price and quality. The Pine Meadow Excel EGI, being very affordable, provides very decent performance and overall quality.



While you shouldn't expect flashy club design or technology as with TaylorMade or Callaway hybrids, the Excel EGI offers a surprising performance regarding forgiveness.


The clubface is very low-profile, allowing higher natural ball flight.

It is a very simple approach compared to TaylorMade's technologies for higher trajectory, but it works nevertheless.

The slender shape and the wide sole produce the bigger sweet spot, allowing you an easier time to produce solid hits. Simple but effective.

Proper Weight

Cheaper clubs tend to be too light or too heavy, but that is not the case with Pine Meadow Excel EGI hybrid.

The clubhead weight is actually on the heavier side but paired with the included graphite shaft, it is an excellent match.

Golf Shaft Weight

Graphite shaft with heavier head usually spells trouble, because the weight of the head will flex the shaft more. However, that is not the case with the Excel EGI. Nothing groundbreaking but it works!

Pros & Cons - Pine Meadow Golf Men's Excel EGI Hybrid


  • The biggest selling point is definitely the price tag. For a very affordable price, it performs reasonably well
  • Nothing flashy in technology regarding forgiveness, but it is decently forgiving
  • Provides adequate distance on solid hits, and still reasonably well during off-center hits


  • Inconsistent on performance. It is not a matter of forgiveness as even solid hits can produce less distance than it should
  • Cheap looking and obviously, won't feel as good as more expensive clubs

Our Verdict

Pine Meadow

The PineMeadow Excel EGI hybrid  does not give anything groundbreaking or exceptional in technology or feature. We can tell you right now that it will not be the best hybrid golf club for 2017.

However, due to the fact that it is very affordable, the performance is reasonably decent, although inconsistent at times.

Although you can’t expect similar performance both in forgiveness and distance as others on this list, the Excel EGI  can be an excellent choice for beginners willing to try on a hybrid, especially those on a strict budget.

The  Excel EGI   is, by no means, the best on this list. However, it can be the best on-budget choice for many players out there.

PineMeadow Excel EGI hybrid
56 Reviews
PineMeadow Excel EGI hybrid
  • Built standard with a low-torque Pinemeadow Hybrid Graphite Shaft
  • A hybrid is a great replacement for hard to hit irons
  • Headcover Included

Bottom Line: The Best Hybrid Club in 2017

Our choice for the best hybrid golf clubs in 2017 goes to:

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Rescue
5 Reviews
TaylorMade 2017 M2 Rescue
  • Low-profile design with unmistakable "M" cosmetic and stepped crown that is easier to play from the fairway and has confidence when aligning the shot
  • Large, open-channel speed pocket with increased flexion delivers more distance and forgiveness on low-face shots and generates distance by decreasing backspin
  • Geocoustic technology is advanced shaping with a two-tiered sole design provides added playability from all lies and sound ribs
  • Improved, shorter fluted hosel design that provides superior sound and feel while lowering CG

The M2 Rescue is the newest hybrid we have on this list, so you can expect all the newest technology and features.

The Taylormade M2 Rescue offers more potential, both in distance and workability on the hands of skilled players.

We felt that the M2 Rescue is the better long term investment for players of any skill levels. Beginners can still benefit from its forgiveness and a significant boost in distance. 

This brings us to the end of the article. This was our 2017 edition - we didn't have a 2015 or 2016 edition but we will start to have yearly updates to this best hybrid golf clubs guide moving forward.

Did you enjoy it?

We sure did!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to leave it in the comment section below. Also, if you liked it, don't forget to share this with your fellow golfers. Stay tuned for more articles and buying guides from us in the future!

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